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Peterhouse Boys

Newsletter FFW



Thursday 11 March 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I write to you at the end of a very long but highly successful term. There have, of course, been a few blips along the way (not surprising in an organisation of this size) but, in general, we can all be delighted with all that has been achieved.

Last Friday evening we hosted this year’s Eisteddfod Highlights concert; it was a thoroughly entertaining event – 65 minutes of almost non-stop music performed by musicians of all ages assisted by a couple of numbers from Watershed College; many congratulations to all concerned and a particular word of thanks to our music teachers, Theresa Covini, Milupi Imbula and Kudzaishe Rufasha, who have worked tirelessly this term.

On Saturday the annual Interhouse Athletics Relay Competition took place. It was a tight run contest between Snell and Paget with the latter coming out on top; well done to all concerned. I must make mention of the Malvern C Block quartet of Ngoni Majari, Anotida Nyamudoka, Kudzaiishe Shamu and Tanatswa Mpofu who broke the 4 x 100m, 4 x 200m and 4 x 400m record (which had stood since 1993) – very well done to them.

On Sunday we hosted the 2019 Petrean Sports’ Day – it was a wonderful festival of sport and entertainment, bigger than ever before and put together largely by Corralee Greeff, our Development Officer. Many thanks to Corralee, the Petrean committee and all involved.

The 2018 school magazine has just been published – it is a heavyweight publication which illustrates just how much we do and how much is achieved at Peterhouse Boys, Peterhouse Girls and Springvale House; many thanks to Janeen de Kock and the editorial team who completed the process of putting the magazine together (the process had been started by Sue van Heerden).

I wish you all a very pleasant Easter break.

Yours faithfully,

Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received your child’s fee statement, which reflects the balance outstanding as at the end of the Lent Term, as well as the Fee Note for the Trinity Term 2019. If you have any queries regarding your statement, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can refer them to the relevant staff member or department before school closes. If you have made any payments which are not reflecting on your statement, please email us a copy of your proof of payment so that we can identify it in our Unclaimed Deposits and rectify our records accordingly.
Please note the following with respect to payments:
• ZIPIT payments continue to present us with difficulties, as we receive no reference enabling us to identify who they are for. It is imperative that we receive a copy of your ZIPIT payment as soon as it has been made, in order for us to identify it.
• If you are using Cabs School Card to pay your fees, please send us a copy of your slip when you have paid us using your Cabs School Card, as we only receive the settlement advices from CABS after 24 hours, and this may delay you receiving your Fee Clearance Letter.
• If you are using Credfin to pay your fees, please send us a signed copy of the Agreement with Credfin with the page that reflects the amount Credfin will be paying Peterhouse. This will enable us to send your Fee Clearance Letter before we receive the settlement from Credfin.
• If you require a payment plan for your school fees, please contact either of the following:
o Cabs School Card – Melissa Madzana or Olivia Tsikayi Tel: Tell:(04)852351-55 (extension 2048/2008/2049) or
o Credfin – Dale Jackson Tel: 442737 / 442902 / 481003)
o Payment plans are also available from the School, but must be requested via email to myself, I urge parents not to leave it to the first day of school to contact me. Please note that I am away returning on the 28th so will only be able to respond at that time.
• Please note a discount of a 75% is offered on the $RTGS school fee for ALL Telegraphic Transfers and USD cash payments to the school’s $US NOSTRO account, the details of which can be found on the fee statement. This equates to a 300% premium on all $US payments.
• Parents may also fix the school fee for the Trinity term, or for the remainder of 2019, by paying the following in USD per term.

o US$1,510 - SVH Day Scholar
o US$2,515 - SVH Boarder
o US$1,870 - PHG Day Scholar
o US$3,130 - PHG/PHB Boarder

If you would like to take up the option to fix your fees, please email Sue Heathcote to inform her and attach your proof of payment. Any balances owing from the Lent Term, as well as the Trinity sundry charges on your statement, will need to be settled in addition to the payment for fixing your fees, which may be settled in RTGS. If they are included in the US$ payment, the 75% discount will be applied.
The Accounts Department will be open this holiday from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, except from 1pm Friday 12th April to 8am Tuesday 23rd April 2019.
Examination Fees for those writing in May/June are due in full in US$ before the beginning of next term. Invoices have been emailed to those concerned.
We will only begin to email out Fee Clearance Letters on Thursday 25th April 2019, to those who have cleared their account in full.
I would like to wish you all a lovely holiday with your children and look forward to having them back with us on Tuesday 7th May 2019.

