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Peterhouse Boys

Message from Petrean Chairman - Mr Brynn Mullen 2020

To the pupils of the Peterhouse Group of Schools, I can only imagine what you are all going through at this time in your life during the dreaded Covid-19. It’s keeping you away from your friends, your teachers, your passions at school whether it be academics, sports or cultural activities but more importantly it’s keeping you away from your second home. Only the students can identify how this feels, the rest of us can only imagine. I can tell you though, that as a Petrean we miss the weekends of being able to come and support the schools on various sports and activities and it was only this last weekend I was with a group of Petreans’ and we all got together and did the school war cry. Not once, but twice. The feeling of doing the war cry left us with the same feeling we felt when we were at school, some nearly in tears, hearts pounding with pride. The chatter amongst us was that we couldn’t wait to get back to the schools to support you all in 2020.

I know this a tough time for you all, especially the 6th Formers with it being your last year. I can only say I’m sorry for what you’re going through and that it is truly unfair. But unfortunately that is life, and this will not be the only disappointment in your life moving forward. However, Covid-19 has given you all the opportunity to show the world just who you are, and how you come out of this situation will have a significant impact on your life moving forward.

I would like to share something with you that I read every day. It puts life in perspective and teaches you that it is ok to go through problems and failures throughout life, but it’s up to one person and only one person on how you get through those problems and failures. And that person is YOU.

Please share with your friends from other schools, to the teachers or anyone you may feel this could be beneficial to.

The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong || MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH 2020

“You will fail at some point in your life, accept it, you will lose. You will embarrass yourself. You will suck at something. There’s no doubt about it. Hey, I’m telling you, embrace it because it’s inevitable. Direction determines destination. Destination is not determined by hope, it’s not determined by wish. Destination is determined by direction. You know, every time you lose at something, you’re one step closer to winning the next time. The difference between successful people and not successful people, are people give up. People wake up every morning. They have doubt. They have fear. They’re losing in a race and then they just give up. The hardest thing in life is to lose. Winning is easy. When you win, you’re happy, you get a high five, your friends are happy. It’s your ability to take a loss, get up the next day, dust yourself off, and keep going. I have lost everything you can imagine. Seriously I have been beat up and put down and everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for me, but I just kept going. But here’s the thing, I didn’t quit! I didn’t fall back.

I suggest to you that if you are facing a challenge, don’t stop. Stay busy, work your plan, continue to do those things that you know that work for you after you have evaluated yourself in the situation. Continue to move. Stay busy, stay busy, stay busy. I prayed, I prayed and I prayed. But I continued to fail and fail and fail, but it didn’t matter because you know what? There’s an old saying. “If you hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later, you’re going to get a haircut.” So you will catch a break. And I did catch a break.

If you constantly remind yourself after every defeat, after every setback, every time you get knocked down, I’ve got to say, if life knocks you down, try and land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up. You see a lot of people because of failure, they stop. They stop believing. Let me share something with you. You will fail your way to success. Eight out of Ten millionaires have been financially bankrupt. You will fail your way to success. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times people tell you that you can’t do it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a dime in the bank. You will fail your way to success.

You cannot change the destination overnight. Which means you cannot arrive at a five years from now place tomorrow, but here is what you can change today and overnight, you can change direction.

One of the biggest challenges for people is everybody wants a better quality of life. Everybody wants life to be greater, but almost all of us get stuck at times where something stops us, something prevents us from doing something that we really are capable of doing. Whether it’s turning around our body or shifting a relationship or turning around our finances, or maybe just being happy and fulfilled at a different level. We get stuck with a belief of how we’re not supposed to be, what we’re not supposed to do, what people won’t accept, what we’re not capable of, or maybe we get stuck in an emotional pattern of just being angry, or frustrated or worries or sad or overwhelmed. Sometimes we get stuck, you know, not so much in anything but some habits of doing things a certain way, and what a breakthrough simply is, is the moment in time where there’s and opening, and the opening can come from a conversation, it can come from meeting somebody that inspires you, it can come from an insight. It can come from watching a movie and being moved emotionally at just that right moment. It usually comes because something kind of clicked inside of us, something snapped us and mad us look at life through a different filter in a different way, and you know it’s a real breakthrough because you take that little insight, that little distinction, that little moment or maybe that little or big emotion inside of you that says, NO MORE. I’m going to change this, and suddenly you do something to make your life better.

You break out of the impossibility of “life has to be this way, or life is controlling me,” and you start to take back control of your life. You start to make the shift that creates the quality of life that you really deserve. Everybody experiences extreme stress at some point in their life. I don’t care who we are. Something happens outside our control and it hits our life and it knocks us on our tail. It might be a health stress. It could be something with your family. It could be economic. It could be something emotional that happened. It could be an environmental situation that had nothing to do with you. Every one of us in our lifetime are experiencing extreme stress in these days because of the economy and the way we respond to it. The majority of people are experiencing some form of extreme stress, at least according to polls. Stress doesn’t come from the facts. Stress comes from the meaning that we give the facts. Yes those things have happened.

