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Peterhouse Boys

From the Rector's Desk - 20th November 2020

Friday 20th November 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Cambridge examinations are finished and we are delighted that they have gone so smoothly. To all those who wrote this cycle of examinations, we would like to wish you every success in your results; for our leavers, we hope that your plans for 2021 are now falling into place.

The D, C and B Block returned to formal lessons on Monday and is great to have them back at school. Their return to school came with a bit of a bump as they went straight into the end of year examinations. These examinations will give us a very clear indication of the level of learning that has taken place during Digi-school. I have no doubt that, in returning to school, these year groups will have found some difficulty in re-engaging with school routines. Thus far the feedback from the houses is positive and there appears to be some degree of excitement about being back at school. For the Peterhouse Boys D Block, their time back in Tinokura will be short as they move into the ‘senior Houses’ over this weekend, 21/22 November. It has been a long seven month haul, and I hope that returning to school, even for such a short time, will do much to set a platform for 2021. For the return to school this past Monday, I would like to thank parents for supporting the registration process that took place. Given its success, we anticipate using this formula for the return of pupils in January 2021.

The end of the academic year is fast approaching and our end of term arrangements are as follows;

Monday 30 November and Tuesday 1 December. Normal Academic day (07h30 – 15h30)
House cleaning will take place after school on 1 December.
Wednesday 2 December 07h00: Final Chapel/Assembly.
Pupils Free to go home after Assembly.
11h30: Springvale House Prize Giving.
Friday 4 December End of Term for staff.

Please respect these dates and times; early departures are disruptive to teaching, and given the limited classroom contact time this year, an early departure would further erode our academic programme. For our Grade 7s, the Zimsec examination dates have been announced, and they will, sadly, be writing their examinations between 3-16 December. The arrangements for these examinations will be distributed separately to Grade 7 parents.

Plans for the start of the 2021 academic year are being finalised. As with 2020 it is difficult to be absolutely definitive with regard to dates given the unpredictability of the Covid environment. Nevertheless, we are making our plans based on a return to some degree of normality. Consequently, the Lent Term will begin for D Block on Sunday 10 January. For the rest of the school, the term will begin on Tuesday 12 January.

A very provisional 2021 school calendar has just been distributed by ATS:

Term 1 (Lent Term)
Start  -  Tuesday 12 January
Ist FFW  -  29 January – 1 February
Half Term  -  18 – 23 February
2nd FFW  -  12 – 15 March
End of Term  -  31 March

Term 2 (Trinity Term)
Start  -  Tuesday 4 May
1st FFW  -  21 – 26 May
Half Term  -  17 – 22 June
2nd FFW  -  9 – 12 July
End of Term  -  5 August

Term 3 (Michaelmas Term)
Start  -  Tuesday 7 September
1st FFW  -  24 – 27 September
Half Term  -  14 – 19 October
2nd FFW  -  12 – 15 November
End of Term  -  9 December

Term 1 2022 (Lent Term)
Start  -  Tuesday 11 January 2022

Please note that the last two weekends of this term (21 and 28 November) are closed weekends. A number of activities have been arranged for the pupils over both weekends.

In closing, please note the following dates for the distribution of the end of year reports:
A Block; Vth and VIth Form Monday 23 November
D, C and B Block Monday 14 December

With best wishes for the upcoming week.

Jon Trafford