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Peterhouse Boys

Peterhouse Boys Leavers Service 2021

It is that time of year when we bid farewell to our VIth Form Leavers.

Many thanks to Mr Matt Hosack (Petrean Chairman) for addressing our leavers on behalf of the Petrean Society and for handing out the Petrean ties. No doubt your words of encouragement to connect with fellow Petreans will be taken seriously.

We wish VIth Form all the very best in the future - we know you will make us proud and can’t wait to see what you achieve!

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James Weller Awarded Gold

We are bursting with pride to present the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Award to James Weller.

James has achieved the pinnacle and final stage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program. He has committed 18 months to this process, outside of the 12 months he committed to the Silver Award, and 6 months to the Bronze Award.

He has been an exemplary participant of the ethos of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and has, due to his resilience and tenacity, been formally awarded his very special certificate & pin.

Peterhouse Boys Speech Day 2021 - Head of School's Speech

Chairman of the board of Governors Mr Hammond, the Rector Mr Trafford and his wife Mrs Trafford, The Guest of Honour Dr Mbanga, Mrs Hough, Mr Martin, staff and other invited guests, ladies and gentleman of Peterhouse. A very good morning to you all.

Driving back into the school on the 31st of August, I realized it was my last term at this stunning establishment we all call home; Peterhouse. Our Class of 2021 has achieved more than we all thought possible. We may have lost a few of our brothers along the way but that doesn’t mean a thing because they will forever be a part of us.

One thing we, as a year, do appreciate is what all the staff have done for us along our journey, especially during the virtual or “Digi” school. They worked extremely hard to make sure that all of us could finish our syllabuses in time for the Cambridge examinations. With very little time off, they strove incredibly hard and did what they could to leave us in the best position possible regarding our academic careers. For this, we will always be grateful, thank you.

A special mention must also be made to our housemasters who have guided us and been great mentors in their respective houses, being organized and approachable as well as keeping us in line when need be. We all know the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism and I have no doubt that each and every one of us have been shown that throughout our lives here at Peterhouse, all by these excellent and memorable housemasters; all of you will be missed.

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Peterhouse Boys Speech Day 2021 - Guest of Honour's Speech

It is a great privilege to be here this morning in this storied chapel. There are so many old friends and faces amongst you and I would like you to know how deeply I admire and respect your courage and tenacity in the face of the adversity that you have faced and overcome as a community this year. I also admire your history and traditions and feel a great sense of pride to be associated with you today to serve this fine institution and the principles and values that it represents.

I am wearing my St John’s College Old Boy’s tie today not as an act of defiance but as a mark of respect to pay homage to the decades of fair and favourable competition that have been shared by our schools. It is my privilege to be here today to serve you as my brothers.

Graduating class of 2021 I would like to address you directly this morning.

Good morning Nation-Builders,

It is my honour to stand before you to charge you with the call to arms as you take your place in the grand narrative that is unfolding around us.

You have an irreplaceable role to play in HIStory, the lights are on, the stage is set and this is your cue. What you have learned about yourself and your role will guide you as you begin to engage.

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Peterhouse Boys Speech Day 2021 - Rector's Speech

2021; little can be said for conventional wisdom and no amount of experience counts!

What a remarkable, in every sense, this year has been. We have certainly lived history and in many cases we will have written into history a number of Peterhouse firsts. More of that later. As we reflect back on the year one recognises that precedent is a principle that holds little weight in managing the events of 2021. Much has come our way this year; most of this to test our resolve and to challenge our sensibilities. Consequently, and dare I say, this has resulted in decisions that have been built on gut feel and responding to circumstance. Has this always worked for us? I am not sure and history will decide on whether or not gut feel and reaction to circumstance saved the day or compounded the problem. “Flying by the seat of ones pants” may well be an apt way of reflecting on 2021. If we ever thought, in December 2020, that 2021 would be in some way be better; how wrong we were. The ever present shadow of Covid, and its management in Zimbabwe, has tested the bounds of our sensibilities and we continue to wrestle with finding ways in which we could fulfil our obligations to our community with respect to best educational practice.

Chairman of the Peterhouse Board of Governors, Mr Simon Hammond; our Guest of Honour, Dr Matthew Mbanga; members of the Peterhouse Board of Governors, most notably those who have travelled great distances to be with us here today, Mrs Hough, Headmistress of Peterhouse Girls and Mr Hough, Mr Martin, Head of Springvale House and Mrs Martin, members of the staff, parents who will, sadly only participate online, prize winners and young men of the Peterhouse Vth and VIth Forms. It is my singular pleasure to welcome you to this Chapel this morning…this Chapel which represents our foundation and the “rock of tradition” on which this incredible school is built.

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Peterhouse Boys Speech Day 2021 - Prize Winners 2021

Congratulations to this year's Speech Day Prize Winners: 


MATHS AND SCIENCES - Tinevimbo Mupangavanhu
INDUSTRY - Liberty Zibako

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Oil Painting with Local Artist Mr Guy Hammond

The Peterhouse Boys Art Department hosted Mr Guy Hammond, a Petrean and renowned artist. He held a workshop with the B block art pupils which included his own son Campbell, the group discussed various current issues surrounding the Zimbabwean art scene, as well as the achievements of our world-famous local artists.

Mr Hammond also gave a brief history on his own career since leaving Peterhouse. He advised the boys on how to prepare a canvas and colour mixing of oils as this is his forte, and let us just say he had the boys full attention!

Thank you for visiting Guy, we hope you return again soon.


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Cana Zone VI Virtual Swimming Champs Achievements

A number of our pupils took part in the first Cana Zone IV Virtual Swimming Championships held in Harare over the weekend. The follow pupils did very well with ‘personal best’ improvements in the majority of their events:

Peterhouse Boys
Tyler Chapman
Carlton Chapungu
Mark Chiyangwa
Farai Maoneke
Jordan Muldoon

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Liam Kirkman & Tavonga Nyoka Awarded Bronze

We are proud to present the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s International Bronze Award to Liam Kirkman and Tavonga Nyoka.

Both boys have persevered and been self-propelled under difficult circumstances.

Well done, we are proud of you.

National Archery Selection for December Tournament

Congratulations to our archers who have been selected to represent Zimbabwe at a regional tournament in December.

Zimbabwe National Team
Nicole and Melissa Allott, Jacobus Botha, Paolo Marucchi-Chierro, Ethan Schultz and Xuan Ze Hong

Development Team
Tawana Banda, Mpho Chimpondah, Garth Clements, Josh Eggersglusz, Amber Maclaughlin, Gianmarco Marucchi-Chierro and Skye Shanahan.

AS Level Travel and Tourism Exhibition 2021

The 5th Form Travel and Tourism class held a very successful exhibition earlier this term, in the Megahey Centre, with the aim of marketing three tourist destinations to their peers.

The class was divided into small groups and each group consisted of six pupils who were tasked with marketing different destinations. We chose to do research on the Maldives, Mukuvusi woodlands and the Seychelles because these are destinations that are not very familiar to us as a year group.

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