Kind regards

Mark Whitaker


1.1 Cambridge High Achievers Awards
The following pupils have won awards for their results in the November 2018 examination series, and will receive their awards at a gala occasion at Cresta Lodge on 23rd May.

Felix Le Boulenge High Achievement in AS French Language
Michelle Mwenje Top in Zimbabwe in A level English Language
Angus Fergusson Top in Zimbabwe in AS Design and Technology
Ian Fowlds Top in Zimbabwe in AS Literature in English

1.2 Congratulations to the following boys who qualified for Commendations in the Term Mark Order:

E/VI Praise Jaravani 
F/VI Tinashe Timba 
P/VI Thabiso Molai 
G/V Nigel Chiwara 
E/A Travis Arnold 
E/A David Mortleman 
E/A Sean Rogers 
F/A Zvikomborero Charera 
F/A Charles Moscrop 
F/A Anesu Mutandwa 
G /A Tweende Sinemani 
G /A Mufwa Zimba 
P/A Hritik Kala 
E/B Connor Burdett 
G /B Takudzwa Dzingai 
M/B Kuzivakwashe Mawoyo 
F/C TJ Gwaziwa 
F/C Dyllan Koke 
F/C Takunda Mhete 
F/C Mufaro Mukonoweshuro
G/C Tyler Van Rooyen
M/C Tanatswa Mpofu
P/C Mudiwa Doro
P/C Liam Kirkman
S/C Joseph Hildebrand
S/C Akanaka Sachikonye
S/C Sean Sagonda
E/D James Nyanhongo
F/D Tafara Chakumhara
F/D Shijie Li
F/D Tanaka Kondo
F/D Tavonga Mhuriro
G/D Dhaneel Goven
G/D Will Kunatsa
M/D Tinashe Makuchete
P/D Munashe Gara
S/D Kundai Gurajena
S/D Tinaye Mangana

1.3 Mock Examinations - A Block, V Form and VI Form
If your son is in A Block, V Form or VI Form, he will be sitting Mock examinations from Monday 10th June. Subject teachers will have set holiday work to assist in the preparation for these exams, so please assist us by ensuring that your son has the time and a suitable work-space for him to do all the work thoroughly. In addition to carrying out the work set, he should also of course be revising each day, to ensure that he is thoroughly prepared for the examinations ahead.

1.4 Poetry Slam
The Peterhouse Boys’ English Department hosted a very successful ‘Poetry Slam’ on Thursday 4th April in the Megahey Centre. Here twenty-eight young poets from Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls wrote and presented their poems to an audience and a panel of judges (Mr R. Hanly and Mrs T. Kapuya). The poems were insightful and a lot of planning went into the recitations. The boys and girls gave an entertaining performance and the audience was both supportive and involved in the proceedings. Mr S Davy kept the programme flowing with his witty anecdotes and heartfelt - often very funny - renditions of famous poetry.

Winners of the Competition are:
Juniors: 1st Munesushe Mushosho with 82 points for her poem ‘Ambition’.
Runner Up: TJ Gaziwa 72 points for his poem ‘Ambition’.

Middles: 1st Shaune Uriri 80 points for his poem ‘Keeping up with the Pack’.
Runner Up: Deborah Davy 77 points for her poem ‘Keeping up with the Pack’.

Seniors: 1st Mati Hove with 81 points for her poem ‘Awake’.
Runner Up: Anesu Mhete with 78 points for her poem ‘Awake’.


