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Peterhouse Boys

Speech Day 2018


Huge congratulations to our Speech Day Prize Winners.


MATHS AND SCIENCES - Mufaro Mukonoweshuro
INDUSTRY - Mufaro Mukonoweshuro
IMPROVEMENT - Sean Sagonda

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Peterhouse Equestrian Show 2018

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s Peterhouse Equestrian Show. We saw some excellent performances in our Dressage and Show-jumping as well as some great work done by our new girls this year.
Thank you to Celeste, our judges and parents on hand and always willing to help.

1st place - Kuri Kim
2nd place - Ashley Dobbie
3rd Place - Raquel Dias

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Chimanimani Horizons Expedition 2018

Peterhouse B Block
Report by Andrew Shoesmith

This is the Fourth year we have run the Horizons Expedition for B Block and it’s gaining a real reputation as tough, unforgettable and educational. What more can an educator wish for? The complex logistics involved in organizing an expedition in the Chimanimani Trans-frontier Park – deep into unmapped Mountains with 25 fifteen or sixteen year boys, is no easy task but the coordinating of the many facets of such a trip have become well systematised, and it all seems to fold into place these days. In spite of troubled economic times the boys all received the usual special ration pack the day before departure and the only last minute crisis was contending with vacillating weather forecasts… more on that later!

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SPUR Challenge Mountain Biking RSA 2018

We had a successful trip to Magaliesburg, South Africa where a team of 8 boys and one girl (5 from Peterhouse, 3 from Falcon College and 1 from St John's) took part in mountain bike races on Friday representing their schools, and Saturday representing Zimbabwe.


Sub junior boys:
Keith Elliott, Friday 6th, Saturday 5th.
Garikayi Madzamba, Friday had a puncture so did not finish. Saturday 52 out of 65.

Youth 15 girls:
Erin Elliott, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th after a nasty fall.

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Cricket vs St George’s T20 2018

Played 11 Won 9 Lost 2

U14 B Lost by one run off the last ball defending 100
U14 A Lost by 6wickets defending 146
U15 B T20 Won by 2 wickets chasing 133 Shawn Lawrence 45
T10 Won by 21 Runs defending 98 for 2 Shawn Lawrence 48

U15 A Won by a staggering 287 runs posting 454 for 7
Tendai Mataranyika 64, Iswe Karombo 61 and
Ross Mills 212 hitting 19 Sixes then taking 4 wickets

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B Block Chimanimani Expedition with Outward Bound Zimbabwe 2018

‘A ship in harbour is safe but that is not what ships are built for’. William Shed

As educators and as parents and guardians, we can be classified as ‘craftsmen and ship builders’. We can all add our special contribution to the ‘building’ (raising) of ‘sturdy, stable, sea faring ships’ (capable and independent children). This is so that they can leave the harbor (our safe and comfortable homes) and make a useful contribution to a really challenging but exciting world out there. As the quote above states, ships are built to be out at sea, doing useful jobs, enduring calm waters as well as terrible storms. In essence, we, as parents and schools like Peterhouse and Outward Bound are here to support the ‘ship building process’, so that pupils who leave our safe harbor’s (our homes) are prepared and ready to face what comes their way.

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Interhouse Swimming Gala 2018

1st Malvern with 248 points
2nd Ellis with 206 points
3rd Paget with 205 points
4th Founders with 193 points
5th Snell with 182 points
6th Grinham with 157 points

B. H. Relays Trophy Winners – MALVERN

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Combined Senior Schools Concert 2018

Peterhouse last hosted the Combined Schools Concert in 2008. This year, we worked with eleven other schools to try and create a truly magical sound.

Our theme this year was ‘UBUNTU’ which is a special African colloquialism that means ‘ I am because we are’. Quite simply, it resembles togetherness. The music, chosen by conductors mainly from the Marondera schools, was distributed in May. This gave each school a chance to practice the pieces long before bringing it all together in September.

This time round we tried two new ideas just to generate something different to fit our Ubuntu theme. Firstly, we invited the legendary Dr Oliver Mtukudzi to sing with our choirs and our instrumentalists. He is such an inspirational Zimbabwean artist and the participants thoroughly enjoyed making music with him.

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Cricket vs Wise Owl 2018

We only had two matches vs Wise Owl - P2 W2 L0 D0

U16B’S Won by 75 runs

2ND XI Won by 188 runs defending 262

Dhilin Goven 43, Charl Kotze 43 and Corner Kotze 50 all retired out. Adnaan Bhadella 3 overs 6 for 6

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Volleyball vs Bernard Mizeki College 2018

Well done to our boys on their volleyball matches played so far this term. One of our earlier games was vs Bernard Miseki College.

Played 6 Won 3 Lost 3
U14 Won 2-0
U15 Won 2-0
U16A Won 2-0
U16B Lost 0-2
2nd Lost 0-2
1st Lost 0-2

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Basketball vs St George’s 2018

Earlier this term our boys took on an unusually strong St George’s basketball contingent that really put our boy’s skills to the test.

Many of the games were closely contested and it turned out to be a great afternoon.

No doubt this has spurred them on to push harder and sharpen their skills. Well done to the U16B’s on their victory. We can’t win every game.

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