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Peterhouse Boys

Newsletter FFW



Thursday 26 July 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I write to you at the end of a highly successful if somewhat truncated Trinity term. In particular we can reflect upon:

i. the reopening of Malvern at the start of term following its refurbishment – the boys and their parents seem delighted with the outcome;
ii. a strong field of applicants for Common Entrance (D Block entry 2019);
iii. some outstanding sport (NB 1st XV and 1st X1 hockey);
iv. a very positive 30th anniversary reunion of Petreans on the weekend of the home fixture against Falcon College;
v. the wonderful presentation of our grounds and gardens which are better than ever;
vi. a very busy programme of extra-curricular activities; and
vii. the excellent demeanour/behaviour of our pupils (I have had cause to discipline just one boy this term).

In all these things, and much else besides, very many thanks as ever, for your ongoing support and encouragement.

I am pleased to announce the following appointments all w.e.f the beginning of the Lent term 2019:

Francois de Kock Deputy Head (replacing Andrew Shoesmith)
Ian Holiday Director of Music (replacing Billy St John)
Ian Montgomery Science (replacing Kim Hulley)
Hannah Munro English (replacing Claire Hanly)
Rich Hanly History (replacing Patience Masaire who moves to the Business Studies

There has been much sport this term but there has also been the small matter of mock IGCSE, AS and A level exams. This pass rate and A*/B rate in this term’s mock exam results were not dissimilar to 2017.

Level Pass rate 2018 A*/B rate 2018 Pass rate 2017 A*/B rate 2017
IGCSE (A Block) 69% 41% 68% 37%
AS (5th form) 97% 38% 96% 31%
A (6th form) 90% 27% 92% 29%

There is much to be done if our examinees are to do themselves justice in their public exams next term – if your son is in A Block or above, do please insist that he uses the holiday period for some serious revision.

You will be aware that Peterhouse is in the process of modernisation – it is my aspiration that our boys are prepared properly for the next step of their lives post Peterhouse, whether that is at university or in the workplace. This term there have been a few wobbly moments, concern that we are off track particularly when it comes to the culture of the school and the relationship between senior and junior pupils. Do please read my assembly address on the matter which is attached at the bottom of this newsletter – I hope that what I said to the boys strikes a chord with you.

Finally, I write to inform you that I have decided that, w.e.f. the start of next term, corporal punishment will once again feature in our battery of disciplinary sanctions. I have never been opposed to the use of corporal punishment from a point of principle and its anticipated ban has not materialised – hence the decision to re-introduce its use. The cane will be used judiciously and sparingly; its use will also be guided with meticulous reference to the law and in each case only with the specific permission of the parent concerned.

Have a very pleasant break.

Yours faithfully,

Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you should have received your child’s fee statement, which reflects the balance as at the end of the Trinity Term, as well as the Fee Note for the Michaelmas Term. If you have any queries regarding the charges on your statement, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can refer them to the relevant staff member or department before school closes.

If you have made any payments which are not reflecting on your statement, please email us with a copy of your proof of payment so that we can identify it in our Unclaimed Deposits and rectify our records accordingly.

Unfortunately, many internal bank transfers and mobile banking payments are not reflecting references or information when they appear on our statements, so please always send us a copy of your payment as soon as it has been made, so as to avoid any inconvenience at the beginning of term.

Please note that:
• The Accounts Department will be closed from 1pm Friday 10th August to 8am Monday 20th August.
• We are no longer sending a representative to Cabs during the last week of the holidays, so please can you ensure that you email your proof of payments to the Accounts Department in good time, so that we can issue your Fee Clearance Letter.
• If you would like to pay fees in cash, please bring the cash to Peterhouse, either during the school holidays, or on the first day of next term, before you drop off your child.
• We will begin emailing out Fee Clearance Letters on Tuesday 28th August, to those who have cleared their account in full.
May we remind you to check that the contact information at the bottom of your fee statement is correct, and if not, please email us with any changes you need us to make.

I would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday with your children and look forward to having them back with us on Monday 3rd September.