2.1 Calendar Dates 2019

Trinity (2nd Term)
Begins Tuesday 7th May
Boarders return by 17.00
Lessons begin Wednesday 8th May
1st Fixture Free Friday 24th - Monday 27th May
Half-Term Thursday 20th - Tuesday 25th June
3rd Fixture Free Friday 12th - Monday 15th July
Ends Thursday 8th August

Michaelmas (3rd Term)
Begins Tuesday 10th September
1st Fixture Free Friday 27th - Monday 30th September
Half-Term Thursday 17th - Tuesday 22nd October
3rd Fixture Free Friday 15th - Monday 18th November
Ends Thursday 5th December

Lent (1st Term 2020)
Begins Tuesday 14th January 2020

2.2 Drama
It has been a productive term in the Peterhouse Drama Department this term with the Peterhouse Girls kicking off with some exquisite Interhouse Plays. Thank you to the girls and to Mrs Bronkhorst for their efforts.

Towards the end of May next term (29th – 31st May and 1st June) the Peterhouse Girls Seniors will put on Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ and we look forward to watching this talented bunch of girls perform on stage. We also hope to host Rory Kilalea’s troupe, iThemba Academy, next term as they perform ‘Macbeth’ (a set IGCSE text) here at Peterhouse.

Musical auditions for ‘Once On This Island’ were held this term, the cast and crew have been published and the first read-through done, all in preparation for what is hopefully a successful production in the Trinity Term. Save the dates from the 24th – 27th July for what is sure to be a spell-binding experience. More information to follow next term.

Some boys and girls visited Chisipite and Hellenic to watch their plays ‘Girls Like That’ and ‘Great Expectations’ respectively. They were both captivating shows and we thank both schools for accommodating us. There is always much to be learnt from watching one another’s school productions.
The Speech and Drama Festival is coming up next term and we look forward to quality pieces. Please encourage your children, if they are that way inclined, to think about entering. The deadline for entries is in the third week of term.

Boys will be able to sign up for drama sessions starting next term, and both boys and girls may sign up specifically to join the stage and technical crews should they wish to do so. The afternoon activities schedules detail which sessions are available for these.
For any drama queries please email


3.1 Eisteddfod top results

Senior Boys Choir B - 1st plus

VIth Form Boys’ Ensemble - Honours
Vth Form Boys’ Ensemble - Honours
A Block Boys’ Ensemble - 1st Grade

Vocal Solos
Charles Moscrop - Honours
Praise Jaravani - 1st Plus
Mahlon Muzhiki - 1st Grade

Eisteddfod Highlights concert
The Eisteddfod Highlights concert took place last Friday evening; 65 minutes of musical entertainment was enjoyed by all those present.

Many thanks to Mr Mpofu for acting as Master of Ceremonies and to our music teachers, Mrs Covini, Mr Imbula, Daniel Delfino and Kudzaishe Rufasha for their input.

Thanks too to Mrs Shoesmith, Mr Barbour and Mr de Kock for taking charge of the logistics. It was a fabulous evening. Well done to all concerned.

3.2 Gavel Club 2019
The Gavel Club is open to 6th Form pupils only.

Peterhouse fully subscribes to the Gavel Club and pays a membership fee to be part of this International Association, which is based in America. This is a legitimate school-based club that teaches pupils essential public speaking and presentation skills as well as general decorum and self-discipline. Mr Edson Banda is responsible for the running of this Club which meets every Wednesday evening in Week A, in the Hodgson Room. He has appointed the following group of gentlemen to run this Club for 2019:

President: Tinashe Timba
Secretary: Tabhiso Molai
Treasurer: Ian Fowlds
Public Relations Officer: Tadiwanashe Ditima
Sargent at Arms: Sashil Goven

3.3 History Society
The History Society travelled to Macheke in March with Mr S Walraven and Mr R Hanly to visit some San bushman rock paintings and Bantu Zimbabwe-style ruins. The boys made educated assumptions on the symbolism of the paintings they saw and engaged in a spirited debate on the nature of the hunter-gatherer societies vs our own post-industrial existence. It was fantastic day out culminating with a visit to an exceedingly unique 2m high painting of a battle scene on a rock face. The area left much to be explored and the Society plans on revisiting Macheke in the Trinity Term. A big thank you from the boys to the Bailey family for opening up their farm to us and especially their swimming pool after a hot day out trekking!

