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Peterhouse Boys

Introducing our 2021 Head of Tinokura - Martin Hakunavanhu

My name is Martin Hakunavanhu and I am in Ellis House. I am from Harare and went to Ruzawi School. I joined Peterhouse in D block, 2016 and am currently studying Business Studies, History and Geography. I wish to study international business or business management at university.

While I enjoy my lessons, what I really love is playing rugby; both at practice as well as touch rugby with my friends. I also enjoy the physical challenges of waterpolo and love testing myself against my opponents.

What I enjoy most about Peterhouse is that you are living with your mates and it really does help you create bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. The gym is a special place for me and love working out. Peterhouse has presented me with many opportunities and a brotherhood that I am more than grateful for.

Peterhouse sparked my love of sport and pushed me to attaining achievements like making first team waterpolo in A block (Form 4), making the MCD A side for rugby, as well as swimming for MCD. Peterhouse has exposed me to new cultures and offered me with opportunities to visit different countries. The Dubai Cultural Tour I attended in 2018 was a life-changing experience.

In my spare time I enjoy running my own little start-up poultry business, as well as a few other small businesses, to help make some extra money before I leave for university.