Kind regards,

Mark Whitaker


1.1 Congratulations to the following boys who qualified for Commendations in the Term Mark Order:

F /VI Kenneth Raynor 
G /VI Matthew Mutsai 
P /VI Chayce Ross 
G /A Nigel Chiwara 
M/A Kudzaishe Nyengerai 
P/A Tapiwa Muranda 
S/A Simbarashe Govore 
E/B Travis Arnold 
E/B David Mortleman 
E/B Sean Rogers 
F/B Zvikomborero Charera 
F/B Charles Moscrop 
F/C Nigel Mushayavanhu S/D Akanaka Sachikonye
G/C Craig Shoko
G/C Tinotenda Sinamane
P/C Tadiwanashe Mandizvidza
P/C Ngonidzashe Musowe
E/D Mufaro Mukonoweshuro
F/D Dyllan Koke
F/D Tanaka Mutandwa
F/D Rodney Pachirera
G/D Tyler van Rooyen
M/D Prosper Chadzingwa
M/D Tanatswa Mpofu
S/D Joseph Hildebrand
G /C Takudzwa Dzingai

1.2 If your son is taking Cambridge examinations next term, he will have been given some holiday work to carry out over the next month. Please help us be ensuring that he has the time and a suitable quiet working area in order to do this work to the best of his ability.

1.3 The Cambridge October/November examination timetable can be viewed on the Peterhouse Boys School web page, under the “Academic” tab on the left of the home-page.

1.4 C Block parent Meeting: May I remind you that this important meeting relating to subject choices for B block in 2019 takes place before the Parent Teacher Consultation, on Monday 3rd September at 1000hrs.


2.1 Peterhouse Group: Reduction of single use plastics
In an effort to reduce the use of single use plastics, water will not be supplied in packed lunches and sporting events next term. Pupils must please bring a multi-use water bottle back at the beginning of next term and be responsible for filling their own bottles when going on the bus or at sports fixtures.

2.2 Far and Wide 2018 (A Block)
After the final IGCSE the A Block will depart to Nyanga for the A Block Far and Wide Leadership Development Programme (dates are 14th to the 20th November returning around 1700hrs). We have run this programme for A Block for three years now. It is a co-ed programme where the A Block boys and girls get to work together before they start co-education in the V Form. Although this programme is focused on Leadership we have found the relationship building opportunities to be huge between the boys and girls. This programme is compulsory – please can you plan your child’s holiday to commence after the 20th. All A Block Parents will have received two information letters about this. We will send the information and indemnities from Far and Wide as soon as they become available. Please contact Andrew Shoesmith if you have any questions.  

2.3 Chimanimani Outward Bound Programme 2018 (B Block)
As is tradition the B Block will depart to Chimanimani for the Outward Bound Teambuilding and Personal Development Programme early next term (Dates: Peterhouse Girls - 21 to 27 September and Peterhouse Boys 28 September to 4 October (this is over the 1st FFW). This programme is compulsory. All B Block parents have been asked to write a letter to their children (you should have the details of this with the indemnity information). PLEASE make sure you send this letter back in a sealed envelope (attention your Housemaster or Housemistress) next term.

2.4 GOSHO PARK FUNDRAISER – Festival of Music : Food : Wine

Annually we host a 'Kirstenbosch Style' Music Festival in order to raise funds for Gosho Park. The festival hosts a variety of talented musicians, delicious food, wine and craft beer stalls! We invite you to come out to our beautiful school with your family and friends and enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon and evening in front of the Springvale House Pavilion listening to some great tunes and watching the sun go down over Gosho Park. We would love to encourage you to buy your picnic delights at the festival.
As this is the first closed weekend for Peterhouse Girls and Peterhouse Boys, all senior school pupils will attend the festival - $5.00 will be charged to their school fee account.
We do hope that you too will come out and enjoy the afternoon with your children in Marondera on the 8th September 2018.

Festival of Music : Food : Wine 2018 – UNIVERSITY STALLS
At this year’s festival we will be hosting five University Stalls from across the globe (Poland, Italy, South Africa etc.). Please do come along to engage in these Universities and find out what you need to know about the prospective qualifications your children would like to achieve.

2.5 Peterhouse Leavers’ Ball Fundraising Golf Day - 25 August 2018

2.6 From the Matrons
As the end of term draws to a close, your sons will be reminded to collect the last of their clean clothing from the laundry. The onus is on him to collect it. The laundry will be closed during the school holidays and will only reopen first day of term.

2.7 Calendar Dates
Michaelmas (3rd) Term
Begins Monday 3 September
1st Fixture Free Friday 28 September - Monday 1 October
Half-Term Thursday 18 - Tuesday 23 October
3rd Fixture Free Friday 9 - Monday 12 November
Ends Thursday 6 December

1st Term 2019
Begins Monday 7 January 2019


3.1 Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Farai Kachuta, Hritik Kala, David Mortleman and Reuben de Kock have earned their Bronze Awards.