3.4 Kukura Ne Shungu Report (Munashe Rushwaya)
Though-out first term 2019, Kukura neShungu has been a success. Our two events combined ( the Movie Night and Junior Social) have been the highlights of our fundraising efforts, generating close to $5,000 in funds, with the movie night making $2,600 and the Social making $2,100. We intend to use this money to ensure that the lives of our friends at Kukura neShungu are made better by the generosity and love of the Peterhouse Group of Schools. Our fundraising, though successful, however has not been our best experience. The simple ability to change someone’s life by your presence and make them feel loved is something that we have been blessed with. Because it is a voluntary club, it is difficult to get people to join but with the dedicated people we have already, we continue to put our best foot forward and change the world by helping others.

Special thanks go to Mr R Chiminya for his never-ending support and aid. He has been instrumental in our success, and in our quest to put smiles on the faces of every single individual at Kukura ne Shungu.

3.5 Pecha Kucha 2019
Members of this Club are in VIth Form. Pecha Kucha is means ‘chit chat’ in Japanese. People in over 900 cities around the world meet up at various venues to listen to various Pecha Kucha presentations. This world renown, highly visual, exciting but prescriptive presentation technique is a great way to represent what the person is passionate about. It is more relaxed than the Gavel Club structure but still has strict rules and high expectations on the quality and delivery of each speech.

Anyone in VIth Form is welcome to attend these gatherings, with Peterhouse Girls, every month on a Wednesday night in Week B, in the Megahey Centre. There is a rotation on who runs the meetings each night – ably demonstrated by Rufaro Hoto and Tawanda Chauruka so far this term.

3.6 World Scholars Cup Regional Round at Hellenic Academy (Blessing Masawi)
The Zimbabwe Regional round of the World Scholars’ cup was held during the FFW hosted by Hellenic Academy.

The Peterhouse delegation consisted of 14 teams (44 pupils in total). 12 of the 14 teams qualified for the Global Round to be held in The Hague, Netherlands, later this year.

Each team had to complete various activities (Collaborative Writing, Debating, Quiz) which were centred on the theme of ‘A World on the Margins’. Three Peterhouse pupils were invited to debate in front of everyone, on the motion ‘That all teenagers should spend one year without electricity.’ One can imagine how emotive that debate got!

The following trophies were awarded:
3rd in the Team Scholars’ Challenge Quiz
Nigel Mushayavanhu, Anotida Nhondova and Tapiwanashe Matara

3rd in the Team Scholars Bowl (Team Analysis and Quiz)
Brendon Fraser-Bell, Tinotenda Ziko and Tinotenda Sinemani

Takudzwa Dzingai was awarded a gold medal for being the Top Scholar in the Arts Challenge.

3.7 Zimbabwe Model United Nations (ZIMUN) (Mudiwa Manikai)
Nineteen of the Peterhouse Model United Nations members were invited to the annual ZIMUN conference from Thursday the 14th to Saturday the 16th of March. This is the biggest Model United Nations Conference held in Zimbabwe and we were honoured to be a part of it. The theme of this year’s ZIMUN was ‘A World Crisis’. It was of utmost importance for each team to embark on comprehensive research on the foreign policies and recent news of our designated nations. We had to find the real world scenario pertaining to the topic of discussion in each committee. It took us weeks to prepare for this conference.

The three days were full of intense discussions in which we tried to solve world problems as best and as fairly as possible - just as the United Nations would do. We were also privileged to be entertained by Amara Brown who was the special guest as well as the Key Note Speaker Fred Swaniker, who talked on the importance of building Africa as a continent.

