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Peterhouse Boys

Kariba Sailing Expedition 2019

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Adventurous Journey to Lake Kariba and the Matusadona National Park

We hired 4 Tiki Catamaran boats from Mystic Tours in Kariba. Each boat had a group of 5 sailors and 1 adult skipper. Each boat was responsible for their own nutrition, cleaning, navigation and general running of the entire Journey. The Skipper was there purely for safety reasons.

There is nothing quite like the warm winter sun on your back and a light, cool breeze on your face – especially coming out of Marondera where it has been bitterly, bitterly cold this winter. Within minutes, everyone was settled into the role of tacking across westerly headwinds trying to get to Sampakarumpa Island from Cutty Sark.

We did not time things very well and our tacking skills were shocking, so two boats had a nervous time entering the rocky and stump ridden bay very late in the afternoon (almost dark!). 


The rest of the 5 day trip was spent planning our days sail (we had to re-plan several times as the wind direction and speed was not very constant during the course of the day!) and then our job was to find the most beautiful mooring sites on Fothergill Island (no longer an island at this time of year), Sanyati West Bay and on Antelope Island.

Sailors on the various boats had fantastic purposes to their Journeys and when they were not sailing or doing ‘boat chores’ they spent hours either counting pods of hippo, elephants, buffalo, fishing, measuring wind speed etc. to achieve their specific purposes. Peppered in amongst these serious periods of concentration were good hearty chats and lots of laughs. In addition to fulfilling their purpose, many pupils became much more competent sailors and navigators. This, alone, is a valuable life skill.
We thank Marion Kalweit, Andrew Shoesmith and Roger who each accompanied a boat as a responsible skipper.

Sarah Shoesmith
Director of Extra Curricular Activities