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Peterhouse Boys

Smoking Policy

1. Introduction
i. This policy relates to the misuse of tobacco and applies to all pupils at Peterhouse. Smoking means the use of tobacco products and paraphernalia, including cigarettes, cigars and pipes and any other smoking-related products such as nicotine substitutes and electronic cigarettes.
ii. This policy applies at all times to the school premises, school transport, school visits, trips, fieldwork, expeditions and camps etc. from the day a pupil joins Peterhouse to the day he/she leaves, including school holidays.
iii. This policy makes clear procedures for responding to and managing smoking related incidents including the sanction following any incident.

2. Subsequent Action and Sanctions
Smoking is regarded as a serious disciplinary offence. In considering sanctions for offences relating to the misuse of tobacco the school may take into account any instances of other major contraventions of school rules by the pupil; the school also reserves the right, depending on the set of circumstances, (e.g. supplying tobacco or smoking inside the school teaching blocks and/or the boarding houses which brings with it the additional risk of fire and potential loss of life) to deal with the matter under any of the stages listed below.

First offence/Stage 1
A pupil caught smoking or in possession of smoking paraphernalia for the first time will be gated for a week. The pupil’s parents will be informed of the incident by the relevant Housemaster/Housemistress.

Second offence/Stage 2
A pupil caught smoking for the second time or in possession of smoking paraphernalia will be gated for two weeks. The parents and the pupil concerned will be asked to attend a meeting with the Rector/HMPHG. The pupil will be issued with a formal warning by the Rector/HMPHG.

Third offence/Stage 3
A pupil caught smoking or in possession of smoking paraphernalia for the third time should expect to be excluded from Peterhouse. The parents and the pupil concerned will be asked to attend a formal disciplinary hearing meeting with the Rector/HMPHG, following which a decision concerning the pupil’s future will be made.

Smoking inside school buildings (see above) or supplying smoking paraphernalia
The school views smoking inside school buildings or supplying smoking paraphernalia
to be a particularly serious disciplinary issues and, under such circumstances, pupils are likely to be disciplined according to a higher stage in the process.

3. Life Skills lessons
Smoking education will be taught as part of the Life Skills programme:
i. To enable pupils to make healthy, informed and proper decisions concerning the misuse of tobacco
ii. To provide accurate and appropriate information about tobacco and its effects
iii. To prepare pupils to expect to be presented with the temptations of tobacco at any time and develop in them a readiness to resist these temptations themselves and persuade others to do likewise.