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Peterhouse Boys

Newsletter FFW



Thursday 6 December 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

May I draw your attention to the new cell phone policy which is attached to the end of this newsletter?

I wrote to all parents in August concerning the introduction of this policy which will come into effect from the beginning of the Lent term 2019. In simple terms, D Block are not allowed cell phones at all; C and B Block are allowed bricks (dumb phones) only; and A Block and above are allowed to bring smartphones. In B and C Block it is particularly important that your son's phone does not have internet capability – if it does he will not be allowed access to it. If you have any queries concerning the new policy please liaise directly with your son’s Housemaster.

I write to you at the end of a very busy couple of weeks which culminated in the Advent Carol service and the Marondera Schools’ Christmas concert, both of which took place in the school chapel last Sunday and Monday evenings respectively – they were excellent events. Term ended in style, last night, with the annual Christmas Dinner held in the Junior Dining Hall; it was a great occasion – good food, somewhat raucous singing and plenty of festive spirit. Many thanks to Kevan and Hettie Barbour and our wonderful House Matrons for hosting and organising the event.

As term comes to an end we inevitably say farewell to a number of staff. I must make special mention of Patience Mansfield who retires after 32 years of service to Peterhouse. I was delighted to present Patience with her Honours tie and brooch in the final School Assembly of the term. The citation for her award read as follows:

Patience Mansfield leaves us at the end of the term after 32 years of service. In that time she has been a renowned and illustrious maths teacher and for 15 years Head of Department; for 8 years the Housemaster of Ellis; and in addition, for as long as anyone can remember, she has run the Bridge Club, been our sports’ statistician and the school calendar supremo. Miss Mansfield was also Head of Careers for a very long time and she has spent many hours over many years running things in the Cricket Pavilion during weekend fixtures. Behind the scenes too, she has been of great assistance to many pupils, whether spending Sunday mornings and holidays patiently coaching panic stricken exam candidates, or washing and drying sports kit during wet muddy weekends, she has never turned away a pupil in genuine need. Patience has been one of the great School Masters of her generation – both feared and admired in equal measure by those she has taught and, without fail, she is sought out by Petreans when they visit Peterhouse. Her reputation is simply legendary and we will be much the poorer without her. Patience, on behalf of all those present but also on behalf of generations of pupils not here today, I thank you for the enormous contribution you have made to Peterhouse and I wish you joy and happiness in your well-earned retirement.

Looking ahead to next year, our 2019 School Prefects, led by Zivai Sinemani, have come up with a new Code of Honour, which I hope will set the tone for the school.

Code of Honour
Peterhouse boys will:
i. Be true to the principles of the Christian faith.
ii. Uphold the school’s core values – loyalty, decency, honesty, humility, service, self-sacrifice and respect.
iii. Uphold the good name and reputation of Peterhouse.
iv. Respect others’ views and beliefs.
v. Be trustworthy and reliable.
vi. Be well-presented, approachable and considerate.
vii. Have a positive “can do” attitude.
viii. Encourage and motivate each other.
ix. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
x. Use any experience of failure as a springboard to success.

The new code will be posted in strategic locations around the school. I commend our School Prefects on this initiative – it augurs well for next year.

As the festive season approaches we can reflect upon a highly successful Michaelmas term – thank you for your continued support, particularly in these somewhat challenging times.

I wish you and your children a very pleasant Christmas break.

Yours faithfully,

Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received your child’s fee statement, which reflects the balance outstanding as at the end of the Michaelmas Term, as well as the Fee Note for the Lent term 2019. If you have any queries regarding your statement, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can refer them to the relevant staff member or department. If you have made any payments which are not reflecting on your statement, please email us a copy of your proof of payment so that we can identify it in our Unclaimed Deposits and rectify our records accordingly.

Please note the following with respect to payments:

• ZIPIT payments continue to present us with difficulties, as we receive no reference which enables us to identify who they are for. It is imperative that we receive a copy of your ZIPIT payment as soon as it has been made, in order for us to identify it.

• If you are using Cabs School Card to pay your fees, please send us a copy of your slip when you have paid us using your Cabs School Card, as we only receive the settlement advices from CABS after 24 hours, and this may delay you receiving your Fee Clearance Letter.

• If you are using Credfin to pay your fees, please send us a signed copy of the Agreement with Credfin with the page that reflects the amount Credfin will be paying Peterhouse. This will enable us to send your Fee Clearance Letter before we receive the settlement from Credfin.

