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Peterhouse Boys

Newsletter FFW



Wednesday 28 March 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I write to you at the end of a short and very busy Lent term (see below for the details), which culminated last Sunday with our Petrean Sports day, the Inter-House Athletics Relays and the Eisteddfod Highlights Concert – an incredibly full day which was Peterhouse at its best.

Work on Malvern house has progressed very nicely during the course of the term and I am pleased to let you know that the Malvern boys will return to their newly refurbished accommodation at the start of the Trinity term – I’m sure that the boys (together with their parents) will be delighted with the outcome of the project.

In my last newsletter I addressed the issue of discipline in response to the rumour that the boys at Peterhouse were not as well-disciplined as had previously been the case; I hope I managed to persuade you that all is perfectly well as far as that is concerned. This time I would like to make special mention of the provision of Curriculum Support (CS) across the Peterhouse Group, once again in response to rumour which suggests that we do not take curriculum support seriously and that its provision is particularly weak both at Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have an excellent CS department in all three schools within the Peterhouse Group and the provision of CS in its broadest sense (i.e. including extra lessons, the academic tutorial system, our flexible academic curriculum etc.) is first class. Nevertheless, we are planning to enhance the provision of CS in all three schools firstly by substantially improving existing facilities and secondly by extending the provision itself. All this should be in place by the start of the Michaelmas term 2018. Don’t believe any suggestion that we do not deliver excellent CS - we do - and we are committed to making it even better!

I wish you and your children a very pleasant Easter break.
Yours faithfully,

Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received your child’s fee statement, which reflects the balance as at the end of the Lent Term, as well as the Fee Note for the Trinity Term. While it is anticipated that the 2018 Lent term catering levy will not be fully utilized, an evaluation of this will only be known once the accounts have been presented up to and including the month of April.

If you have any queries regarding the charges on your statement, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can refer them to the relevant staff member or department before school closes.

If you have made any payments which are not reflecting on your statement, please email us with a copy of your proof of payment so that we can identify it in our Unclaimed Deposits and rectify our records accordingly.

Whilst every effort is being made to pay for the November Cambridge Examinations through our banks, we cannot guarantee that this will be successful. If your child is writing Cambridge Examinations in November, his/her examination fees may be required in US$ Cash, so please plan accordingly.

The Accounts Department will be closed from 1pm Thursday 29th March to 8am Monday 9th April. We will have a representative at CABS Northridge Park, Borrowdale on Friday 4th May, from 9am to 2pm to receive payments in cash. We unfortunately cannot receive fee payments in bond coins.

Please may you ensure that you email your proof of payment to the Accounts Department as soon as you have done it, so that we can email your Fee Clearance Letter well before the beginning of term. We will begin to email out Fee Clearance Letters on Thursday 3rd May, to those who have cleared their account in full.

May we remind you to check that the contact information at the bottom of your fee statement is correct, and if not, please email us with any changes you need us to make.

I would like to wish you all a safe and happy Easter Holidays with your children and look forward to having them back with us on Monday 7th May.

Kind regards

Mark Whitaker


1.1 Academic colours awarded to Munashe Chibgwe.

1.2 Congratulations to the following boys who qualified for Commendations in the Lent Term Mark Order:

M/VI Kundai Mashungupa    S/B Brendan Hildebrand
P/VI Allan Mawande    S/B Makomborero Sachikonye
P/VI Chayce Ross    F/C Farai Kachuta
E/V Praise Jaravani    F/C Nigel Mushayavanhu
G/A Nigel Chiwara    G/C Takudzwa Dzingai
M/A Kudzaishe Nyengerai     P/C Anotida Nhondova
P/A Tapiwa Muranda    E/D Hayden Grant
E/B David Mortleman    E/D Mufaro Mukonoweshuro
E/B Oliver Mushuma    F/D Nyasha Chakumhara
E/B Sean Rogers    F/D TJ Gwaziwa
F/B Zvikomborero Charera    F/D Dyllan Koke
F/B Charles Moscrop    M/D Tanatswa Mpofu
F/B Anesu Mutandwa    P/D Mudiwa Doro
G/B Mufwa Zimba    P/D Liam Kirkman
M/B Kenan Callaghan    S/D Joseph Hildebrand
M/B Isaac Chengeta    S/D Akanaka Sachikonye
P/B Abilio Bulha Antunes    S/D Sean Sagonda
P/B Hritik Kala

