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Peterhouse Boys

Newsletter FFW



Thursday 20 February 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Half-term has arrived and with it a welcome break from school routines, bells, classes and responsibilities. I hope that you all have a wonderful break and it offers you a chance to catch up with your sons and what has been a full and successful first half of term.

At the beginning of the term I shared with the school some thoughts around building a culture of respect in the school. My remarks were on two levels, firstly, on the various levels of respect and, secondly, using the letters in the word as an acronym for how we conduct ourselves in a respectful manner.

In unpacking respect with the school, I indicated that there were four fundamentals to developing healthy relationships. These were; respect for self; respect for others; respect for the community and lastly respect the environment in which you live. With these in mind the word respect could be interrogated further and each letter could be built into having a greater appreciation for the notion of respect. R relates to responsibility and the need to recognise that we are all responsible for our own actions. There are no dress rehearsals in life and we are required to make decisions for which we will be held accountable. There is a very close correlation between responsibility and accountability. E relates to ethical conduct: this talks to the way in which we make decisions and how we those conform to the community in which we live. The S is closely linked to our foundation as a school and refers to our spirituality. At Peterhouse we are extremely fortunate in that our Anglican heritage provides us with the foundations on which our values are determined and these, in turn, help us make wise and principled decisions. P is about pride; pride in ourselves and pride in the things that we do.

As a school we are blessed with the most incredible educational environment, one which has global stature. Built over decades this school has developed proud traditions which we are responsible for protecting, maintaining and building into the future. Linked to this is our desire to strive for excellence. Excellence on two levels. The first to achieve, individually, to the very best of our ability. This in turn, then translates into our collective understanding of excellence across the school. The C in respect talks to building character. Fundamental to what Peterhouse has done for generations is to build young men and women of character. This is not based on any curriculum but which is inherent in all that we do in the school. Strength of character is reflected in the manner in which we tackle and overcome challenge. Finally, and closely linked to the notion of character is the T for tenacity. This relates to the power of grit where success is built on perseverance and a sense that it is, at times, okay to fail. Some of our most creative ideas have been constructed out of failure. As the term unfolds each of this principles will be unpacked further with the school.

During the course of the last week the Mission Week team have been in the school sharing in the spiritual journey of many of our boys’. Their message “Yours is the Kingdom” played out in their conversations with groups around the school. Their stay culminated in in a “concert” in the Chapel which was well received by both the boys’ and girls’ of the school. In conversation with the Chaplain, visits to the school by groups like the Mission Week team helps to provide a variety of inputs into helping shape opinion and understanding. To this end Dave Martins has spoken to the senior end of the school around the topic of addiction. Given the growing trend towards vaping in Zimbabwean society he will sharing his wisdom around the pitfalls in experimenting with or becoming addicted to vaping. This forms part of our ongoing effort to adopt a more constructive and proactive approach to addressing issues which are of concern to the school.

While it has been a wet fortnight our sports programme has continued and there is in the Newsletter a very comprehensive set of results from a broad range of activities. We continue to enjoy many successes and it is pleasing to note the level of competitiveness shown by our sportsmen. Please note that this year we are, for the first time, having a combined boys’ and girls’ Sports Day on Sunday 1 March. We look forward to a bumper day of athletics and I would like to invite you to spend the day with us.

In closing, we are looking for another Junior Master in the school. Ideally, the Junior Master will be post university and between the ages of 21 - 24. Nevertheless, responsible and mature school leavers are considered. Junior Masters are employed on a contractual basis and in this case it would be to the end of 2020. Responsibilities are wide and varied which includes duties in boarding houses and coaching sport. Outdoor activities are also part of the Peterhouse curriculum. Junior Masters receive free board and lodging as well as a modest stipend. Applications accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae with two referees can be sent to the Rector's Secretary. 

As the busses head out of the gates can I take this opportunity to wish all our families a wonderful half-term. May there many stories, lots of fun and much laughter over the weekend.