Well done to all those who participated in the conference and represented Peterhouse. Special congratulations to Kudakwashe Mapesa who chaired the Environmental Commission and Rufaro Hoto who chaired twice, once in the Human Rights Commission and again in the Crisis Committee. Each room consists of 160 delegates, which is six times the size of a normal room. Mufaro Mungoni was selected as the most promising delegate in the advisory panel.

3.8 Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Congratulations to Kadin Eksteen for earning his Silver Award.

3.9 Results

Bridge vs Peterhouse Girls
Won 2 and lost 1

vs Prince Edward:
Won 2 and lost 1

Mashonaland Pairs Tournament
This tournament was held in Harare on Sunday 7th April 2019, with 7 schools competing. The winners of the trophy were Peterhouse First Couple Ian Fowlds and Tatenda Nyakonda.
Sandile and Wandile Ncube came 7th out of 16 A Team pairs.
In the B Team Room, Dylan Mawire and Kyle Saywood came 3rd out of 16 couples and Munotida Marimirofa and James Edwards came 5th.

Chess vs St John's
Seniors won 4 – 2
Juniors lost 2 – 4

vs Arundel
Seniors won 5 -1
Juniors lost 2 – 4
Seniors must be commended for another brilliant performance

Debate Interhouse Debate Finals

Juniors: Paget beat Founders: Paget - 72%; Founders - 61%.

The Best Junior Speakers:
1st - Shaune Uriri (Paget) 75%.
2nd - Tadiwa Ndiraya (Paget) 72%.
3rd - Hritik Kala (Paget) 66%.

Seniors: Founders beat Ellis: Founders - 75%, Ellis - 65%.

The Best senior speakers:
1st - Charles Moscrop (Founders) 84%.
2nd - Praise Jaravani (Ellis) 83% .
3rd - Mukudzeishe Nyamarebvu (Founders) 82%.

vs Watershed
Seniors: Peterhouse lost: Peterhouse - 69%; Watershed - 75%.
Rufaro Hoto was the Second Best Speaker with 75%.

Juniors: Peterhouse won: Peterhouse - 76%; Watershed - 53%.
The Best Speaker was Hritik Kala with 85%.


4.1 Results

Archery Archery – Interschools competition at Hellenic
Six boys competed in the last interschools competition of the term on Sunday. They had a normal Bull’s Eye competition as well as a three Dimensional Target Competition. Our archers competed with the excellent archers from Peterhouse Girls and came 2nd out of 12 schools.

Individual archers also did well:

Paulo Marucchi – 290/300 – Bulls Eye Competition
Paulo Marucchi – 276/300 – 3D Competition

Xuan Zehong – 288/300 – Bulls Eye Competition
Xuan Zehong – 281/300 – 3D Competition

Athletics Half-Colours are awarded to Lionel Mhuriro, Takunda Makiwa, Tafadzwa Mahari and Abilio Antunes.

Districts Competition held at Peterhouse Boys
Takunda Makiwa Gold for U20 Shot Putt
Sean Mushohwe Gold U17 Discus
Sean Mushohwe Bronze u17 100m Hurdles
Ronald Chibowora Gold for U20 Triple Jump
Taine Smith Silver U17 Javelin

St George’s Athletics
1st Prince Edward 511
2nd St George’s 451
3rd Peterhouse Boys 438.5
4th St John’s 400.5
5th Lomagundi College 382.5

Outstanding performances
U14 - Tendai Mutwira 1st in the1,500m
Tapiwa Zhanda 1st in Shotput set a new record of 10.65m
U16 - Loyisi Mlingwa 1st in Discus
Alexander Simpson 1st in Shotput
U17 - Aiden Wellman 1st in long jump
U18 - Taine Smith 1st in Javelin
Abilio Antunes 1st in 1,500m
Abilio Antunes received a standing ovation from all spectators after beating the well-known PE athletes - Hofisi in 1,500m in a time of 4.28.73
U20 - Tafadzwa Mahari in 200m and 4X100m
Ronald Chibowora 1st U20 Triple Jump (13.96m)

National Athletics Championship held at MCC Gweru
Alexander Simpson won Gold in the shotput with a distance of 14.54m
Sean Mushowe won Silver in the U17 Discus.