Tim Elton has earned his Silver Award.

3.2 Model United Nations (MUN) at Chisipite Senior School - Tadiwanashe Govore
On the 14th of July the Peterhouse Model United Nations Society took part in the annual ChiMUN Conference hosted by Chisipite. The seminar this year was under the theme "Breaking Barriers". Dressed to impress in their suits the Kings presented themselves with decorum and finesse. The conference was divided into five different rooms; the General Assembly, Security Council, ECOSOC, Human Rights Commission and the Environmental Commission. Resolutions were made from each room to combat current global issues including protecting the rights of women in factory setups and the problem of child marriages.

Tapuwa Makani, the delegate of Italy, attending his first ever conference was awarded the Best Delegate award for the General Assembly. Tadiwa Govore the delegate of Suriname was also awarded the Best Delegate award for ECOSOC and special mention goes to Faizaan Bhadhella who was, by his own admission, the most entertaining and best dressed delegate.

It was a day filled with debating, collaboration as well as moderated caucus and was enjoyed by all parties involved.

3.3 Infinity Program Activities

Zimbabwe National Mountain Bike Championships
PH sent nine boys to Chishawasha Hills to participate in the Zimbabwe National MTB Championships. Falcon, Hellenic, St Johns also sent representative teams. The course was extremely technical and the EMRAS ambulance had their work cut out for them. The following boys were awarded places in their various age groups.

Sub-Junior B
Garikayi Madzamba – Silver
Keith Elliott - Gold

Youth A Boys
James Weller – Silver
Nicholas Dobropoulas – Gold

Junior Men
Angus Fergusson – Silver
Brett Elliott – Gold

Inter-schools Spur Mountain Bike League Race
Falcon hosted an Inter-Schools race as part of the Spur League this weekend. By 07.00 on Saturday morning, racers from Falcon, Quest and Peterhouse were poised on the start line in Quiet Waters, which is the wilderness area at Falcon. It was bitterly cold and frosty. The rocky track wove through thorn bushes and dry, yellow scrub. It was a beautiful but tough and challenging race for everyone.

U19 boys
First – Brett Elliott
Third – Cullen Shoesmith

U16 boys
First – James Weller

3.4 Service Club Activities

Leo Weekend - Angus Fergusson
Recently, there were two wonderful events held by the Leo Club in an attempt to raise funds that will go a long way in helping the people in need within the Marondera community.

The dance, held at Peterhouse Boys, was a great success and was definitely a night that will be remembered by all. The great music and perfect use of smoke machines set the atmosphere that brought out the enjoyable side of everyone attending.

Many, many thanks are to go to those that made this event possible; but in particular the Leo Club would like to thank Mr Redfern, Mr. St. John and his team for the amazing lights and sound system that really made this dance worthwhile.

The following day, at the Springvale House Pavilion yet another truly awesome event took place – this was the Leo Fun Day. Many “Funday go'ers” played in the various tournaments (soccer and touch rugby). The adrenaline inducing, inflatable rocket was a huge hit, as well as the tuckshop that sold a range delicious goodies.

Overall, the weekend's events were a great success and the Leo Club would like to pass their thanks and appreciation to all those who helped in pulling these events off.

3.5 St George’s Debating - Tadiwa Govore
Attending the event were Mathew Mutsai, Tadiwa Govore, Johnson Marufu, Faizaan Bhadhella and Zivai Sinemani. The evening was run under the theme “Speak your mind, mind your speech - the art of articulation”.

To round up the evening the guest speaker Dr Maraire, an Oxford educated, Zimbabwean neurologist gave an inspiring speech on how the youth, the future of Zimbabwe, should seize the opportunities they have to make the difference our nation desperately needs.

3.6 Results

Archery Archery (Interschools NASP competition)

The last archery competition for this term was hosted at Chisipite on Sunday.

Ze Hong. Xuan (D Block) came 2nd in the senior age group – shooting 283 out of a possible 300 points.
Paulo Marucchi came 3rd – shooting 281 out of a possible 300 points.

Bridge vs Prince Edward won 25 – 8
vs Peterhouse Girls won 22 – 7

vs Hillcrest lost 0 – 24
vs Peterhouse Girls won 24 – 17

Chess vs Hillcrest
The match ended in a 4 – 4 draw.
Well done to Achibold Boka who won his match in just 4 moves!

vs Peterhouse Girls
The seniors were too strong for the girls, beating them 8-0

Fly fishing Douglas Cox and Terance Sage recently represented Peterhouse at a fly fishing competition in Nyanga. They fished three dams for four hours each and managed to win the competition – Douglas was Best Overall and Best Junior. Terrance came 3rd overall and the Peterhouse team won the competition on weight of trout caught.