• If you require a payment plan for your school fees, please contact either of the following:
o Cabs School Card – Olivia Ndebele Tel: 04-852351-55 ext 2013) or
o Credfin - Bev Wright Tel: 442737 / 442902 / 481003)

• Payment plans are also available from the School, but must be requested via email to myself, however I urge parents not to leave it to the first day of school to contact me.

• Please note that with immediate effect a discount of a 67% is offered towards the balance on your fee statement where payment is made by Telegraphic Transfer and/or USD cash (this is in effect a 200% premium on the USD payment). The USD NOSTRO bank account details can be found on the statement that you have by now received.

• Parents may also fix the school fee for the term, or for 2019, by paying the following in USD per term.
o US$1,420 - SVH Day Scholar
o US$2,370 - SVH Boarder
o US$1,760 - PHG Day Scholar
o US$2,950 - PHG/PHB Boarder

The Accounts Department will be open this holiday from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, except from 1pm Friday 21st December to 8am Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

We no longer send in a representative to Harare prior to the beginning of term. Parents are urged to send us a copy of their payments via email to a member of the Accounts Department, in order for us to identify their payment and respond with a Fee Clearance Letter.

We will only begin to email out Fee Clearance Letters on Thursday 3rd January 2019, to those who have cleared their account in full.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and peaceful New Year with your children and look forward to having them back with us on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Kind regards,

Mark Whitaker


1.1 Congratulations to the following boys who qualified for Commendations in the Term Mark Order:

E/B David Mortleman 
E/B Sean Rogers 
F/B Zvikomborero Charera 
F/B Charles Moscrop 
G /B Tweende Sinemani 
G /C Takudzwa Dzingai 
G /C Craig Shoko 
G /C Tinotenda Sinamane 
P/C Anotida Nhondova 
E/D Hayden Grant 
E/D Mufaro Mukonoweshuro 
E/D Mtandazo Nyashanu 
F/D Nyasha Chakumhara
F/D TJ Gwaziwa
F/D Dyllan Koke
F/D Stephen Molife
F/D Tanaka Mutandwa
G/D Anthony Kahwa
G/D Kuzivakwashe Khuleya
G/D Harry Orphanides
G/D Tyler van Rooyen
P/D Liam Kirkman
S/D Joseph Hildebrand
S/D Akanaka Sachikonye


2.1 Calendar Dates 2019

1st Term
Begins Tuesday 8 January
D Block pupils arrive at 14.30
Boarders return by 17.30
Lessons begin Wednesday 9 January 2019 at 7.45am
1st Fixture Free Friday 25 - Monday 28 January
Half-Term Wednesday 20 - Tuesday 26 February
3rd Fixture Free Friday 15 – Monday 18 March
Ends Thursday 11 April
(Easter: 19 – 22 April)

2nd Term
Begins Monday 6 May
1st Fixture Free Friday 24 - Monday 27 May
Half-Term Thursday 20 - Tuesday 25 June
3rd Fixture Free Friday 12 - Monday 15 July
Ends Thursday 8 August

3rd Term
Begins Monday 9 September
1st Fixture Free Friday 27 - Monday 30 September
Half-Term Thursday 17 - Tuesday 22 October
3rd Fixture Free Friday 15 - Monday 18 November
Ends Thursday 5 December

1st Term 2020
Begins Tuesday 14 January 2020

2.2 Far and Wide Report
While a great many of Zimbabwe’s post IGCSE pupils head out to party, the Peterhouse pupils embark on the Far and Wide experience in the Nyanga Mountains. For some the FOMO of not being on ‘O Break’ still batters their attitude! But, for the vast majority these days, the Far and Wide experience has become a healthy part of tradition at Peterhouse, and is one they look forward to for many reasons: building relationships has come to be the cornerstone of the trip, but many pupils learn a lot about the strength of diversity in groups, particularly how the opposite sex’s strengths usually counter their own gender’s weaknesses. All pupils grow in self-awareness; develop resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness. Everyone leaves with a sense of pride in some aspect of their accomplishment. This year all the participants experienced the newly built skywalks: one 30m and another 90m across the Mtarazi Falls.

We had two options again this year:
Firstly we had 32 trekkers on the Turaco Trail (56km). It is one of the most beautiful trails that Zimbabwe has to offer, encompassing two magnificent river systems – the Pungwe and the Gairezi with Mount Nyangani in the middle. For the first time ever we had fantastic sunny weather throughout the hike, so the trekkers got to walk through the indigenous forests and Nyanga bush in glorious sunlight. Evenings were completed with leadership tasks and reflections on these, as well as the day’s activities.