Lomagundi Athletics Meeting
Outstanding performances were from the following boys;

U/14 - Tapiwa Zhanda 1st in Shotput
U/15 - Takunda Mhete 1st in Long jump
U/16 - Alexander Simpson 1st in Shotput (new record 14.9m)
U/18 - Abilo Antunes 1st 800m and 1500m
Andrew Rinomhota 1st in 110m hurdles
Sean Mushowe 1st in Discus
U/20 - Ronald Chibowora 1st in Triple Jump
Ronald has been selected to represent Zimbabwe in Africa – Youth Junior Championships from 16 to 20 April in Cote d’Ivoire.

Half-Colours awarded to Sean Mushowe, Andrew Rinomhota and Abilio Antunes.

Full-Colours awarded to Ronald Chibowora, Tafadzwa Mahari and Lionel Mhuriro.

Service Tie awarded to Crispen Mashingaidze for his dedication to the coaching of D block.

Interhouse Relays Results
1st Paget
2nd Snell
3rd Founders
4th Ellis and Grinham tied
6th Malvern

Many congratulations to the Malvern C Block quartet of Ngoni Majari, Anotida Nyamudoka, Kudzaiishe Shamu and Tanatswa Mpofu who broke the 4 x 100, 4 x 200 and 4 x 400 metres record

Basketball Half-Colours awarded to Mufaro Mungoni, David Chifamba and Zvikomborero Vheriwa.

Cross Country Half -Colours were awarded to Tinotenda Nyadundu.

Ironwill Congratulations to Keith Elliot who took part in Ironwill Competition held in the Matopos last weekend. Keith teamed up with his father, Trevor Elliot, and together they had to dig deep into their own strength, endurance and mental fortitude to complete the race and were well rewarded with their efforts by coming first.

First team: Focus on Matopos (Keith Elliott and Trevor Elliott.)
Second team: Scrambled Legs (Erin Elliott and Brett Elliott.)

Third: Belinda Soper and Mike Gray and
Fourth Graham Ross and his partner

Karate Half-Colours awarded to Rufaro Hoto.

Petrean Sports Day
1st Petrean Youngsters
2nd Petrean Old
3rd Peterhouse Boys

Peterhouse Boys lost 43 – 47

Peterhouse Boys won 3 – 1

Peterhouse boys won 30 – 20

Peterhouse Boys won 3 – 1

Very many thanks to all concerned but especially to Mrs Greeff, our Development Officer, for all that she did organising the event – it was bigger and better than ever before.

Rowing Full-Colours awarded to David Rogers.

Rugby vs Hellenic 7 Aside P12 W8 L4
Peterhouse 7s Tournament P14 W14

Squash Mashonaland Junior Squash Championships
U16 Age Group Rukudzo Midzi won Silver.
U13 Age Group Nick Anderson won Gold.
U14 Age Group Nick Anderson won Gold.

Tennis Half-Colours are awarded to Ethan Gillwald, Gamuchirai Madziyire, Tariro Mtetwa and Tristan Barron.

Mtandazo Nyashanu came First in the BTA Tennis Tournament that he played in last weekend.

Triathlon Over the weekend of 23rd March, Triathlon Zimbabwe sent a small team to Durban, to take part in the South Africa Triathlon Championships and Junior African Cup; three boys in the team were representatives of Peterhouse.

The results were as follows;

End of season Awards:
Keith Elliot - U/15 National trophy.
George Ascott - U/15 1st place National series points.
Marcel Paulser - U/19 3rd place National series points.

South African Championships Results

Super Sprint 14/15 year olds
Keith Elliot Bronze Medal
George Ascott 7th

Sprint 18/19 year olds
Marcel Paulser 15th
Mathew Palmer 23rd

Age Groupers Standard
Gideon Benade 7th

Volleyball Half-Colours Awarded to Takudzwa Mapfeka, Anesu Chiwara, Wandile Ncube and Sandile Ncube