Yours faithfully,

Jon Trafford


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received your child’s fee statement. If you have made a payment which is not reflecting, or have any queries regarding charges on your statement, please contact Lynn Khan or Juliette Kwesha as soon as possible, so that we can rectify our records.

Fee Clearance Letters were emailed to Parents on Tuesday 18th February for pupils who had a fee statement balance of ZWL5,000/US$200 (US$ figure is for non-resident US$ fee accounts) or less. Fee Clearance Letters were also issued for those pupils who have a balance greater than ZWL5,000/US$200, but are in line with their Payment Plans with Peterhouse. Please ensure that your child/ren do not return to school after the mid-term break without a Fee Clearance Letter.

Any queries regarding payment plans need to be directed to Stacey Baily.

It is vital that we always have up to date contact information for each pupil, so please check that the contact information at the bottom of your child’s statement is correct, and if any changes are to be made to them, please advise Sue Heathcote.

I would like to wish you all a lovely half-term weekend with your children.

Kind regards,

Mark Whitaker


1.1 Calendar Dates - 2020
Lent (1st) Term
Half-Term Thursday 20th – Tuesday 25th February
3rd Fixture Free Friday 13th – Monday 16th March
Ends Thursday 2nd April
(Easter: 10th – 13th April)

1.2 Interhouse Athletics
Please take note that the Interhouse Athletics this year will be combined with Peterhouse Girls and it will be held at Peterhouse Boys. In light of this there will be the following changes to the calendar;

(Closed Weekend)
Saturday 29th February
· 0900 PHB Interhouse Touch Rugby

Sunday 1st March
· 0800 PHG/ PHB Combined Interhouse Athletics

1.3 Conservation
There is a fly fishing weekend at Connemara on 28th, 29th February and 1st March – there will be coaching for beginners who may borrow a Peterhouse rod. Pupils will need to bring camping kit back after half term. Anyone interested, please add your name to the list in Room 17 where the notice is on the door about payment etc. 
There is also an Interschools Bass Bank Angling Competition on 8th March.   

1.4 D Block Basecamp, 2020
The Basecamp began on Tuesday 28 January, and by 3pm on Thursday 30 January we had 80 very tired, but mostly happy, D Block boys trudging back into Tinokura. They were short of the tuck procured prior to setting off, but not short of stories to tell, some of which I hope you have heard during the FFW!

The goal of the Basecamp is to help the boys come more together as teams, within their houses and within Tinokura as a year group.

1.5 Danish Cultural Exchange Visit 2020
As some of you may be aware, Peterhouse hosts pupils from Odsherreds Efterskole in Denmark every year in the Lent term as part of a Cultural Exchange Program. During these visits; a great deal of cultural and academic experiences are shared by pupils and teachers.

Other objectives of this program include:
• To expose our pupils to people from different cultural, religious, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds and in so doing provide the opportunity for pupils to develop a greater understanding of diversity-both in Africa and worldwide.

This year, a team of 22 Danes came to stay at Peterhouse and ‘buddies’ from our pupil body were allocated to them for the duration of their stay. The Danes loved Peterhouse and Zimbabwe. Some of the activities that they took part in are; a day visit to Imire, a full day guided visit of Harare and the surrounding areas and they also spent a night in our very own Gosho Park; where the PHB Introwise team outdid themselves by providing an authentic African braai. They did a morning visit to St Francis School and Musha we Vana Orphanage where they donated much needed school stationery.

A group of pupils from PHB and PHG will visit Denmark in April, 2020 as part of this exchange program. We have been invited to participate in their main school event; a Spring Festival from 31st March up to 7th April 2020.


2.1 Appointments

Head of Drama Dylan Matsika
Deputy Heads of Drama Nigel Chiwara and Mudiwa Manikai

Captain Tatenda Nyakonda

Captain Archibold Boka

2.2 Chapel
The Silver Service Tie is given to a pupil who gives of his time and energy over and above his normal routine.

