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Peterhouse Boys

Travel and Tourism Tour to Dubai, 10 -16 August 2018

The tour to Dubai was a great success. The Vth Form TT class created a holiday package which they sold to B Block boys and girls and to Vth Form girls as part of their AS Level Coursework Module. At the time of departure, there were 20 B Block boys and girls on the waiting list still hoping to get a place on this tour because of the effective Marketing that had been done by the TT class. Unfortunately we could only take 51 and so they had to stay behind.

Dubai is a big case study destination in the Travel and Tourism textbooks and so it was exciting to see the pupils visit the many man-made and natural attractions that they had been reading about in class. They experienced excellent customer service at every monument that they visited, at every restaurant and especially on the Dubai Creek dinner cruise where they had a 7 course traditional Emirati meal. 

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Global Young Leaders Conference - Washington DC & New York 2018

The Global Young Leader’s Conference (GLYC) was held in Washington DC and New York from 16 to 25 July 2018. There were 380 young leaders from all across the world who participated in the many activities. 3 Peterhouse boys attended; Rufaro Hoto, Thabiso Molai and Blessed Shumba.

Staying at the Sheraton in DC and St Johns’ university in New York, the leaders were divided into groups named after countries. The groups discussed an array of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and this was topped by a visit to the imposing UN headquarters in New York where we held a global summit to debate resolutions passed by SDG groups which comprised of representatives of each country group.

River to River - Nyanga - August 2018

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Adventurous Journey

Eighteen pupils from PHG and PHB climbed aboard the bus and headed for the hills in Nyanga on the 4th of August 2018. The weather was perfect for hiking - with clear blue skies and a cool breeze blowing every day. Three Groups were prepared and ready to complete their Adventurous Journey as part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We drove right up to the Tsatse Communal lands, beyond Troutbeck, and were dropped off on the side of the road near a whole stack of freshly plucked potatoes that the local farmers were trying to get to market. With our rucksacks laden with food and equipment for a five day hike, we headed down to the Gairezi River to start our Journey.

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Fifth Form Geography and Biology Trip to Rifa 2018

Eighteen pupils had the experience of a Rifa camp which was during the holidays this year. The wildlife area had good rains this year but now all the inland water is drying up so animals moving on to the floodplain in front of camp.

Each morning started with a walk in the different habitats – tracking, birding etc. and lessons included topics such as maps, rivers, soil sampling, microscope work with aquatic specimens and fish dissection.

Our top pupils were Rebecca Gau, Cullen Shoesmith and Jordan Lindsay. The impala dissection was detailed and pupils learnt how to make (and eat!) biltong and cooked a potjie for supper one night.

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Nyanga Fly Fishing July 2018

Douglas Cox and Terance Sage recently represented Peterhouse at a fishing competition in the Nyanga National Parks waters organised by Fly fishing Zimbabwe.

The event started with an introductory dinner where they met anglers from all walks of life and shared many stories with Petreans over a delicious dinner that was provided. They registered as the Peterhouse team and had an early start the next day as fishing started at 6 a.m. and Douglas had caught his first 2 out of 4 fish in the first half hour while everyone else was struggling.

Douglas then moved on and Terance moved to his jetty where he caught a small fish and then a monster weighing 1465 grams. Douglas managed to bag out with 4 fish while Terance only managed to catch 3 before the first session ended at 10.a.m. when the boys weighed in their fish. Their combined score was the highest in that dam and this put them at the top after the first session.

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Harare Athletics Club – Trail Running Series 2018

Peterhouse Calderwood Run - July 2018

Calderwood Park is the perfect place to have a Trail Run. There are places where the pathway weaves through thick miombo woodland, across open grasslands, over boggy rivers and through rocky outcrops. It’s technical, interesting and so incredible peaceful.

This was the second year that Peterhouse hosted one leg of the Trail Running Series for the Harare Athletics Club. Tony Borlase, Andrew Shoesmith and the Estate team laid the most beautiful track for the HAC runners to tackle. They created a 7km and 14km route for the runners to choose from.

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History Lessons with Mr Walraven 2018

The D block History classes study Ancient Egypt through play! Using a Playstation 4 console and Assassin's Creed: Origins, developed by Ubisoft, the class makes use of the unique facilities of the Megahey Centre to explore Ancient Egypt in a video game and on a massive screen!

The Assassin's Creed franchise is famous for its meticulous reconstruction of historical landscapes and cites and Origins is set in Ancient Egypt itself providing a unique ability to actually travel back in time without the need to time travel! What's special about this iteration in the Assassin's Creed franchise is that Ubisoft included a special "Discovery Mode" in-game that disables all combat and game mechanics and includes virtual curated and narrated tours through some of Egypt's most famous sites and on the day to day life of Egyptians.

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AMG 7s Festival 2018

The 14th Annual Peterhouse AMG 7’s was held on the 7th July 2018. A call was made on Friday 6th that the festival should go ahead despite cold windy overcast wet weather. This was reaffirmed early Saturday morning even considering there being no respite in the freezing weather conditions.

The participating schools were Peterhouse with two teams, along with Churchill, who returned to the festival after an extended absence, Prince Edward, St Johns , St Georges, Hellenic and Lomagundi, each with four rugby, two soccer and two hockey teams making up the eight schools participating , amounting to over 850 players coaches and staff.
Prince Edward had won the previous two festivals by a margin of four and one point respectively in 2016 and 2017.

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David Bore "Man of the Match U18" 2018

Congratulations to our current head boy David Bore for being made 'Man of the Match' at the U18 Academy Week (RSA Rugby) 2018.

A proud moment for our school and community.

Learner Guides Trip to Gonarezhou 2018

Our Learner Guides group have just spent six nights in Gonarezhou National Park which was an interesting experience. Peterhouse parents who work there gave us an insight into the work done by the Frankfurt Zoological Society together with National Parks.

Our professional guide was Andy Smith and under his licence we were able to walk in the park which is a special privilege. Pupils climbed up an elephant trail to the view point on the cliffs and met some elephants on the way.

There are good raptors in the area and it is a very different view when one is above the eagles, vultures and storks looking down on them from the top of the cliffs. The vegetation was very thick in some areas after the good rainy season and the rivers quite high which made for some interesting crossings.

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