1.3 A Block, V Form and VI Form – Holiday Prep/Revision
If your son is in A Block, V Form or VI Form, he will have been given holiday prep at the end of the term. He should have recorded all the work on a form, so that you can see what he has to do. In addition to the formal holiday work, please note that there is a large bank of subject specific resources, including past papers, on our Revision web site, which can be accessed on Your son will also have been given a document about revision hints. Please assist us in preparing your son for the important Mock exams in June (just before half term), by ensuring that he has time and a suitable venue during these holidays.

1.4 International Mathematics Competition Results
The results below are scores (percentiles) not percentages.
Peterhouse top 6 results in the Middle Primary Division are as follows:

Dylan Grant 61
Tinotenda Sinamane 60
Harry Orphanides 58
Mufaro Mukonoweshuro 54
Scott Price 44
Nigel Mushayawanhu 44

In the Junior High School Division, the top 5 Peterhouse results are as follows:

Nigel Chiwara 34
Isaac Chengeta 33
Tapiwa Muranda 31
Tapiwanashe Chibwe 27
Kudzaishe Nyengerai 27


2.1 Cell Phone Survey
Thanks to all the parents who participated in the cell phone survey. We had up to 50% of the parents respond in some blocks. The responses have been interesting and serve to highlight the polar opinions on the issue (Some parents are saying “cell phones are a fact of life and we need to live with them”, while others say “cell phones are keys that open our children’s minds to the gates of hell”). Nevertheless, the data indicates that, on average, the majority of parents’ feelings about cell phone type, access and usage are being adequately served. We do, however, intend to do a more thorough analysis and evaluation of the results and we may adapt our cell phone policy to better suit your recommendations in due course.

2.2 C Block Outback 2018
All C Block parents should have received the Outback Newsletter: Dates are from the 15th - 18th of May for PHG and the 20th – 23rd of May for PHB. Please note the equipment list on the letter and make sure your children return to school with all the necessary kit for this at the beginning of the Trinity Term.

2.3 Chimanimani Outward Bound Programme (B Block Michaelmas 2018)
As is tradition the B Block will depart to Chimanimani for the Outward Bound teambuilding and personal development programme early in the Michaelmas term. Provisional Dates: 28 September to 4 October. This is over the 1st FFW.

This programme is compulsory. Please bear in mind we will ask all B Block parents to write a letter to their children (we will provide more details of this towards the end of next term).

We have sent you all the kit list in case you are travelling abroad and would like to procure some of the equipment.

We will do what we can to reduce the costs of this trip, but anticipate that this programme will cost about $300US, which we will split over the next two terms.

Sarah Shoesmith. 

2.4 2018 Diving and Dhow (Sailing) Expedition - Nacala (North Mozambique)
Purpose – Complete Open Water Diving Course (Level 1 or 2) and Gold Adventurous Journey (DOE-IA) of 3 Day Dhow trip up, and back down the coast of northern Mozambique (free diving along the way).
Dates 1 – 9 December 2018 (avoid perils of O and A Break at Kariba)
This trip is available to B Block and above.
Estimate cost $2000US (includes 450 for Padi Open Water Programme and 4 Dives and 1000 for lights and travel, which we are desperately trying to reduce)

For more information or if you are interested please contact Andrew or Sarah Shoesmith.

2.5 Conservation
There is a conservation holiday camp at Kavinga, Mana Pools from 26th April to 30th April for senior school pupils run by Mr. Andrew Smith with Mrs Raynor assisting. This is an amazing wildlife area by the Ruckomechi river with high game populations. Anyone interested please contact Mrs Raynor.

2.6 Haircuts policy
Please be reminded about the Haircuts Policy.
Several VI Form pupils are flaunting the haircut perk by shaving the sides of their head. Pupils who arrive with shaven sides of their head will be sent home until there is reasonable hair growth on the head again.

Haircuts Policy (Peterhouse Boys)
Peterhouse Boys strives to maintain a reputation of having well dressed, well-groomed pupils at all times.
All Peterhouse boys must have a regulation schoolboy haircut (not styled):
Pupils are expected to keep their hair reasonably short at all times.
Hair must not touch the collar of clothing or ears.
Sideburns must only grow to mid ear.
No shaven (bald) heads are permitted. This includes the sides and back of the head.
Exotic hairstyles or the tinting of hair is strictly forbidden.

