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Peterhouse Boys

Learner Guides Trip to Chewore 2017

1st to 6th December 2017

Twelve boys had the privilege of a camp in the Chewore South /Dande hunting area staying at Pedza camp with Charlton Mc Cullum safaris. The bush was very thick and the hunting boys walked miles looking for suitable impala but were not successful.

Two afternoons were spent on the range - firearm safety and target practice - not only static targets but also a moving bottle - all good practical work.

Bushcraft included string making, fire making, tracking and finding water in dry river beds. At night around camp we caught scorpions and frogs and identified them. The birds were prolific particularly in a fig tree in camp which was fruiting.


We took a day out to look at the fossilised dinosaur footprints in the Ntumbe river - an amazing record of what lived in the valley in days gone by. Boys also found strata of coal like substance which contained fossil ferns which they separated out using a penknife - budding palaeontologists.

We would like to thank Charlton & McCullum safaris for the use of their camp and facilities and also the instructors and Professional Hunters who accompanied the boys - how fortunate they are to visit these remote parts of Zimbabwe and have these opportunities.

Penny Raynor
i/c Learner Guides & Conservation