James Weller is the recipient of this Service tie for his dedicated service to the Chapel for over four years. He started his service to the Chapel in his second term of D block and he has helped with Wednesday and Friday Services on a regular basis, as well as all congregational practices ever since. He does Eucharist and Evensong on the Sundays where he doesn’t have Rowing (or some other commitment) and started helping Mr. Mpofu with Christian Fellowship’s Sound and Display in B Block when he is here at school and not at some sporting fixture.

2.3 Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
Congratulations to Keith Mudzingwa for completing his Bronze Award.
Congratulations to Graeme Jackson for completing his Silver Award.

2.4 Leo Club visit to St Francis Primary School
A team of the Leo Club visited St Francis primary school on the 5th of February, 2020. We want to improve the standard of education of the children within this school. Many of them have parents who work for the Peterhouse Group of schools in various areas such as the grounds and in housekeeping. The Club donated a printer, reams of bond paper, counter books, pens, crayons, sharpeners, rulers. It was most encouraging to see our new members champion kindness in our community and actively working to improve the lives of those less privileged than them.

2.5 History Society Tour
Last Thursday the Peterhouse History Society travelled to the renowned San rock painting site known as Diana's Vow near Rusape. The boys made some inspired and well thought out interpretations of the paintings themselves, challenging common and layman understanding of a very complex and spiritual societal practice. Also at the site the boys stumbled on some Late Iron Age stone structures which raised many more questions than could be answered! The boys showed a great deal of maturity of mind and were impeccably well behaved and respectful while at the site. The Society remains dedicated to the exploration and understanding of the past around us and investigation into areas not covered in our syllabus.

2.6 Model United Nations (Mun) Conference (Charles Moscrop)
The first Model United Nations Conference of 2020 hosted by Peterhouse turned out to be a raging success. Attended by 7 schools with over 100 participants, we addressed current global issues such as the Mali Security Crisis and the wildfires in Australia all of which centred around the main theme of the day which was “How Much Longer Can We Live Like This?”.

Other than having a lot of fun meeting many different people from the schools who came, everyone involved gained valuable experience and skills in research, debating and diplomacy in general.

We were honoured to hear from Mrs Letty Chiwara, the UN Women Representative to Ethiopia, African Union Commission and Economic Commission for Africa, as our guest speaker. She spoke along the lines of our themes, specifically on the topic of women’s rights. The running of the event was upheld by the excellent standards of our Secretary General, Nigel Chiwara, and his board.

Many thanks to our teachers in charge, Mrs Masaire, Mr Chavunduka, Mrs Makwindi and Mrs Changa and everyone else who made the day possible.

2.7 World Scholars Cup (Blessing Masawi)
In early February, Peterhouse hosted the fourth Zimbabwe Regional Round of the World Scholars’ Cup which was a great success. The theme for 2020 is “A World Renewed”.

We hosted Prince Edward, Peterhouse Girls and Eaglesvale. The World Scholars’ team from overseas was as welcoming and as engaging as ever. We experienced feisty debates, produced creative collaborative essays and endured the ever-challenging Scholar’s Quiz in both individual and team events.

The following teams and individuals performed exceptionally well - all getting trophies for their efforts.

Matthew Gratwicke, Tapiwa Charamba and Neil Matukeni won trophies for the Junior Team Debate and Team Quiz.

Nathan Stone, John Saravoyi and Immanuel Kusena got the trophy for best Junior Collaborative Essay Writing.

John Saravoyi also won the trophy for Champion Junior Scholar.

Nigel Mushayavanhu, Tadiwanashe Matara and Anotidaishe Nhondova won a trophy for the Best Senior Team Challenge.

Nigel Mushayavanhu also won a trophy for Champion Senior Scholar.

10 out of the 14 Peterhouse teams qualified for the Global Round that will be held later in the year in Pretoria.

2.8 Results

Bridge vs Convent
As won 11 – 10
Bs won 12 – 8
Cs lost 5 – 12

vs Peterhouse Girls
As won 9 – 8
Bs lost 10 – 16
Cs lost 2 – 21

vs Hellenic
Bs lost 13 – 19

vs Arundel
As won
Bs and Cs both lost

Chess vs Gateway
Juniors won 4 – 2
Seniors lost 2 – 4

vs Hellenic
Juniors lost 0-4
Seniors won 4-2

The victorious players were Archibold Boka, Kuziva Mawoyo, Hritik Kala and Timothy Bowker.