VI Form Haircut Perk
Boys in the VI form are allowed appropriately styled haircuts, which still comply with the above regulations.
The fringe must be above the eyebrows and ears when pulled down.
Top must be max Number 5.
No shaven (bald) heads are permitted. This includes the sides and back of the head. (back and sides of the head may have min number 1)

Universal rules
No shaven heads
No lines are to be cut in any facial hair
No hair colouring is permitted
No braids are permitted

Face Shaving
All pupils are expected to be cleanly shaven at all times while at school.

Consequences of disobedience
Failure to comply with the above listed requirements will result in 2 consecutive Bootcamps and a haircut from the school barber to minimise the inappropriateness of the haircut (Haircut cut to number 2 at parent’s expense)

2.7 From the Matrons
Once again we are appealing to you, to ensure that every item of clothing (especially socks and under pants) and linen all be clearly marked with your son's name tapes. All shoes (be it school, track, rugby, soccer and casual shoes) and sporting equipment, plus all stationery is to be clearly marked with your son's name and house. We are finding that an alarming amount of kit is being handed into lost property with no name and we are unable to hand it back to the rightful owner. Lost property is held onto for a while, but as the quantity grows, we are forced to give it away to charity.

Please send your sons back to school with a minimum of two sheets, enough pillow cases to cover their pillows plus another set and two duvet covers. This will provide them with a spare set when their dirty linen is sent to the laundry once a week. Some of the boys pillows are very grubby! Make sure he returns to school with clean pillows.


3.1 Model United Nations
MUN Report by: Thabiso Molai (Secretary General)

From the 8th to 11th of March, a group of 23 boys and girls from Peterhouse went to Harare International School for the annual conference of Model United Nations called ZIMUN (Zimbabwe Model United Nations) where they were put into rooms such as Advisory Panel, ECOSOC, Economic and Financial Committee, General Assembly, Human Resources Commission and the Security Council. The following schools participated; Arundel, Hellenic, Harare International School, French School, St Georges, St Johns College, Prince Edward and the Luanda International School.

Plenty of productive and challenging debating was practiced in these rooms as delegates from several schools and countries worked to create viable resolutions to global crises such as “measures in halting the Rohingya persecution in Myanmar” and “Measures against fiscal fraud through cryptocurrencies.” The issue of child marriages in Africa, Family planning, Internet access and the steps the UN should take in order to reduce the threat of a nuclear conflict were also discussed.

Our delegates were well prepared and well read, as well as smartly dressed for the occasion and saw us producing several successful resolutions. Highlights of the Conference were meeting foreign people, being engaged in a scrupulous debate as well as the fun socials in between.

We were also granted the opportunity of being addressed by Ambassadors Expert Guests on the several topics being discussed such as, John Taylor, who is a nuclear expert and Sgt Martinez, a USA Marine Corporal, who addressed the Advisory Panel on “Question of the sovereignty of Hong Kong”. Kirsty Coventry (Guest of Honour) also addressed ZIMUN delegates with keynote words of inspiration.

Rufaro Hoto was awarded a certificate for chairing the ECOSOC room and Kudakwashe Mapesa was awarded most promising delegate in the Security Council.

3.2 Service Club Activities

Leo Club - Musha Wevanu Visit (Angus Fergusson)
The LEO Club visited Musha we Vana (an orphanage in Marondera) on the Monday the 12th of March. Despite not being fortunate enough to have the warmth of the sun; we were delighted to get the chance to interact with the children as well as engage in tremendously comical conversations that seemed to warm the day. A favourite activity of the children was to show off their resilience and strength on certain playground structures that proved to be too challenging for the members of the LEO Club. It was astonishing to see how excited the children got as a result of a simple visit.

Overall, the visit was highly productive, as we were able to communicate with the orphanage managers on what is most needed and what would help them to make the children feel as comfortable as possible.

3.3 Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Kadin Eksteen and Tariro Tapfuma have earned their Bronze Awards.