There were some seasoned fishermen and over 20 teams at the event so this was a very good effort and we look forward to encouraging more boys to try trout fishing.

Public Speaking
The Gavel Club hosted their first Inter-House Public Speaking competition on Friday 29 June. Tadiwanashe Govore, the Gavel President, and his team organised a slick and very exciting event, successfully raising the profile of public speaking, which was their intention.

Kudakwashe Manjonjo (Head of School, 2011) and Scott Walraven judged the competition and did a fine job. We are very grateful to them for their time.

Top Three Junior Public Speakers
1. Charles Moscrop (F)
2. Tadiwa Ndiraya (P)
3. Makomborero Sachikonye (S)

Top three Senior Public Speakers
1. Tadiwanashe Govore (S)
2. Kudakwashe Mapesa (M)
3. Zivai Sinemani (G)

Top three Houses
1. Founders 81%
2. Snell 77%
3. Paget 76%

Quiz The Interschools Quiz was hosted at Arundel School and Peterhouse came 7th out of 17 teams.


4.1 Results

AMG 7s Finalists
Hockey A PHB vs St John’s College Lost
Rugby U14 PHB vs Lomagundi Lost

Rugby U16 PHB vs Lomagundi College Won
Rugby Open PHB vs Lomagundi College Won

Sincere appreciation must go to A.M.G. Global with their continued generous sponsorship for coaches and players golf shirts, tee shirts, caps and medals, as well as drinks and lunches for all staff, well-supported by Introwise.

Sincere appreciation must go to Peterhouse staff who manned all fields and administration areas and they have to be commended for their commitment to duty, despite the inclement conditions.

Sadly after more than a decade of staffing the heartbeat of the festival, the central administration table where all points are gathered collated and published, Miss Patience Mansfield is standing down due to her retirement at the end of 2018. Her long standing dedication and commitment is a testament to her unparalleled standards and character, zeal and drive, respected of Peterhouse staff and pupils alike.

Peterhouse and AMG Global, wish you everything of the best for the future.

We thank you and salute you Miss Mansfield!

Hockey vs St George’s P9 W4 D4 L1 1st XI Won 5 – 0
vs Hillcrest P5 W4 D1 1st XI Won 5 – 1
vs Falcon P9 W2 D3 L4 1st XI Lost 1 – 2

Rowing Kenneth Raynor took part in the RAZ International Regatta at Mazowe Dam on Sunday as part of the selection process for Junior World Championships. Kenneth competed in the Single Scull, Double Scull and Quad with other athletes in the Zimbabwe programme and he came first in each boat for which there are medals to be presented.

Additionally, Kenneth was selected to represent Zimbabwe at the Junior World Championships this year held in Racice in the Czech Republic. Big congratulations to him upon his selection.

Kenneth Raynor has been selected to represent Zimbabwe in the Africa Youth Games being held in Algeria from 18 – 28 July.

Congratulations to Kenneth Raynor, (current head of Founders at Peterhouse Boys) for winning gold in the Men 2000m Single Sculls Rowing event, at the African Youth Games in Algiers.

He qualifies for Team Zimbabwe a slot for Youth Olympic Games.

Rugby vs SACS Lost 21 – 48
vs St George’s P10 W5 D2 L3 1st XV Won 31 – 25
vs Falcon P9 W7 L2 1st XV Lost 17 – 27

Soccer CHISZ Tournament P7 W2 D2 L3
Addmore Mawere and Anesu Chiwara were selected into the CHISZ Soccer Squad

vs Nyameni P6 W5 L1
vs Watershed and Cherutombo P10 W2 D3 L5
vs Westridge P3 W2 L1 1st XI Won 1 – 0
vs Rakodzi P6 W3 D2 L1
vs Bernard Mizeki P10 W3 D2 L5 1st XI Won 2 – 1
vs Falcon P2 W1 L1 1st XI Won 5 – 1
U16 CHISZ Tournament P4 W2 D1 L1
U15 CHISZ Tournament P5 W3 L2
Top U15 Goalscorer Arthur Muzira
Peterhouse Winner of U15 Plate Final

Squash vs St George’s
Peterhouse Boys ‘B’ lost to St George’s ‘B’ 2 – 5
Peterhouse Boys ‘A’ beat St George’s ‘A’ 5 – 2

vs John’s
Peterhouse Boys ‘C’ lost to St John’s ‘B’

Peterhouse Boys ‘B’ beat Hellenic Academy 5 – 2
The outstanding players were Rendell Hamish and David Bennett

Peterhouse Boys ‘A’ lost to Hellenic Academy 0 – 7

Peterhouse Boys ‘B’ beat Chisipite ‘A’ 7 - 0

Table Tennis The U18 Table Tennis team played St Georges and lost 1-2 in a highly competitive match.

