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Peterhouse Boys

Newsletter FFW



Friday 24 May 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am delighted to report that the Trinity term has got off to a very good start; our boys have played some excellent sport, they have been in fine spirits and there appears to be plenty of hard work going on too!

Work on the transformation of the old library into a new gym is reaching a conclusion – I hope that later this term the new facility will be open for use and I’m sure that when that happens it will be a facility much in demand.

Over the past few days our C Block boys have completed their Outback experience (a few days hiking around the bush next to Peterhouse and camping out overnight). Outdoor education is a very important part of the holistic approach we take to the development of boys (and girls) here at Peterhouse; it is remarkable how much we learn about them and indeed how much they learn about themselves when they are outside their comfort zone. Examination success is important and there is a strong emphasis at Peterhouse on matters academic but, as we all know, we are ultimately judged not so much on our grades but our character and that’s precisely why we have a well-structured programme of outdoor education (and sport etc.).

May I draw your attention to the fact that mock A, AS and IGCSE level exams will be taking place in the second quarter of the term i.e. in weeks 6 and 7? If your son is in A Block, Vth or VIth form do please encourage him to prepare properly for the exams – they are important.

I wish you a pleasant FFW.

Yours faithfully,

Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please be advised that the Fee Clearance Letter (FCL) system will not be in operation for this coming FFW.

A reminder to parents on a school payment plan that while a FCL is not required a commitment due by the 24th May must be met before your child/ren can return to school on Monday the 27th May.

The detail on bank statements more often than not does not allow the school to tie deposits back to fee accounts even when this is noted on the deposit slip. For this reason please always forward copies of your payments to Accounts.

Have an enjoyable weekend with your children.

Kind regards

Mark Whitaker


1.1 Cambridge High Achievers Awards
The following pupils won high achievers awards following the publication of the AS and A level results

Felix Le Boulenge High Achievement AS French Lang
Angus Fergusson Top in Country AS DT
Ian Fowlds Top in Country AS Lit in English
Michelle Mwenje Top in Country A level English Lang

1.2 NBT Sign Up Deadline is Sat 25th May
The NBT exam is set for Friday, June 28, 2019. If you have not yet signed up, please send the following information to

• Surname:
• First Name:
• Other Initials:
• Date of Birth:
• ID / Passport Number:
• Will you be writing the Math exam?

1.3 Travel and Tourism Vth Form Tour to Denmark
The Vth form 2019 Travel and Tourism class had the opportunity to plan and organise a cultural exchange trip as part of their coursework module for the AS level examinations. They were privileged to visit Denmark at the end of the Lent term.

The Peterhouse touring party performed the opening act at the Spring Festival that was attended by thousands of people. They sang a medley of three Zimbabwean gospel songs and also performed as part of a huge gospel choir which was the main act of the festival conducted by an X Factor singer who had been hired to conduct this huge choir with the help of an American choreographer.

They also visited the castle where the Danish parliament sits, the famous little mermaid and the Black Diamond Library.

They experienced new technology by making codes and building robots and building moving legos that are solar powered. They also participated in a global citizen forum.

Many thanks to Mrs Mudiwa.


2.1 Musical – ‘Once On This Island’
Musical rehearsals for the ‘Once On This Island’ are underway and the excitement is building! Please note that it is compulsory for all pupils to watch this musical and this amount will be charged to their school accounts.

2.2 Calderwood Park
Estates have done a lot of work to improve our roads and two new picnic sites have been established. A very successful route for the Kidzcan was set up and we have a Marathon and a Mountain Bike event coming up.

2.3 Gosho Park
Girls and boys in C Block started their Outback with a night’s camp in Gosho Park. The renovations at Hikers hut are almost done and it will be a really useful facility for school activities. Parents and outdoor enthusiasts are invited to come and use the braai areas or camp and enjoy what Gosho has to offer.

Season tickets for the second half of the year are available from the Peterhouse Girls office.

2.4 Mountain Bike (MTB) Race
A MTB race will be held on 16th June in and around Gosho Park – please come and support this event based at Hikers Hut – there are mini races for younger riders as well as the serious races.

2.5 Peterhouse Rifa trip for Vth form Biology and Geography
This trip takes place at the end of term (4th to 9th August) and is a very worthwhile experience in a wildlife area. There are still a few places left – please email for more information.

2.6 World Environment Day
The 5th of June is the date celebrated all over the world with a program on Environmental education. This year’s theme is ‘Air Pollution’ and the pupils and staff will be wearing green to increase environmental awareness. Please note that pupils will be charged ZWL$5 each but may opt out if they inform their respective Housemaster or Housemistress.


3.1 Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DofE)

Adventurous Journeys this term
There are two journeys taking place this term. They are there for those pupils wanting to complete their Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards. At half term there is a sailing expedition on Lake Kariba and at the end of term there is a run/walk relay for the Blue Cross.

Five boys completed their DofE residential project for their gold award in Nyanga at the end of last term - it was hard labour working at the trout hatchery and around the national park clearing pathways, removing exotic pines and then constructing a bridge and a wooden landing jetty.

