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Peterhouse Boys

C Block Outback - Learning Something New 2019

Eighty five boys kitted themselves up with rucksacks, tents and sleeping bags and hiked 45 km in early May for their C Block Outback trip. This is the second in a series of annual outdoor activities that they do throughout their time at Peterhouse.

The crisp early mornings and champagne blue skies greeted us every day, eventually warming up enough to enable the boys to swim and canoe all afternoon in the Kushinga Pikelele Dam or abseil at the Zambezi Holidays campsite.

Every day, we walked through beautiful miombo woodlands, past several schools and through working farms, busily getting on with their day. The onlookers wondering where on earth we were going all dressed up carrying our livelihoods on our backs. There were many smiles and ‘fistpumps’ as we encountered one another!

The boys had to find special checkpoints over the 3 day navigational challenge. It is a miracle that we got the record sheets back from each House, although most were very ‘dog-eared’ and usually covered in tomato sauce and milk powder! The thought of winning a pizza for the most points was enough to motivate them all to complete the map reading challenge as best as they could.
Andrew Shoesmith, Dolf Sussein and several experienced Outward Bound Instructors led the boys through a series of interesting challenges including water rescue and water first aid, abseiling and canoeing. Each group came away having learnt something new about themselves, their peers and yet another new life skill.

Sarah Shoesmith
Director of Extra Curricular Activities