Congratulations to Tavonga Muchena for winning.

School Assembly 3 July 2018 – Seniority
Jon Calderwood, Rector of Peterhouse, Speech Day 2012:

“Our boys can always be relied upon to meet our expectations and they give of their very best in whatever they do when it is necessary……..sadly, I fear that this behaviour may be just a veneer………. “it happened to me and look how well I’ve turned out” doesn’t make sense and is not acceptable. While I do believe that senior boys’ mind sets are changing in this regard, we have some way to go.
It is difficult for boys to understand the principles of leadership especially in a country where…….those who rule are more concerned with power and wealth than service…..sadly we have a long way to go and I hope that Mr Blackett will have more success than I and previous Rectors have had in getting boys to realise that there is a better way forward.”

Being a senior pupil at Peterhouse is not as easy as it may seem. On the one hand there is the inevitably temptation to follow those seniors who have come before, fuelled to some extent by the old guard – Petreans in particular – who love their alma mater, their old school, and who instinctively resist change; the temptation to regard seniority as a rite of passage that brings rank and status and the prerogative to enjoy the trappings of position. And on the other hand there is encouragement from me and other senior staff, fuelled by those words of Jon Calderwood and, of course, by the core values which underpin the school, to cast off the past, to adopt a new model of leadership and to be driven not so much by entitlement but by a sense of service.

It’s not an easy choice; there was merit in the old style of seniority and leadership; at Peterhouse and no doubt elsewhere, in what some would refer to as “the good old days,” junior pupils did what they were told irrespective of whether or not it was fair and accepted discipline if they erred or indeed, even if they didn’t, without complaint; and all of this was sustained by a code of silence which shrouded much unpleasant behaviour and protected senior pupils from disciplinary sanction. Furthermore pupils were incredibly respectful in their behaviour, they had impeccable manners and they cheered so loudly on the touchline that no one could possibly question their pride in being a Peterhouse boy; never mind the fact that school spirit and good manners were beaten into junior boys at every opportunity. Now those clearly defined boundaries which characterised the past are blurred, senior pupils feel disempowered, junior pupils have far too much to say for themselves and at times there is a sense of disorder. It’s no surprise then that there are those who would have things as they used to be.

That’s why leadership and being a senior pupil is increasingly difficult. The challenge seniors face is to earn respect rather than to presume it, as they did in the past, and then to carry others with them on the journey. That’s not easy, by which I really mean servant leadership is not easy; indeed it’s a highly challenging model of leadership. No wonder why recent generations of senior pupils here at Peterhouse have found the task of leading the school so difficult.

Servant leadership is nothing new – it was Christ’s message delivered 2,000 years ago and he was the exemplar. For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? said Jesus, “whoever wants to be great must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be the willing slave of all.” Isn’t that the most upside down theory of leadership you’ve ever come across; life here would be so much easier if we had ignored the challenge of Jon Calderwood’s words and simply stuck with the top down model of leadership which we used to have. But the problem was that the system was fundamentally flawed and was horribly abused by senior pupils and, furthermore, it was well wide of the mark when measured against our core values and the Christian ethos of the school. That’s why I and others have confronted each and every group of 6th form pupils over the past 6 years to reject the old autocratic style of leadership which was our modus operandii and take up the challenge of servant leadership.

Promoting servant leadership, by the way, asking our senior pupils to put others before themselves, does not imply if you are a junior pupil that I am encouraging you to be disrespectful to your seniors; to lack courtesy; to be bumptious and arrogant – far from it – and, by the same token, if you are a senior pupil, prefect or not, it does not imply an undermining of your position – you have made it to the top of the school and now is the time for you to enjoy a sense of rank and status; to be treated with some measure of decorum by pupils lower down the school and indeed to enjoy a few perks.