3.2 Gavel Report (Maka Hove)
Our first Gavel meeting took place at Dominican Convent (DC). The meeting was a success, with us starting off with the formalities led by the DC girls. The meeting set-up was a new experience that most of us weren’t used to, but we quickly adapted, since after all, we are Kings of Peterhouse. Ice was broken with a short impromptu skit by Zivai Sinemani with his excellent imitation of Beyoncé.

The two table topics were “Men are trash” and “Women are mad”. The President, Tinashe Timba, spoke on “Men are trash”, and Miss Chishiri from DC on “Women are mad”. After the speeches, both schools were engaged in hot debate led by the two speakers; “Men are trash” took Centre stage.
The interaction between both schools during the event was good, although there were a few shy characters. The meeting was called to an end by the “hot seat”. Tariro Mtetwa was the first Victim .He was asked which girl had caught his eye first .This proved to be problematic for him as several girls had caught his eye. We then proceeded on to take pictures with the DC ladies to capture the memory.

3.3 Infinity Programme Activities

Ironwill 2019
Keith Elliott (B Block) completed the most gruelling adventure race called the Ironwill, with his father, just before the end of last term. The two of them competed in a fairly large adult field of experienced racers amongst the granite dwalas and dry thorny scrub in the Matopos National Park. Keith and his Dad were obviously the fittest, strongest and most meticulous in the mountain bike, swimming, running, hiking and orientation activities that they had to get through and came in first above all the other teams, including boys from Quest Africa.

3.4 Model United Nations
Nine delegates attended the annual Chisipite Model United Nations conference this year. We were warmly welcomed and addressed on some of the situations the world faces and how we, the youth, should take a stand in solving these situations. With that in mind the theme of the conference was ‘Securing Our Future’.

We then set off to our respective rooms to lobby and merge with our allies, in order work on the best resolutions we could come up with - in the hopes they would be passed the next day and furthermore - be implemented into the world. Friday came to a close having formed new friendships over intense debates and constructive discussions (especially for Mr Praise Jaravani and a certain delegate from the Democratic Republic of Congo!)

Saturday was a great success - being kicked off with a quartet accompanying the National Anthem and a trio of vocalists singing ‘Lengoma’, a South African song that empowers and praises the youth of today and tomorrow. As the day went on there were many resolutions passed on topics such implementing measures to ensure the protection of migrant children’s human rights and creating policies that deal with the eradication of poverty and starvation in LEDCs. The closing ceremony started with a speech given by the guest speaker, who spoke on how our lives should have a mission and a vision.

Mufaro Mungoni chaired the Security Council and Kudakwashe Mapesa and Praise Jaravani were given special mention for their contribution to the debate in their respective rooms.

3.5 Music Camp
The 2019 Music camp took place over the holiday from the 23rd to the 30th of April. This year a total of 110 campers took part in various activities including, Full Orchestra, Strings Orchestra, Big Band, Wind Band and the Chamber Choir.

Our guest conductors were Liam Burden and his wife Odile Burden from South Africa, Chinatsu Hirayama from Japan, Theo Bross from Germany, Mutemwa Cymbala from Zambia, Hope Masike from Zimbabwe and our very own Petrean Bright Gwati who conducted the Chamber Choir.

Many thanks to Mr Jera and our Music Department.

3.6 Poetry Slam
Last term the English Department hosted a Poetry Slam for Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls on the 4th of April in the Megahey Centre. Here pupils wrote and then performed their poems in front of a very appreciative audience. The poems were insightful and performances heartfelt and dramatic. Mr Davy compered the evening with humour and made sure to involve the audience as much as possible. The winners for the various age-groups were as follows:

Winner for the junior age-group was Munesu Mushosho with her poem "Ambition."
Runner-Up in this age group was TJ Gaziwa with his poem "Ambition"

Winner for the middles was Shaune Uriri with his poem 'Keeping up wth the Pack.'
Runner-Up here was Deborah Davy with her poem also entitled 'Keeping up with the pack,'

Winner for the Senior age group was Mati Hove with her poem 'Awake'
Runner-Up was Anesu Mhete with her poem of the same title.

3.7 Service Club Activities

Interact Club (Natalie Moores)
Many club members took time out last week to spend it with orphans at the Musha we Vana Children’s home. Every minute spent together is so mutually beneficial to all parties involved, simply by taking time out of our normal daily routine and interacting together.

Support for victims of Cyclone Idai
All the blankets, food and clothing donated to victims of Cyclone Idai were packaged together by the Leo and Interact Clubs. At the end of last term, a five tonne truck carrying these family packs went up to Chimanimani and our school prefects distributed them directly to families at Charleswood School. They were all very grateful to you for everything that you donated and many thanks goes to Leo and Interact Clubs for all your help in this regard.

3.8 Results

Bridge vs Convent and Peterhouse Girls
A, B and C tables won all their matches against these two opponents.

