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Peterhouse Boys

Equestrian Show 2017

We held our annual Peterhouse Equestrian Centre Show on Tuesday the 17th and Thursday the 19th October. The girls rode fantastically putting on an excellent show. Springvale House riders joined us on the Tuesday afternoon for a great round of jumping. The juniors from Springvale house also put on a wonderful show on the Thursday morning – really riding so well. The results for the year are as follows:

50cm: 4th Chloe Oosthuizen, 3rd Sharae Trewartha, 2nd Blaine Candy, 1st Jodie Anderson

60cm: 4th Courtney Wellock, 3rd Gaby duPlessis, 2nd Leo Li, 1st Sean Uriri

70cm: 4th Melissa Kamusasa and Savanna Seaman, 3rd Kayleigh Weeks, 2nd Kyra Zartmann, 1st Sienna Page and Debbie Davy

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Nursery School Dairy Visit 2017

Our Peterhouse Nursery School children were full of excitement as they got to experience a school trip to the local dairy.

The children lined up and asked the bus driver if they were climbing on to the ‘right bus’ to the dairy – once confirmed, they each handed in their ‘bus pass’ which had a picture of a cow on the front – because that’s what you use to travel to the dairy!

It was a short drive down the road and the children were so excited to see the cows as we approach the dairy.

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Peterhouse Nursery School Bubble Play 2017

Bubbles are a great thing to use when playing with kids and it is usually done once a week. Not only is bubble play an easy way to have fun but it’s a way to work on a number of developmental skills.

Bubble play can develop fine motor skills as the children can pop the bubbles in a number of different ways such as poke them with an index finger, squeezing them with the whole hand or using two hands to clap the bubbles. Bubble play also helps to develop visual tracking skills and good hand eye coordination.

In group play children can take turns at keeping personal space between their bodies so they don’t bump into or knock each other over as well as extreme movements of reaching up as high as possible, jumping, squatting and running.

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Chimanimani Horizons Expedition 2017

The B Block travelled to Chimanimani as is tradition at this time of year. This year 28 boys volunteered for the now sought after Horizon’s Expedition.

The total length of this year’s trip was a staggering 92.6km, and took the pupils to some of Chimanimani most famous land marks. Very few people ever go to these areas so most of these are landmarks only known to a select group of Peterhouse Pupils who undertake this amazing trip.

The journey started at National Parks Base Camp and went up Banana Grove to the Saddle. Day two was the walk down Bald Ridge then up Hacksaw Ridge onto Gossamer Ridge to Eastern Lakes. Day three was spent cloofing in Devil’s Leap George. Day 4 we circumnavigated the Gates of Hell, climbed Tuckers Ridge, viewed Tuckers Falls (150m) and then ascended the 3 waterfalls in Valley of the Wizards. Day 5 was a trip to North Eastern Falls and then onto Gemini Peaks. Day 5, the longest day at 22km, involved climbing North Eastern Ridge, Valley of the Apostles, Skeleton Pass, Bundi Plain and onto Paradise Pool and the famous Peterhouse Jumping Rock. The last day is just a short 8km hike down Hadange Pass back to Outward Bound.

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MTB Spur Interschools – Magaliesburg 2017

Spur Interschools Mountain Biking at Bekker High School, Magaliesburg, South Africa, 6th and 7th October 2017.

After a series of selection races held at various CHISZ schools during the winter term, the following cyclists were selected to represent Zimbabwe at the above event:

Sub junior boys U15: Keith Elliott and Sebastian Bicknell (PHB)
Sub Junior Girls U15: Erin Elliott (PHG)
Youth Girls B U17: Reinette van Heereden (Lomagundi)
Junior Men U19: Brett Elliott (PHB) and Atkins Chinhandamba (Lomagundi)

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B Block Expedition to Chimanimani National Park 2017

With Outward Bound Zimbabwe (OBZ) - September/October

As a top educational institution, Peterhouse does try and do its part in developing aspects of a pupil’s character that will support them long after they have left school. Peterhouse takes this responsibility very seriously indeed.

It fully intends to support parents to help their son build special characteristics – like patience, emotional intelligence, resilience, a greater self-reliance and never-ending grit and perseverance. This is done using the great outdoors, and comes in addition to educating boys in the classroom and on the sport’s field. It is a very unique and special aspect of our school curriculum.

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Swimming Gala Interhouse 2017

Well done to Malvern House for winning this year’s Interhouse Swimming Gala.

1st Malvern 229
2nd Founders 214
3rd Paget 192
3rd Grinham 192
5th Ellis 185
6th Snell 157

Special mention

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Harare Athletics Club (H.A.C) Trail Run 2017

Peterhouse hosted the grand finale in a series of Trail Runs organized by the Harare Athletics Club.

Two tracks were created in Calderwood Park – one of 7km and the other of 14km. There were a total of 230 runners entered with a large number of Peterhouse boys and girls also competing.

Special thanks to Mr Borlase and his Estates team for helping lay out the tracks.

Mr Andrew Shoesmith

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Swimming Gala Interschools 2017

Well done to the boys who competed in our Interschools Swimming Gala:

1st St John’s
2nd Hellenic
3rd Peterhouse Boys
4th St George’s
5th Kutama
6th Eaglesvale

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Volleyball vs Tynwald 2017

Well done to our Volleyball boys who beat Tynwald. 

1st won 3 - 0
U16 won 2 - 1