Peterhouse School
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Chairperson:                   Mr D Hoto

Deputy Chairperson:     Mr N Dube

Every parent or guardian of a child attending the school is automatically a member of the Parents' Association unless he/she waives, in writing, membership of the Association.

The Association directly elects twelve Executive Committee members to hold office for a period of one year from date of their election.  Office Bearers of the Association include a Chairperson; Deputy Chairperson; Secretary and Treasurer. 

The Association may invite any person who is interested in the activities of the Association to become an Associate Member for such period as may be determined by the Association.

The objectives of the Peterhouse Parents' Association are to:

1.    Ensure open communication, understanding and good relations between the parents, school authorities and the Ministry of Education and any other relevant stakeholders;

2.    Act as the Electoral College for the election of two parent representatives to be co-opted into the Peterhouse Executive Committee and Finance Committee respectively;

3.     Promote and encourage parents to participate in the activities and general welfare of the school;

4.     Promote the welfare of the school financially and in general and where necessary to organize and conduct educational, social and religious discipline programs for the benefit of its members, scholars and the school;

5.    Promote and safeguard the good name of the school by advocating for the promotion and maintenance of high academic, moral and spiritual standards;

6.    Generally do all such acts as may be expedient or necessary for the furtherance of the best interests of the Association and the school and the objects thereof for which it was formed;

7.    Levy members of the Association and engage in fundraising activities to support the objectives and curriculum of the school.


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