But the real question is, if we fight what’s happened, we’ve got a problem, we have to decide what are we going to do with what’s happening in life? How are we going to take this? How are we going to mould this? How are we going to turn our life around? Because when you come up with a new meaning, you get a new life. So what are we going to do in this session? Well in this session, we’re going to to take a look at something from a different perspective. We’re going to ask you this question. What is the single force that controls the quality of your life? If there was one gift our creator has given us, or the universe, whatever you believe. What is it? What is the one power that you have right now in this moment that can change everything? You have it, I have it, we all have it. If this one singular individual power, that can change anything in our life regardless of what’s happened to us, and I know you know the answer, the answer is the power of choice. The one thing we have in this world is we can’t control the events, but we can choose what to focus on. We can choose what things mean and we can can choose what to do. Those three choices, those three decisions really control our life. It’s not so much the conditions of our life that control our destiny as much as the decisions of our life.

Try for a second to think about something, think about your life and just think about, are there a few decisions, if I were to ask you are there two decisions you’ve made in your life, that if you would have made a different decision, would you have a totally different life? But you won’t be able to do it when you’re telling yourself the sky is falling in it’s over, when you see it worse than it is, you’ll just give up. You won’t do it if you don’t tell yourself the truth is, you know what? This system isn’t working. I have to do something. If you don’t tell yourself the truth and deal with the truth, the real truth, nothing is going to happen. When you fight life and go, I should be a singer, not a mom, and you’ve got five kids, you’ve got a problem. When you fight life and say, you know, the economy should be different, you’re going to be stressed. Deal with what is, without exaggeration, with total honesty, dealing with the cards, coming up with a vision, finding yourself a role model that shows your strategy. Work your tail off, give, give, give, give, keep changing your approach and you can get where you want to go. Make sense?

Whatever you have produced, it came out of you as a result of the kind of person that you have become. As a result of your choices, as a result of your consciousness. Now you have to ask yourself, are you satisfied with what you have produced? Is this what you want? Would you like for things to be better than this? Do you believe that you deserve better than this? Are you content? Or do you believe somewhere in the back of your mind or in your heart that there is some other great work for you to do? There’s something else that life has for you, and that’s why you are here? How do we handle this fear factor? How do we increase our self-esteem? You have to begin to fortify yourself. How do we do that? I believe that you have to begin to consciously monitor your inner conversation and start talking to yourself.

Start building yourself up. Sometimes the only good things you will hear about you are the things that you say to you. So I’m saying learn to be your your own booster. Start building yourself up. Start encouraging yourself. Start saying I can do this. I can make this happen. It’s a natural inclination for us to put ourselves down. You see, we are born negative I think, in a negative consciousness because we live in a negative world. So I’m saying we need to work through the challenges of life in learning how to begin to work to fortify ourselves, begin to guard your mind against negative programming, like turn off the television. So you’ve got to guard the kinds of things that you put in your mind. See if you don’t program your mind, your mind will be programmed because human beings are goal oriented. That’s why we die of broken hearts early. That’s why we’re running through life to early graves. Most of us go through life running scared. So we had created this in our minds. False evidence appearing real. We made it real in our minds. There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself, that is the destructive monster. So, turn off things that can contribute to your fear. Turn a deaf ear to people that all they can do is talk about how negative things are, because they have bought into the consciousness of the world. Listen to things that can empower you, then to enable you to create a new reality for yourself, and a new life for yourself. What idea are you sitting on? Write your ideas down, and then once you get that idea, take the leap. You see a lot of people get the ideas and just walk around with them. Take the leap. If you don’t take the plunge, I guarantee you somebody else will. Take the plunge. Go into action. And ladies and gentleman, you will be surprised how things will come together.

Now you’re going to have some difficult challenges. I can tell you that now. Be aware of that. Be aware that things are not going to work out exactly right, for a time they will sometimes, and that’s when life is just playing the game with you. But ladies and gentlemen go into action with your dream and don’t avoid where the fights are. Get in the midst of the fight and get some hickeys on your head. Get knocked down so you can learn how to fight so you can hold your position. Yous see most people don’t get out in the arena of life because they don’t want to fight. Most people don’t get out there because they don’t want to get knocked down. They don’t want to be dropped to their knees. But see, you’re going to get dropped whether you’re on the field or whether or not you’re sitting on the sidelines. You’re going to be dropped, so at least get dropped for something. Don’t bet knocked down while you’re sitting down, see that’s how most people are spectators in life. You don’t want to be a spectator. You want to get out in the field where the action is and you will be amazed, after the struggle, there will be a calm period and things will begin to click for you. Come out here with what you got. You don’t have enough money? Don’t worry about it. You have got the dream. You have got the idea. You don’t have enough resources? Don’t worry about it. You need some help? Don’t worry about it. If you get out here in the arena, someone will look at you and become inspired and say, hey, can I help you? But if you’re sitting up on the bleachers, nobody is going to ask you anything.”

I sincerely hope this helps as many of you as possible. Life has thrown you a curve ball. The question is… what are you going to do about it?

I look forward to being able to return to PHB, PHG and Springvale in the not too distant future to share memories, victories and failures with all of you and continue to help to keep these three schools the best in the country.

Conditur In Petra

Petrean Chairman

Brynn Mullen