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Peterhouse Boys

From the Rector's Desk - 16th October 2020

Friday 16 October 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The beginning of the week was marked by some great rain as a series of thunderstorms swept across the school. In such an unusual year, even the weather cycles have been turned upside down. No-one is complaining and the school grounds, in response to the rain, are looking magnificent.

It has been, in some respects, quite a tough week. Some unfortunate disciplinary events have taken place, to which I have already referred in the letter of Monday 12 October. Nevertheless, it should be said, no matter how disappointing these events may be, valuable life lessons can be taken from these experiences. With this in mind, as parents, we seek your support in helping to manage your children’s social media interactions. Posting material which is offensive, defamatory or which may undermine or damage reputation, does come with consequence. All too often material is published without thought of consequence; it is in this space that we need to continually educate and remind our children of what is, and is not, appropriate on social media postings. Similarly, posting to one or one hundred individuals is the same in terms of defining a social media post. Once the “send button” is pressed there is no control over how a photograph or information will be utilised.

During the course of the week we have received, through ATS, provisional dates for the Easter Term 2021. It must be stressed that these are dates are provisional, though we are currently planning our first term calendar around them:

Sunday 10 January  -  D Block arrive. D Block Orientation starts
Tuesday 12 January  -  C, B, A Blocks and Vth and VIth Form return
Wednesday 13 January  -  Academic Year begins

FFW 1 10h00 Friday 29 January – 10h00 Monday 1 February
Half term 10h00 Thursday 18 February – 10h00 Tuesday 23 February
FFW 2 10h00 Friday 12 March – 10h00 Monday 15 March
End of term Wednesday 31 March

In an endeavour to hold on to some of the key school traditions this year, the school is planning for both PHB and PHG VIth Form Speech Day (Saturday 31 October), and both the PHB (1 November) and PHG (30 October) Leavers Services. Sadly, the Covid environment means that we have to make some adjustments to the programme, and regrettably, parents will be unable to attend either occasion. We will be working on a plan whereby Speech Day can take place in a virtual environment. In both the ceremonies we hope to acknowledge and pay tribute to our 2020 leavers for their contributions to the school.

During the course of this week the Grade 7’s have been in the Zambezi Valley at RIFA. They return today, no doubt with many stories and experiences. Whilst on the topic of outdoor education please note:

The B Bloch Chimanimani trip approaches and these are the final arrangements;

Peterhouse Boys
27 October: Arrive Tinokura between 14h00 – 15h00. B Block to “isolate” in Tinokura.
Please note that parents must drop their sons off at Tinokura only.
28 Oct – 1 November Expedition dates
1 November B Block to be collected from Tinokura between 15h00 – 16h00 only.

Peterhouse Girls
2 November Arrive Tatanga House. B Block to “isolate” in Tatanga.
Drop off is between 14h00 – 15h00

3 – 7 November Expedition dates
7 November B Block to be collected from Tatanga between 15h00 – 16h00

The following arrangements apply for the C Block Outback
10 November Arrival at Tatanga (PHG) and Tinokura (PHB) between 14h00 – 15h00
10 – 13 November Expedition dates.
13 November C Block to be collected
Tatanga (PHG) and Tinokura (PHB) between 15h00 and 16h00

The A Block expedition takes place between 17 – 21 November. Please note that the A Blockers participating can be picked up at their respective schools between 15h00 – 16h00.

Please note that there will be no Covid testing prior to any of these expeditions. Should your child exhibit Covid symptoms, or be in contact with any person displaying symptoms in the week prior to departure, please do not bring your child to the school. Please inform Mr and Mrs Shoesmith.  

Indemnity forms (for Covid) for Peterhouse and Outward Bound must be emailed to Deputy Head (PHB) or Deputy Head (PHG).

Public examinations continue, and preparations for the return of the rest of the school are now in full swing.

The weekend approaches and this letter arrives, with apologies, slightly late.

With warm regards,

Jon Trafford