The other group did the traditional Leadership Camp at Far and Wide. On arrival at the campsite they were welcomed by Bernie Cragg. The bus was unpacked and the children were immediately divided into teams. Friends were separated and most found themselves teamed up with new and unfamiliar peers. Activities required both mental and physical strength and groups had to work as teams in order to achieve. As they learnt to be patient and encourage one other, they overcame their fears and most tasks were completed. It was interesting to see the 6Cs come into play, and for the children to realise from experience how important these are. This group also had to complete the 3 day Gorge Walk (a tough section of the Turaco Trail).

We thank Far and Wide and especially the Cragg family who work tirelessly to make this programme a success for us. Thanks also go to the following staff for their support during the programme: Ms Rinashe, Ms Barrie, Dr Hildebrand, Mrs Cordy, Miss Bryer, Miss Tawengwa, Mr Banda, Mr de Kock, Mr Mpofu and Mrs Shoesmith.

Andrew Shoesmith and Chipo Mtakwa.
i/cs Outdoor Education.

2.3 From the Sanatorium
Please be reminded that:
? boys returning from medical absence must report to the Sanatorium first with a copy of documentation for the Sanatorium file.
? boys returning to school with medicine of any sort need to take this to the Sanatorium.


3.1 Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
Munashe Chibgwe and Adrian Burl have earned their Bronze Awards.
Alan Mawande has earned his Silver Award.

Special congratulations to Rindai Machokoto, he is the 6th Peterhouse Boy to have earned his Gold Award this year.

3.2 Hellenic Forms 1 and 2 Debating Tournament
In the preliminary rounds the D Block team beat Chisipite,
St. John's College and Hellenic; the C Block team beat Arundel Team 1, Lomagundi and Arundel Team 2.

That meant that our D Block and C Block teams competed against each other and overall, our C Block team came 1st out of 16 teams with 74% and our D Block team came 2nd out of 16 teams with 60%.

D Block team: Kuziwa Khuleya (Captain), Dyllan Khoke and Robert Musavaya

C Block team: Anotida Nhondova (Captain), Tadiwanashe Matara and Nigel Mushayavanhu.

3.3 Interact
The eight 2019 Interact Board members completed the Shoebox Challenge of 2018. Enough stationery was donated by pupils in all three schools to fill 160 shoeboxes. These shoeboxes were given to pupils of St Francis, and other pupils in schools in Rusape and Harare. There were smiles of appreciation on the faces of the St Francis children as they received their boxes from pupils at Springvale, Peterhouse Girls and Peterhouse Boys this week.

The Interact Club thanks all pupils of the Peterhouse Group for their generous donations.

3.4 Kukura Neshungu 2018 Report
The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate and to make a difference.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Kukura Neshungu Club had a couple of fundraising functions earlier this year and raised in excess of $2,600. From these proceeds, the club donated $2,000 towards the much needed repair of the gutters at Kukura Neshungu home in Dombotombo Township in Marondera.

The Club also successfully sourced 35 tracksuits for the staff as well as the pupils of Kukura Neshungu. The Club members were inspired by the words of mother Theresa to help the physically and mentally challenged boys of Kukura Neshungu when she wrote: Love is not patronising, and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same - with charity you give love, so don’t just give money and material things but reach out your hand instead.

The Kukura Neshungu club would like to express our heartfelt gratitude towards the unwavering support we received from the school during our fund raising exercises.

3.5 World Scholars Cup Tournament of Champions (WSC)
Six boys participated at the WSC at Yale University in November. They competed alongside representatives from 52 countries in various activities that ranged from team debating, collaborative writing, the scholars challenge and the quiz on the theme of 2018 An Entangled World

The Senior team consisted of Tristan Fraser Bell, Takudzwa Dzingai and Kavwanga Lintini.

Tristan Fraser Bell was awarded a Silver medal for Challenge Special area, Silver medal for Writing and Gold medal and trophy for being the country’s Top Scholar.

Takudzwa Dzingai was awarded gold for Challenge History.

Kavwanga Lintini was awarded Silver Medal for Debate.

The Junior team consisted of Anotida Nhondova, Tadiwanashe Matara and Nigel Mushayavanhu.

This team was awarded a trophy and gold medals for being the best junior team in Africa and Silver medals for Team Writing.