3.4 Results

Bridge vs Hillcrest
As won 19 – 6
Bs lost 0 – 19

vs Peterhouse Boys
As won 13 – 5
Bs won 8 – 7

Chess vs Hillcrest
Well done to Kudzai Nyengerai, Nathaniel Guni-Roberts, Nigel Mushayavanhu and Tinashe Timba who won their games
Seniors drew 4 – 4

Debate vs Chisipite
In the junior debate match Peterhouse won: Peterhouse - 84%; Chisipite - 83%.
Charles Moscrop was the Best Speaker with 79%.

Interhouse Debate

Junior Debate – top three Houses
1). Snell: 69%
2). Grinham: 58%
3). Malvern: 55%

Junior Debate – top three Speakers
1). Charles Moscrop (F): 75%
2). Dylan Mawire (M): 62%
3). Kavwanga Lintini (S) and Tweende Sinemani (G) : 60%

Senior Debate – top three Houses
1). Snell – 78%
2).Founders – 72%
3). Malvern – 70%

Senior Debate – top three Speakers
1). Tadiwanashe Govore (S): 83%
2). Praise Jaravani (E): 81%
3). Addmore Mawere (S): 78%

Snell House were the overall winners of the Interhouse Debate for 2018.

Quiz vs St George’s
Our Junior Team was placed 6th out of 22 teams.


4.1 Results

Athletics Inter-district

Athlete Event Position /Achieved
Taine Smith U18 Javelin Gold (Record of 54m)
Ronald Chibowora U18 Triple Jump Gold
Anotidaishe Munyonga U20 Shot put Gold
Blessed Shumba U20 High Jump Gold
Blessed Shumba U20 Triple Jump Silver
Takunda Makiwa U18 Shot put Silver

Annual St George’s Invitational
Position School Points
1st Prince Edward 442.5
2nd Peterhouse 442
3rd St George’s 434
4th St John’s 398
5th Lomagundi 375
6th Kyle 262
7th Gateway 232
8th St George’s B 224

Despite the final result, Peterhouse spent the greater portion of the day in the lead, ahead of Saint Georges and eventual leaders, Prince Edward. Prior to the final events, the 4x100m relays, Peterhouse was 7 points ahead of Saint Georges and 23.5 points ahead of then third place, Prince Edward.

However, the day was filled with amazing individual moments as Peterhouse obtained 14 first places in various field and track events.

Special mention must be made to following boys who came first in the following events:

1. Takunda Mhete U14 High jump
2. Michael Mutasa U14 Discuss
3. Alexander Simpson U15 Shot put
4. Dylan Grant U15 Javelin
5. Scott Price U15 1500m
6. Loyiso Mlingwa U15 Discuss
7. Hunter Chiusti U16 Triple jump
8. Andrew Rinomhota U17 Triple jump
9. Sean Mushohwe U17 Discuss
10. Tumisa Guni Roberts U18 800m and 1500m
11. Blessed Shumba U20 Triple jump

The highlight of the day must go to Taine Smith who not only came first in the under 17 Javelin, but in so doing set a new record of 52.5 meters - 3 meters better than the previous record.

Interhouse Athletics

Category Name Position
U14 Ngoni Majari 1st
U15 Craig Shoko 1st
U16 Tadiwa Ndiraya 1st
U17 Sean Mushowe 1st
U18 Tinotenda Nyadundu 1st
U20 Ethan Chimimba 1st

Inter-Provincial Athletics Competition held on the 22nd of March 2018

Three Athletes from Peterhouse boys attend the meeting and achieved the following awards:

1. Ronald Chibowora - Bronze medal in U18 Triple Jump with a distance of 14.04m.
2. Anotidaishe Munyonga – Silver medal in U21 Shotput with a distance of 12.02m.
3. Blessed Shumba - Silver medal in U21 High Jump, with a height of 1.91m.

Annual Lomagundi Invitational

Position School Points

1st Prince Edward 568.5
2nd Peterhouse 558
3rd Lomugundi 543
4th St George’s 512
5th St John’s 432
6th Kyle 377
7th Hellenic 285
8th Goldridge 220
9th Petra 209

Half-Colours awarded to Anotidaishe Munyonga, Maine Smith, Ben Le Breton and Ronald Chibowora.

Full-Colours awarded to Dylan Munikwa, Blessed Shumba and Ronald Mirimi.