St John’s Tournament
The annual Interschools Bridge Tournament was held all day at St John’s College. This year it was sponsored by UNICEF. Our A team were the defending champions, and all day they struggled to get ahead of Prince Edward who finally pipped them to the post to take away the Shield. Our A Team came in a close second out of nine schools. In the B Room our boys struggled with reduced numbers because of rugby trials and illness, and came in sixth out of eight schools.

Cocks Ties are awarded to Nazeef Bhadella, Kyle Saywood, James Edwards and Anesu Mutandwa.

Half-Colours for Bridge are awarded to Dylan Mawire and Kyle Saywood.

Full-Colours for Bridge are awarded to Ian Fowlds and Tatenda Nyakonda.

Chess St John's Chess Festival
Seniors: Played 5 Won 2, Lost 3
Juniors: Played 5 Won 3 Lost 2

Overall the Seniors were ranked 5 out of 10 teams whilst the Juniors were number 4 out of 13 teams.

Prince Sithole's exploits on board 2 impressed the arbiters. He was awarded a medal for his unique opening moves as well as his brilliance and finesse in finishing off opponents.

Debate vs Gateway
Juniors - Peterhouse won: Peterhouse: 75%; Gateway - 72%. Charles Moscrop was the best speaker with 72%.
Seniors - Peterhouse won: Peterhouse: 77%; Gateway - 76%. Praise Jaravani was the best speaker with 70%.

Quiz Prince Edward Quiz
We were competing against 18 other schools.
Juniors came 3rd.
Seniors came 1st.
Overall Peterhouse was placed 2nd.

Cocks Tie was awarded to Munashe Rushwaya.


4.1 Captains of Sport

Captain Farai Musimwa
Vice-Captain Oliver Philp

Captain Tadiwanashe Ditima
Vice-Captain Adrian Burl

Captain Tafadzwa Fantiso
Vice-Captain Mufaro Mungoni

4.2 Results

Archery Paulo Marucchi competed in the African Federation Archery competition in South Africa these holidays.

He competed against top archers from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe in both Bulls Eye and 3D competitions.

He won two Silver and two Bronze medals for his Bulls Eye and 3D competitions and came second in Africa, overall. He has been selected as part of the African Federation Team.

We congratulate him on this incredible accomplishment, representing Zimbabwe, and now Africa, in this very difficult and skilful sport.

Golf Sun City Golf Tour Results 2019
The final standing for our team in the B Division was 13/14.
The final nett position out of 67 players in the B division was:-

38 - George Ascott
46 - Izvirashe Karombo
54 - Leeroy Mudhikkwa
64 - Duncan Musanhu
66 - Batsirayi Chingwena

The final Ranking out of the 147 players who took part in the competition was:-

100 – Izvirashe Karombo
109 – George Ascott
134 – Leeroy Mudhikwa
145 – Batsirayi Chingwena
146 – Duncan Musanhu

Hockey St John’s Hockey Festival P5 W3 L1 D1
vs Prince Edward P5 W4 L1 1st Team Won 1 – 0
vs Lomagundi P5 W3 D2 1st Team Drew 1 – 1

MCD Hockey Teams
Below are the names of the boys that made the MCD hockey teams to take part in the Inter -Provincials’ Tournament to be held on first fixture free weekend.

Farai Musimwa, Oliver Philp, Taine Smith, Corne Kotze, Dale Molife and
Campbell Takawira-Nyatsambo.

Munashe Mashangu, Tapiwa Muranda, Nyasha Manjengwa, Mudiwa Manikai and Bertus Visagie.

Brian Bennett, David Bennett, Steven Saul, Sean Roger, Benjamin Lawrence, Kian Arnold and Mitchell Maberly.

Non-Travelling Reserves for the U16s are Akudzweishe Munyonga and Brendan Hildebrand

Rugby Kershaw Rugby 7s (Hellenic)
1st XV P5 W4 L1
U16 P5 W4 L1

vs Hillcrest P7 W6 L1 1st XV Won 26 – 10
vs Wise Owl P5 W3 L2 2nd XV Won 22 – 21
vs Lomagundi P9 W6 L3 1st XV Won 30 – 29

MCD Rugby Trials held at Watershed
Congratulations to the following rugby boys who have been chosen to represent Mashonaland Country Districts at the National Trials this week end.

Lance Annandale, Adrian Burl, Tadiwanashe Ditima, Munashe Rushwaya, Tariro Mtetwa, Takunda Makiwa, Brooklyn Chikaka, Lionel Mhuriro.

Travis Arnold, Dylan Driscoll, Muzuva Gutu, Martin Hakunavanhu, Munotida Marimirofa, Tashinga Makiwa, Brandon Rouse and Kyle Saywood.

Hunter Chiutsi, James Edwards, Tanaka Kunaka and David Mortleman.

Soccer vs Lomagundi P4 W2 L1 D1 1st XV Drew 1 – 1

Squash vs St George’s Won 6 – 1

The following boys have been selected to represent Zimbabwe in South Africa at the South Africa Inter-Provincial Squash Tournament to be held from the 14th to 19th of June.

Under 19B Boys
Tristan Barron and Timothy Elton

U14 Boys
Rukudzo Midzi

U13 Boys
Nick Anderson