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Peterhouse Boys

D Block Tree Planting 2020

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
- Warren Buffett

Sunday November 29th saw our D Block pupils and some staff planting trees on the estates. The soil was already wet as we very fortunately had some rain beforehand. The boys planted two and a half thousand gums in our woodlot block which is required for firewood, poles and building in the years to come.

Our D Block girls planted indigenous trees in the Peterhouse Girls rehabilitation plantation in Gosho Park. The girls each chose a tree, planted carefully, mulched, watered and then made a metal label which they attached to their tree.

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A Block Explorer Trip in Nyanga – November 2020

Due to Covid 19 we made this year’s Explorer trip voluntary. Amazingly, 42 pupils from Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls stepped forward and signed up. We swooped them up from their last exam and drove them to the Mare Camp Site in the Nyanga National Park in our infamous ‘chicken bus’.

The highlights of this trip include the varied vegetation that we walked through and the beautiful, beautiful weather.

Our tour took us to the shores of four major river systems in the National Park – namely the Nyangombe, the Gairezi, the Nyazengu and the Pungwe. We walked in the shade of gnarled mountain miombo woodland, through the scratchy heather bushes and past red, lonesome protea bushes.

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The Global Leadership Summit 2020

‘You have Influence’

For years, a few members of staff have been trundling into Harare to the Twin Towers to attend the Global Leadership Summit. This year, we managed to get the Summit to come out to Peterhouse – via a video link – which is one of those really positive spinoffs from having gone through Covid 19, where everyone has learnt how to better communicate and better inform one another of great things online.

Another really big bonus this year was that we were able to host most of our Peterhouse Girls and Peterhouse Boys Prefect body at this Summit – a first for us as well. So, they, together with staff from the Group of Schools and Ruzawi were able to share personal learning and have really interesting discussions together after each speaker.

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From the Rector's Desk - 1st December 2020

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We are now in sight of the end of term. What a term; what a year! While we continue to manage the complexities of a Covid world there is a very real possibility that a vaccine will become available in the not-too-distant future. In reflection on 2020, I would like to pay tribute to the staff for their resilience, adaptability, and willingness to embrace rapid change. The Michaelmas Term has been a twenty-one week term which has been demanding on both pupils and staff.

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Learner Guides Trip to Humani Ranch 2020

Once the exams were completed our Learner Guides set off for a field trip and some long overdue practical work.

Humani Ranch has abundant game and very good bird life so we had plenty to identify. The practical firearms training was a favourite activity and the accuracy of each pupil improved during each session. The tracking and approaches to animals, under instruction of a professional hunter, were both great experiences and pupils are now experts at making biltong.

String making, fire making (from sticks), traps and survival skills made up our extensive bush-craft lessons. Camp chores like cooking and washing up are not the most favourite activities but this is a very necessary life skill!

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Combined Junior Swimming Gala 2020

This year we held a combined Peterhouse Girls and Peterhouse Boys gala at Peterhouse Girls. 

The results were as follows:

Overall Results
Position - House
1st - Ellis
2nd - Snell
3rd - Grinham
4th - Founders
5th - Malvern
6th - Paget

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Benjamin Shoesmith – Gold Awarder 2020

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Award

Benjamin completed all three Award levels while being a pupil at Peterhouse.

This has taken years of persistence and determination and we were very proud to award him his Gold Award at Speech Day 2020.

To complete his award, he did 52 weeks of mountain biking with the school MTB Club, worked towards reaching the World Scholars Cup Regional Rounds and then volunteered with Mrs Raynor in the conservation club.

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Learner Guides Visit to Cleveland Range 2020

Our Learner Guide pupils started the day by attending a lecture on firearms safety. They then had an opportunity to analyse different calibres of firearms before trying out some practical work.

First up was the ‘canoe shoot’ whereby the shooter sits in a canoe and has to fire a revolver – two rounds at a target behind, two rounds to a target at the side and then two rounds at a target in front of the canoe which is further away. The whole operation is timed. This can be quite nerve racking for those who have not done it before but everyone did well and were given a second opportunity to decrease their times.

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From the Rector's Desk - 20th November 2020

Friday 20th November 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Cambridge examinations are finished and we are delighted that they have gone so smoothly. To all those who wrote this cycle of examinations, we would like to wish you every success in your results; for our leavers, we hope that your plans for 2021 are now falling into place.

The D, C and B Block returned to formal lessons on Monday and is great to have them back at school. Their return to school came with a bit of a bump as they went straight into the end of year examinations. These examinations will give us a very clear indication of the level of learning that has taken place during Digi-school.

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Equestrian Centre Update November 2020

The Peterhouse Equestrian Centre (PEC), like most other sectors the world over, was adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As schools were closed, we had no pupils coming down to learn to ride, spend quality time with the horses in the yard or go for rides in Gosho Park and enjoy the wonderful facilities available to them.

Fortunately, for both the horses and the Peterhouse Equestrian Centre, the facilities were available to the Campus children once Horse Riding was announced as a low risk sport. We had a small show (to thank the Campus Families’ for their support), a Pony Camp in Gosho Park and then recently a Pony Trek and sleep over in Calderwood Park.

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Hunter Greeff – Gold Awarder 2020

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Award

Hunter started his Gold Award in January 2019 and worked furiously for nearly two years to complete the 76 hours required as a new entrant at this level. It was a test of his perseverance and determination and we are so proud of him sticking it out and finishing it. He played Squash, perfected his Acrylic Art skills and volunteered in the San to complete his Service hours.

The San sisters were so impressed with the care and reliability of his services with them in the San and will miss him now that he has finished! For his Residential Project Hunter worked with Lara Blake at Silver Creations, learning the art of jewelry design and making great contacts with other creative silversmiths in this industry.

His Adventurous Journey took him across Lake Kariba in a sailing boat with a flotilla of other participants who were also doing their Award.