Debate Preliminary Interhouse Debate Results
Tribute must be made to Mrs Gombedza and Mr Chikwanda for expertly and professionally adjudicating all the three nights of debate - it was no mean feat! We thank all the Housemasters for their support as well. All the Houses were well prepared and behaved impeccably. There were very fruitful discussions when the debates were opened to the floor.

Top 3 Houses in the Junior Interhouse Preliminary Debates:
1) Founders 80%
2) Grinham 71%
3) Snell 63%

Top 3 Speakers in the Junior Interhouse Preliminary Debate:
1) Nigel Mushayavanhu (Founders): 88%
2). Dalvin Chinyuku (Ellis): 81%
3). Tadiwanashe Matara ( Snell): 79%

Top 3 Houses in the Senior Interhouse Preliminary Debates:
1) Paget 87%
2) Grinham 78%
3) Malvern 77%

Top 3 Speakers in the Senior Interhouse Preliminary Debates:
1) Shaune Uriri (Paget): 89%
2) Darevy Matsika (Paget): 88%
3) Mahlon Muzhiki (Grinham): 87%

Final Interhouse Debate will take place on Saturday the 28th of March:
Junior Final Debate – Founders versus Grinham
Senior Final Debate – Paget versus Grinham

Debate Awards:
Hearty congratulations to the following boys for receiving their Half Colours for Debate:

Charles Moscrop has represented the school with great distinction in many contests since he was a junior. He has been Best Speaker in many ATS, Friendly and Interhouse Debating contests. His research skills have been outstanding and his use of language dexterous.

Dylan Matsika, Brian Mamelodi, Darvey Matsika, Kavwanga Lintini and Shaune Uriri - for being dedicated members of debate club since they were in the junior part of the school and for representing the school with distinction at many ATS and friendly matches. They are also recognised for being part of the team that toured South Africa in 2019 and is qualified to go onto Harvard in 2020.

Half Colours are awarded to Hritik Kala for being an articulate member of the Peterhouse Boys Junior and Senior debate teams and the combined PHB and PHG team which has won many Friendly, ATS and Ministry of Education National contests. He has also entertaining many audiences in Interhouse debating and public speaking contests and he has exhibited excellent discipline and research skills throughout his debating career.

Tanaka Kunaka earns his Golden Cox Tie - for being a dedicated member of Debate and Public speaking at Peterhouse; for helping the junior team to win many matches during ATS and friendly matches and for helping the team that toured South Africa in 2019 to perform excellently.


3.1 Interhouse Athletics
Please take note that the Interhouse Athletics this year will be combined with Peterhouse Girls and it will be held at Peterhouse Boys. In light of this there will be the following changes to the calendar;

(Closed Weekend)
Saturday 29th February
· 0900 PHB Interhouse Touch Rugby

Sunday 1st March
· 0800 PHG/ PHB Combined Interhouse Athletics

3.2 Volleyball Captain for 2020 is Anesuishe Chiwara.

3.3 Results

Basketball vs Watershed P4 W2 L2 1st Team Won 54 – 71
vs St John’s Emerald Hill P6 W6
vs Peterhouse Girls P7 W7
vs St John’s P8 W3 L5 1st Team Lost 49 – 60

Peterhouse U15 Tournament P5 W3 L2
Came 3rd out of 16 schools

CHISZ Basketball League
Congratulations to Peterhouse Boys for winning the U/16 and U/20 districts conference. This means they proceed to the TOP 8 Tournament.

CHISZ ‘Top 8’ Tournament at St John’s
At the CHISZ ‘Top 8’ Tournament played at St John’s College over the weekend the Peterhouse Boys 1st Team lost in the preliminary round to both the eventual winners Falcon College 26 - 32 and also to the tournament runners-up St George's College by 28 - 34. The Peterhouse team managed to beat the Eaglesvale side 48 - 26 to advance through to the Plate Section of the Tournament.