But it does imply that respect earned simply by dint of position or worse still, from engendering a sense of fear, amounts to nothing. It also implies that we must all resist the urge, the call from various quarters to return to the good old days because they weren’t. In the good old days the school may have had a reputation for outstanding discipline, respect and spirit but that reputation was built upon a leadership model which, as I have already said, was fundamentally flawed; upon senior pupils having a sense of entitlement and an over inflated idea of their own worth; and upon a life of misery for far too many pupils at the bottom end of the school. What was so good about those days other than the shiny outward veneer, mentioned by Jon Calderwood, which suggested all was OK when actually underneath the surface there was a rotten core?
Where am I going with all this? What’s my drift, my message? Well firstly it remains critically important that we do indeed uphold the school’s traditionally high standards of discipline, respect and good manners and that we don’t give our detractors and also those who are by instinct on our side – parents and Petreans – the ammunition to suggest that things aren’t as good as they used to be. Why would I want it any other way? All you have to do is to be respectful and courteous in your behaviour, as I know you can be and for the most part are, and all will be well.

Secondly, it is equally important that you maintain a genuine sense of pride in your school and that what you say and what you do makes that clear. I reject the suggestion, which I hear from time to time, that school pride, school spirit, isn’t what it used to be; nothing could be further from the truth as was demonstrated both on and off the field on Saturday afternoon during and following our 1st XV’s victory against St George’s – if that didn’t reveal a huge sense of school pride I don’t know what does. But you all need to know that there is much talk out there at the moment, not about our splendid rugby and hockey, not about the great support you have given to our various teams, but about the lack of chanting in the first half of our 1st XV’s match versus St John’s, which has been interpreted by too many people as an indication of a lack of school spirit. You shouldn’t give anyone the excuse to question the pride you have in Peterhouse.

Thirdly and most importantly you should be in no doubt that I will not be deterred from the direction which I have set for the school in all respects but particularly when it comes to our leadership model. I may veer slightly off course depending on how the wind blows as and when appropriate, but the course itself is set. Leadership or seniority, based on entitlement, on power, on claim, on right is fundamentally unsound and does not fit in with our Christian heartbeat or with the core values we routinely espouse. We may fall short of the perfect model – servant leadership – but we must continue to strive for a leadership model which is characterised, above all else, by a strong sense of service. That’s what makes being a leader, a senior here difficult; that’s the challenge that prefects have to meet and, as I’ve said several times already, it’s not easy.
I must commend Chayce Ross for having the courage to say what he did in Friday night’s public speaking competition – I encourage all of you on a regular basis to find your voice and to say what you think and he did just that, so well done to him; but the great paradox of Chayce’s speech was that if Peterhouse was to return to the tight disciplinary control which I think he was advocating he would not have been able to have said what he did; the environment would have been too repressive, too stultified, too dulled to have tolerated such action. When Chayce was in D Block in 2013, the year I too arrived at Peterhouse, no pupil would have dared to have said what he did – such was the discipline, the control, the air of suppression. And let’s not forget Kudakwashe Mapesa’s "I have a dream" speech which was made at the same event on Friday evening – his speech and Chayce’s speech came from opposite ends of the debate and yet you gave each one rousing applause.

It’s confusing isn’t it, but educational establishments of value take risks, they push the boundaries and they challenge the status quo, the accepted way of doing things and that’s what we are doing at Peterhouse, not at the price of throwing out all those old fashioned standards and those great traditions which we all value and are well-worth keeping, but at the cost of ridding ourselves of all sorts of “stuff” and above all else of an outdated leadership model which holds us back.

Two final thoughts. Firstly, if you have difficulty with what I’m saying then let me know or fine a forum to discuss the matter – you’re all entitled to have a view and to express it, but please do so appropriately, in the right place at the right time. Secondly, you mustn’t interpret anything I’ve said today as being critical of our current 6th form or our current prefects. My comments are generic; indeed they are probably timeless. Listen to this: The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and they love to chatter……they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, gobble their food, cross their legs and tyrannize their teachers. You may be thinking that that was said last week by a parent somewhere in Zimbabwe, perhaps even on the touchline here at Peterhouse, but no, it was written by Socrates 2,500 years’ ago; each and every generation of senior pupils struggle with the same issues, as I once did and as all of you will do at some stage of your school career.

We’re not in chapel but if we were I would end with this prayer:
We ask you to bless those who are in positions of responsibility;
May they discharge their duties with humility and grace;
May they lead with wisdom and courage;
May they be guided by a sense of service and not of privilege;
And, in all they do, may they remember the example of your son Jesus Christ.
We ask these things in your name.

Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)