Anotida Nhondova was awarded a Gold medal for being the country’s top scholar and Silver medal for Challenge History and the Scholar’s Challenge.

Tadiwanashe Matara was awarded a Silver medal for Debate and Gold medal for Individual Essay Writing.

Nigel Mushayavanhu was awarded Silver medals for Challenge Arts and the Special Area subjects.

3.6 Results

Quiz St George’s Inter-Schools’ Quiz competition
Peterhouse A team came 3rd out of 12 teams. Peterhouse B team came 6th out of 10. Overall Peterhouse came 5th out of the 12 schools.

Interhouse Quiz results
Ellis won the 2018 Inter house Quiz with Grinham as runner up.

Robotics Robotics Competition Report
The Peterhouse boys’ Robotics Club took part in the 2018 First Lego League (FLL) at Hellenic Sports Club in Harare on Friday 30 November. The theme for this year was ‘Into Orbit’.

There were 11 participating schools and out of that Peterhouse Boys overall came 4th.

The competition had two categories: the robotics challenge competition and secondly the design project category. Our boys managed to take part in these two categories and each was awarded an ‘Into Orbit’ token of participation.

The boys are:
Tristan Fraser-Bell, Kenan Callaghan, Tavonga Nyoka, Donnel Mutambanengwe, Karl Makuvaro, Mukudzei Nyarufuro, Ashley Mlambo, Dean Mutandiro and Ashleigh Mtongwiza.


4.1 Results

Basketball vs St John’s P8 W2 L6 1st Team Lost 22 – 40
vs Falcon P3 W2 L1
vs Watershed P4 W2 L2 1st Team Lost 40 – 32
U20 Hillcrest Tournament P5 W3 L2

Cricket The ‘Macmillan Cup’ awarded to the ‘Best All Round Cricketer’ of the year
This year’s winner:
• took 22 wickets at an average of 9 and economy rate of 2.99
• best bowling of 4 for 10
• scored 370 runs at an average of 53
• top score of 211
• was voted Best Batsman at both the Falcon 6’s and the Lomagundi Super 8’s tournaments
Congratulations to this year’s winner – Ross Mills

vs Lomagundi 8s P5 W4 L1
Hexagonal Tournament P9 W7 L2
vs Hellenic P3 W2 L1
Peterhouse Staff vs Hwedza PH staff won by 20 runs defending 219

Fishing Five of our boys have been chosen to represent the Zimbabwe National Bass Federation, junior team. They following will be fishing in a test against South Africa at Darwendale dam from the 5th to the 10th of December 2018:

Kirk Barnes (Captain), Michael Benade, Bradley Bingley, Dhilin Goven and Steven Saul.

Karate Zimbabwe Champion of Champions held at Harare Sports Centre Saturday 1st December.

Congratulations to the following who participated in the competition and received the following medals:

Vasheel Solanky
Bronze Medal for Kumite

Rufaro Hoto
Bronze Medal for Kumite

Liam Kirkman
Gold Medal for Kata
Bronze Medal for Kumite

Rowing CBC Sprint Regatta on Mazowe Dam
• David Rogers came first in the Men's A Single over 2000m.
• Josh Eggersglusz and Joel Royston came first in the Men's D Double.
• Reagan Evans and Emmanuel Nyamupingidza came first in the Men's C Double.
• Josh Eggersglusz, David Bailey, Kunashe Mutabeni, Joel Royston and Thomas Gray (cox) came first in the Men's D quad.

Squash Mashonaland Junior Championships results
U/14 Harry Orphanides 6th out of 18
U/16 Muzuva Gutu 5th out of 16
U/19 Tristian Barron 8th out of 16

Swimming Seven of our boys took part in the Mashonaland Swimming Championships held in Harare over the weekend. They took various events and did extremely well.

Brandon Rouse: Won a total of 7 medals – 2 individual Gold medals and 1 Gold
for relay, 1 Silver medal in individual events and 2 Silver medals for relays and 1 bronze for individual race

Paolo Marucchi: Won 2 medals - 1 Silver and 1 Bronze for relay

Martin Hakunavanhu: Won 1 Bronze medal for individual race

Paul Retzlaff: Won 8 medals – 1 Gold for individual race and 1 Gold for a
relay, 3 Silver medals 1 for individual race and 2 Silvers for relay.

Kyle Saywood: Won 1 Gold for relay event, 1 Silver for individual event, 1 Bronze for individual event and special mention for doing the 3000m swim.

Felix Le Boulenge: Won 3 Silver medals and 1 Bronze for individual races.