In the Plate Semi-Final, Peterhouse Boys had a convincing win against the Goldridge team winning 40 - 25 to advance through to the Plate Final where we overcame a spirited Watershed team winning 29 - 19 to win the Top 8 Plate Final.

Zvikomborero Vheriwa was voted the Most Valuable Player from the Plate Section whilst Kudzaishe Nyengerai was the Top Scorer.

Cross Country Interhouse Cross Country
House Position Points
Snell 1 890
Malvern 2 1009
Paget 3 1065
Ellis 4 1086
Founders 5 1244
Grinham 6 1364

2020 Cross Country Certificate Names for 1st Place
Name Age Group Time
David Weller U14 20.29.86
Nicholas Anderson U15 18.03.19 (new record)
George Ascott U16 24.14.88
Reagan Evans U17 24.43.13
Mukudzei Nyarufuro U18 35.17.97
James Ross U20 34.45

Interschools Cross Country - Arundel
Prince Edward 1st
Peterhouse Boys 2nd
Lomagundi 3rd
Hellenic 4th
Gateway 5th
St George’s 6th
MCC 7th

Lomagundi Invitational Cross Country
In the Lomagundi Invitational Cross Country held on Friday 14th February 2020, the Peterhouse Boys team were victorious beating 9 other schools.

The Peterhouse Juniors came 2nd overall whilst our Middle and Senior age groups both came first in their respective categories.

Notable individual achievements were:

Tendai Mutwira 3rd U15
Nick Anderson 4th U15

Reagan Evans 2nd U17
George Ascott 3rd U17
Scott Price 4th U17

Abilio Antunes 3rd U20
Thabani Manjengwa 4th U20
Mathew Palmer 5th U20

Cricket T20 vs St Johns
St Johns 96 all out. Peterhouse won by 7 wickets.

Golf Interschools' competition held at Chapman Golf Course on Sunday 9th February 2020

The Peterhouse B Team represented by Izwirashe Karombo, Evan Li and Leeroy Mudhikwa was second out of nine schools.The B Division is for players with handicaps from 10 to 16.

Evan Li was runner-up out of a field of 9 players in the B Division Individual Stableford.

Rowing CBC Regatta
The Peterhouse Boat Club went to Mazowe on Sunday, the regatta was going well until a storm hit as the Men’s A scull was about to begin and ended the regatta abruptly. Highlight results are as follows:

A Division
Reagan Evans and Emmanuel Nyamupingidza came 1st in the A Doubles

C Division
Thomas Gray and Noah Madziva came 1st in the C Doubles

D Division
Oliver Hough came 1st in the Men’s D Sculls

Rowing Association of Zimbabwe National Regatta held at Mazowe

In the Open Age Group:
James Weller and Percy Mombeyarara came 1st in the A Doubles

U17 Age Group
Reagan Evans came 1st in the B Sculls and
Reagan Evans and Emmanuel Nyamupingidza came 1st in the B Doubles

In the U16 Age Group
Thomas Gray came 1st in the C Sculls
Thomas Gray and Noah Madziva came 1st in the C Doubles
Thomas Gray, Noah Madziva, Cullum Young, TJ Gwaziwa and Bryce Rorbye (Cox) came 1st in the C Quad

U15 Age Group
Golden Nanhanga came 1st in the D Sculls

Peterhouse Boys also won the Boys School Shield which is awarded to the Boys School with the most points attained at the Regatta.

Congratulations to the following rowers selected to represent Peterhouse at the South African National Rowing Championships to be held at Roodeplaat in Pretoria next month:

James Weller, Reagan Evans, Emmanuel Nyamupingidza, Thomas Gray, Noah Madziva, Cullum Young, Xuan Zehong, Farai Kachuta, Percy Mombeyarara, Blessing Masawi, TJ Gwaziwa and Bryce Rorbye.

Squash vs St John’s P2 W0 L2
vs St George’s P5 W5

The Peterhouse ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams played against St Georges where the honours were shared with our ‘B’ team winning 6 – 1 and our ‘C’ team losing 1 – 6.

