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Peterhouse Boys

Academic Overview

Peterhouse prides itself in the excellent quality of its academic education. Boys and girls, of all abilities are encouraged to demand much of themselves with the aim of reaching their full academic/intellectual potential. At all levels whenever possible pupils are streamed or set so that the brightest can be stretched/extended and the less bright can be given appropriate support and guidance.

Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their own learning rather than rely on their teacher. Teaching staff in turn are expected to create a dynamic and creative environment for learning and to demand much of their pupils and tutees.

In addition to their main A level choices pupils are able to follow either an ICDL or Global Perspectives course, which are both examinable.
The Senior Master (Academic) coordinates all matters academic and is responsible for ensuring that Peterhouse keeps abreast of all the latest developments in education.  Peterhouse Boys accepts pupils with a wide range of academic abilities.  Those requiring extra Mathematics or English (reading or spelling) have remedial lessons in their first year and some continue with this into their second year.    

We recognize that some of our pupils are not as academically gifted as others, so we cater for them by offering them a slightly more limited range of subjects. This gives extra time on the timetable and the pupils are given extra lessons in English and mathematics.

Academic Structure
D Block (Form 1) comprises 4 streamed classes that have a full range of subjects offered.  Class sizes are rarely above 24.  C Block (Form 2) comprises 4 classes (set according to ability in English and Mathematics).  At the end of the year choices are made for IGCSE (Cambridge International Examinations). Boys are set to ensure class sizes are kept as small as possible.  B Block (Form 3) is the first year of preparation for CIE – IGCSE. A Block (Form 4) CIE-IGCSE examinations written by all boys. In the Vth Form 3 A level subjects are studied. At VIth Form 3 A level examinations are written.

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The Alpha Programme

Academic – ALPHA (Academic Learning, Progress and Higher Achievement) programme

The Peterhouse Group ALPHA programme is a holistic approach to the academic education of pupils at all levels and of all academic abilities which ensures that they receive the support, encouragement and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

Specifically the ALPHA programme means that:

i. the setting/streaming of pupils is carefully managed (lower sets/streams are usually smaller in size);

ii. the academic curriculum is as flexible as possible e.g. pupils at PHB/PHG are able to follow an appropriate course of IGCSE/A levels;

iii. pupils’ aptitudes at PHB/PHG are identified via objective testing i.e. CAT4 tests in C Block;

iv. extra tuition/academic support is given to pupils as/when necessary at PHB/PHG and in particular to pupils in examination year groups (i.e. A Block, Vth and VIth form);

v. extra lessons are provided at SVH to assist children with their spelling, handwriting, reading, bonds, tables and maths.

vi. at PHB/PHG pupils’ academic progress is carefully monitored via a well-structured academic tutorial system; and

vii. at SVH pupils’ academic progress is carefully monitored by their class teacher.

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Curriculum D & C Block

The Department
The  Art Department has three full time and one part time teacher. There are four Art studios and a Ceramic Room. The staff in the department are very creative and innovative. They encourage the boys to be creative and appreciate Art.

In D and C block the pupils do Art for half a year. Art is a practical subject and it involves problem solving projects. The Department strives to keep the lessons exciting all the time. Over the two years the boys learn basic drawing skills, painting and craft. Observation from first hand studies is encouraged to improve the pupils perception of proportion and perspective. By the time the boys reach the end of C Block they have acquired the basic skills of perception and depiction of shapes. They also learn use of colour.

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Curriculum IGCSE

The Department
The Art Department has two full time teachers and three dedicated classrooms. There is a special room for Ceramics and Pottery. The staff who teach in the department are very keen and creative. We encourage the boys to explore different medium using the environment around them as the starting point. Working from first hand studies is very crucial in this subject.
In B Block there are eight lessons per 2 week cycle, two doubles and four singles. The boys experiment with different medium and the lessons include craft, ceramics, drawing and painting. The boys are also exposed to the importance of photography in Art. At the end of two years our pupils sit for the IGCSE Art (0400)
At the end of the two year course our pupils are well equipped to study the subject to A level, but if they choose not to, they would have acquired skills that would have opened up their minds.

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Curriculum CIE A Level Prospectus


This document has been produced to help parents and pupils know exactly what is involved in choosing subjects at A level. The specific subject information, written by Academic Heads of Department, includes the course content, previous pass rates and the qualifications needed for entry into the subject concerned together with suggested/suitable combinations of subjects.

The selection of A level subjects is of critical importance and can have a long lasting influence on university applications and career choices.

To parents I would like to say the following:
• Please take time to discuss the implications of the choices made with your son/daughter.
• The selection of A level subjects should be heavily influenced by the ability/aptitude of your son/daughter and not by the aspirations you may have for him/her – you must guard against pushing you son/daughter in a direction which you rather than he/she wants!

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CAMBRIDGE  CIE  RESULTS 2018 - received January 2019

The overall pass rate at IGCSE was 83.3% (2017 pass rate was 85%) 

  A*      . A      . B      . C       . D      . E      . F, G, U    . Total      . %A*/C    .
Accounts 0 4 6 9 1 0 0 20 95
Art 0 1 0 2 3 0 0 6 50
Biology 3 11 18 23 12 9 1 77 71
Business Studies 0 2 11 5 3 0 0 21 86
Chemistry 1 5 16 15 2 3 0 42 88
CS 6 2 6 5 0 0 0 19 100
Design & Technology 10 11 5 6 0 0 0 32 100
English Language 2 18 27 20 6 2 2 77 87
French 0 3 5 5 8 1 1 23 57
Geography 1 6 24 21 9 3 4 68 76
History 1 10 12 11 1 0 2 37 92
ICT 0 3 5 2 1 0 0 11 91
English Literature 1 8 25 21 6 3 0 64 86
Mathematics 3 8 20 36 5 5 0 77 87
Physical Education 0 0 3 3 4 2 0 12 50
Physics 4 6 19 10 4 3 0 46 85
Travel & Tourism 0 0 3 4 1 0 0 9 89
Total 32 99 205 198 66 31 10 641  
5.0  15.4 32.0  30.9  10.0  5.0  1.7  100  83.5 

The overall pass rate was the highest over the past 5 years and possibly the highest on record.
Academic colours for 8 A grades or better have been awarded to 4 boys (Nigel Chiwara, Simbarashe Govore, Tapiwa Muranda, and Kudzaishe Nyengerai).

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