Cross Country Half Colours awarded to Sean Davis.

Golf Harare Schools’ league match

Peterhouse Boys played against Eaglesvale Senior School at Chapman on Tuesday 27 February 2018,

Peterhouse won 6 – 0.

Rowing South African Junior Rowing Championships held at Roodeplaat Dam
Kenneth Raynor came fourth in the Men's U19 Single Scull A Final, sadly missing out on a potential medal.

Kenneth Raynor, Douglas Cox, Brendan Eggerglusz, David Rogers and Dilan Naran as cox came fourth in the Men's U19 Quad A Final.

Kenneth Raynor and Brendan Eggerglusz came first in the Men's U19 Double B Final.

Reagan Evans came fourth in the Men's U14 Single Scull A final, missing a Bronze medal a mere 40 split second.

Reagan Evans and Emmanuel Nyamupingidza came fourth in the Men's U14 Double A Final, once again losing a medal by 20 split seconds due to an argument with a buoy marker in the last 200m of the race.

Despite the prevalence of fourth places Peterhouse came away with the Co-Ed Trophy for the third year running against much larger clubs such as Somerset College from Cape Town.

The Athletes must be commended for their behaviour on tour as well as their performance.

Peterhouse Regatta at Kushinga Dam
Kenneth Raynor was the winner of the ‘Top of the Progs’ with the fastest prognostic time on the water.

David Rogers, Felix Le Boulange, Cullen Shoesmith, and Zvikomborero Charera came first in the A final.

In the prestigious ‘Blues and Grudge’ race, a literal grudge match of the best vs the rest in Quads, Kenneth Raynor and Brendan Eggersglusz were selected as part of the elite ‘Blues’ boat while Douglas Cox, Emmanuel Nyamupingidza and Reagan Evans were selected to try beat them in the ‘Grudge’ boat and were coxed by Dilan Naran.

Kenneth Raynor was awarded the ‘Michael Johnson Spirit of Rowing Award’ for his contributions to the sport this year.

Kenneth Raynor, Douglas Cox, Brendan Eggersglusz, and David Rogers were selected for the Zimbabwe U19 Squad to train for the upcoming Junior World Champs and Youth Olympic Games.

Peterhouse finished with 6 out of the Top 10 times of the regatta.

Petrean Sports Day
vs Petreans

Tennis vs Petreans won 15 – 10
Soccer vs Petreans drew 3 – 3
Hockey vs Petreans won 2 – 1

Junior Dorm (Petreans B) - first,
Peterhouse Boys - second,
Senior Dorm (Petreans A) - third/last.

Special Mention
Best batsman - Tawanda Muyeye scoring 44 in the first game and 40 in the second.

Rowing The following were selected for the Zimbabwe Junior Selection Squad for 2018:
Douglas Cox, Brendan Eggersglusz, Kenneth Raynor and David Rogers.

Rugby Peterhouse 7s Festival P14 W14

Table Tennis vs Kuwadzana High P1 L1

Tennis Full Colours awarded to Tadiwanashe Govore.

Triathlon SA Championship

Category: 12-15 Junior boys Position Award
George Ascott 3rd Bronze
Keith Elliott 2nd Silver

Category: U15 Junior boys
Matthew Palmer 10th

Category: U17 junior boys
Marcel Paulser 11th

Roberts Championships

Category : U14 Super-Sprints Series Position
George Ascott 1st

Category : U16 Super-Sprints Series
Keith Elliot 2nd

Category : U18 Super-Sprints Series
Marcel Paulser 2nd

Category : U20 Super-Sprints Series
Brett Elliot 2nd

Mention Special
Floating Trophy – Most outstanding newcomer – George Ascott
Roberts Trophy – Most improved triathlete – Keith Elliot

Waterpolo Half-Colours awarded to Kirk Barnes, Ben Le Breton and Keegan Shaw.

Full-Colours awarded to Simon Sharwood.

5.1 Dates to Diarise
Trinity (2nd) Term Dates
Begins Monday 7 May
(Africa Day – Friday 25 May)
1st Fixture Free Thursday 24 – Monday 28 May
Half-Term Thursday 21 – Tuesday 26 June
3rd Fixture Free Friday 13 - Monday 16 July
Ends Thursday 9 August