Swimming St John’s Friendly Relays Swimming Gala
7th St John’s B 53 pts
6th Eaglesvale 90 pts
5th – Prince Edward 106 pts
4th – St George’s 108 pts
3rd – Hellenic 187 pts
2nd – Peterhouse 274 pts
1st – St John’s 277 pts

Prince Edward Friendly Relays Swimming Gala
Peterhouse took part in a boys friendly relays swimming gala held at Prince Edward over the weekend finishing 3rd behind eventual winners Hellenic and only 2 points behind 2nd placed St John’s College.

Congratulations to the following Peterhouse boys who made the ZAU 50m National Ladder for the month of January. The Zimbabwe Swimming Association takes the results from all the provinces and combines them and then ranks the swimmers.
Boys 13 year old - Tinaye Mangana - 5th for 50m breastroke
Boys 16 year old - Paolo Marruchi-Chiero - 4th for 50m backstroke

Table Tennis vs Gateway U18 Won 4 – 0
vs St George’s P2 W1 L1
vs Winwood P2 W2

Tennis vs Watershed P3 W3 1st Team Won 12 – 0
vs Hellenic P4 W2 L2 1st Team Won 9 – 3
vs St George’s P4 W2 L2 1st Team Lost 5 – 7

The following boys were selected to represent Mashonaland East:

U19 A
Simbarashe Govore, Gamuchirai Madziyire and Munopa Zinyama.

U19 B
Madziva Tafadzwa

Reserves for U19
Kadin Eksteen, Mudiwa Manikai and Charles Moscrop.

Campbell Macmillan, Tanatswa Mpofu, Michael Mutasa and Mtandazo Nyashanu.

Hayden Grant, Evan Li, Tendai Mutwira and Ethan Wekare.

Reserves for U15
Timothy Bowker, Joseph Hildebrand and Keana Shumba.

Tennis Triangular
Over this past weekend, a tennis triangular was held between Peterhouse, Falcon and Watershed at Peterhouse Boys School.

Peterhouse and Falcon fielded 3 teams whilst Watershed fielded 2.

In the group stages both Peterhouse ‘A’ and ‘B’ won all 3 of their games with the Peterhouse ‘B’ team winning over the Falcon ‘A’ side 3 – 2.

In the semi-finals, Peterhouse ‘A’ won a close contest against the Falcon ‘A’ team 3 – 2 whilst the Peterhouse ‘B’ team defeated Falcon ‘B’ 3 – 1.

In the final Peterhouse ‘A’ conquered their ‘B’ team 4 – 0 to win the tournament with Falcon ‘A’ and ‘B’ taking 3rd and 4th place respectively.

The Peterhouse ‘C’ team finished a creditable 6th ahead of Falcon ‘C’ and Watershed ‘B’.

Volleyball vs Bernard Mizeki P3 W1 L2 1st Team Won 3 – 1
1st Team St George’s ATS Tournament P3 L3
U17 St George’s ATS Tournament P5 W4 L1
Overall came 3rd out of 10 schools.

vs Emerald Hill
The Peterhouse Boys Volleyball sides played against St John’s Emerald Hill on Friday with our 1st and 2nd teams both losing 1 – 2 and our U17, U15 and U14 sides all winning 2 – 0

Waterpolo Friendlies at Hellenic P3 W1 L1 D1
U15 Fred Wilson Trophy P5 W2 L3
U17 Collins Cup P4 L4

Zwart Trophy
In the Zwart Trophy held over the weekend, the Peterhouse 1st Team lost narrowly, 5 goals to 6, in the 5th and 6th place playoff to St George’s.

CBC won the trophy beating Hellenic in the final.

In the Junior Friendlies held on Friday the 14th February 2020, our U14, U15 and U16 teams played against Hellenic, St John’s College and St George’s.

The U14 and U15 teams narrowly lost all their games.

The U16 team were unbeaten after drawing with the powerful St John’s College side 3 goals each and beating St George’s 4 – 2 and Hellenic 4 – 2.