Keenan Callaghan: Won 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals for relays, and 1 Bronze for
individual race

Congratulations to Brandon Rouse who has been selected to represent Botswana in Swimming, he will participate in the AUSA Region 5 U20 Youth Games in Botswana.

Brandon Rouse, Paolo Marucchi, Martin Hakunavanhu, Paul Retzlaf, Kyle Saywood, Felix Le Boulenge and Keenan Callaghan took part in the Mashonaland Swimming Championships in Harare over the weekend. They were outstanding and won various events.

Triathlon Boys 14 – 15 F Quarter Race
George Ascott came 1st
Keith Elliott came 3rd

Volleyball vs St John’s Emerald Hill (U15/U16) P2 W2 1st Team rained off
vs Wisetech College (U15/U16) P2 W2
vs St George’s P3 W2 L1

Waterpolo At St John’s P9 W5 L4

Cell phone policy (PHB & PHG)

The purpose of this policy is to govern pupils’ use of and security of cell phones (and other similar devices) at Peterhouse. It is made with the best intentions for the pupils’ wellbeing and to take account of their requirements for essential communications.

General conditions governing use of cell phones
At the beginning of every term all phones of any kind must be registered with the Housemaster/Housemistress for security purposes. Any new phones brought into school during the year must be added to the register.

No cell phone is allowed out of the House unless (with the permission of a coach/Housemaster/Housemistress) it is needed when travelling home or on a long distance sporting fixture. If a cell phone is being used whilst travelling it will be entirely at the coach’s discretion and pupils must maintain appropriate cell phone etiquette in public (e.g. pupils should not alight from a bus with earphones/talking on the phone etc.).

The use of cell phones is prohibited at any school fixture. Pupils can use their phone once the fixture is completed to contact parents.
Pupils are not automatically entitled to have access to a cell phone; i.e. if deemed appropriate ( part of a disciplinary sanction) access may be denied by the school.

The school regards the posting of inappropriate or indecent material on social media as a serious disciplinary offence which will lead to disciplinary action. No pupil may use their phone (or other device) to record (audio or visual) any other person without the prior consent of that person.

Use of cell phones:

5th and 6th Form
5th and 6th Form are:
i. allowed to use their phones in the House only subject to the following restriction:
a. phones will be handed in after prep (21.00) Sunday to Thursday (phones will be returned to the pupils at roll call the following morning).

A, B, C Block
A block, B block and C block pupils are:
i. allowed to use their phones in the House only, subject to the following restrictions:
a. The type of phones allowed:
i. A block pupils are allowed smartphones
ii. B Block and C Block are allowed bricks only
iii. International pupils are allowed to have access to a smartphone for travel to/from school (on arrival at school the phone should be handed in to the pupil’s Housemaster/Housemistress)
b. Access to their phones (smart or brick phones):
i. Weekdays.
• Phones can be signed out by pupils at 13.30 on Tuesday and 15.30 on Thursday.
• Phones must be handed in by 19.00 (evening roll call) on the same day.
ii. Weekends.
• Friday: Phones can be signed out by pupils going on a floating or an away sporting fixture. Pupils attending a sports’ fixture are required to hand in their phone on their return to PH on Friday evening.
• Saturday: Phones can be signed out by pupils at Saturday morning roll call and must be handed back on Sunday evening roll call.
ii. Phones must be handed in prior to any prep session.
iii. Phones are locked in the House office and safe facility at all other times.

D Block
D Block pupils are:
i. not permitted any cell phone (brick or smart phone) whilst at school.
ii. International pupils are allowed to have access to a smartphone for travel to/from school (on arrival at school the phone should be handed in to the pupil’s Housemaster/Housemistress)

Neither the School nor its employees are responsible for any valuables, including cell phones that are brought to school.

Pupils in breach of the guidelines above will be subject to the full range of disciplinary sanctions depending on the nature of the offence.

More specifically the following sanctions will apply:
i. if a cell phone is used outside of the House at School, it may be confiscated for a period of 3 weeks. For a second offence, the cell phone may be confiscated for a period of 6 weeks;
ii. if the pupil is seen using a phone during an away sporting fixture, it will be confiscated until the end of the fixture; and
iii. pupils using mobile devices for posting of inappropriate or indecent material risk losing the cell phone privilege altogether and being sanctioned according other relevant school policies.

Pupils in possession of second or illegal devices will have the device confiscated, and lose above cell phone privileges for three months on a first offence and a year on the second offence.