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Peterhouse Boys

Introducing our 2021 Head of Snell - James Edwards

James_Edwards_PrefectMy name is James Edwards and I am in Snell House. I am from Juliasdale, Nyanga and I went to Springvale House. I joined Peterhouse in D block (Form 1).

I am currently studying Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and I hope to study engineering in the future. I love competing in various sporting activities particularly cross-country and rugby. The cultural activity I enjoy the most is bridge.

Peterhouse is unique because of the amazing and diverse friendships that I have built over the years. My friends in Snell and life in Snell has help form me into the person I am today. In my spare time I like to exercise in the gym and spend time with my friends and family.

Form 1, January 2022 - Registration in Progress

It may seem like a whole year away but before you know it half the year has passed, the Common Entrance Assessments have been written and our intake confirmed - all before the end of July. 

Introducing our 2021 Head of Spiritual - Tadiwa Ndiraya

My name is Tadiwanashe Ndiraya and I am in Paget House. I am from Harare and I went to Lendy Park School. I joined the Peterhouse community in D block (Form 1) and am currently studying Mathematics, Biology and Geography.  
I really enjoy playing social sports on weekends with friends and sometimes staff members, whether it be touch rugby, soccer or basketball. This not only helps with performance on the playing field but it helps you make strong friendships.  I believe in “Healthy body, healthy mind.” 
I really enjoy walking around the school and in Calderwood Park with my friends. I also enjoy the atmosphere of brotherhood that surrounds our school. As we live our day-to-day life here we know that there is always someone there for us: teachers, to help us in our academic work and extra lessons; Housemasters who build us and mould us into fine gentlemen and our friends who are there each step of the way. 

Meet Andy Schultz - Transport & Workshops Manager 2021

Andy joined the Peterhouse Group in January 2021 as the Transport and Workshops Manager.

Andy began his adventurous career as a commercial diver in the North Sea. During his time on the oil rigs he also qualified as a Life Support Technician and Lead Mechanic. He was later promoted from working under water to above water, when he became Installation and Commissioning Engineer, building the rigs rather than repairing them.

He is also an experienced and passionate Strength and Conditioning Coach and CrossFit Coach. At the tender young age of 3, he cut off the sleeves of his favourite shirt because he wanted to look like the Incredible Hulk. Thankfully he has grown out of this stage, but his desire to help people improve themselves through physical fitness and strength has remained unwavering. To this end Andy also owned a Commercial Gym and CrossFit Gym whilst working offshore where he dedicated his time back home to helping others discover their own inner “Incredible Hulk.”

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Introducing our 2021 Head of Paget - Abilio Antunes

My name is Abilio Antunes and I am in Paget House.

I live in Chimoio, Mozambique and went to Chimoio International School.

I joined Peterhouse in D block (Form 1) and I am currently studying Mathematics, Accounting and Business Studies. My goal is to complete a degree in accounting and finance in the not so distant future.

At school I enjoy playing sports such as soccer. I usually play soccer every day of the week even during the off season; not only to remain fit but because it is my passion.

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From the Rector's Desk - 19th March 2021

Friday 19 March 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,


With the approach of Easter, we remain conscious of the fact that parents are seeking clarity on a post Easter-weekend return date to school. The following guidance from the Association of Trust Schools (ATS) has been shared with member schools. Please note the following with respect to the issue of a deviation to the revised term dates for 2021.
• As an ATS member, we will respect the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s (MOPSE) directive that our request for a deviation to the revised term dates was not granted and we will adhere to the revised dates set out by the Ministry.

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Meet Cindy Schultz - Ellis and Malvern Matron 2021

Peterhouse Matron Cindy SchultzCindy qualified as a Dental Hygienist at the University of Witwatersrand and has worked in the dental field in Bulawayo, Harare and Marondera.

She is an active sportswoman being a certified scuba diver, active skydiver in her earlier days, played provincial indoor hockey in South Africa and competed in karate tournaments locally and in South Africa. She is an avid horsewoman and mountain bike enthusiast, having participated in numerous cycles across Zimbabwe as well as in a number of Iron Will Events.

Cindy has an enviable amount of experience working with people of all ages. Her experiences include Hunting and Photographic Safaris, Gap Year programmes including Quest Africa and Radical Challenge, various school education camps and working as a qualified Carer overseas.

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Introducing our 2021 Head of Culture - Kevin Munzeiwa

Peterhouse Prefect Kevin MunzeiwaMy name is Kevin Munzeiwa and I am in Malvern House. I live in Harare and went to Gateway primary school from 2009-2013 before transferring to Springvale House in 2014-2015. I joined Peterhouse in D block 2016. I am currently studying Mathematics, Business Studies and Information Technology and am hoping to pursue business entrepreneurship and finance or software engineering.

While at school I am most content playing soccer with the lads at 5pm otherwise known as "Live At Five" and for the school. Since U14, all the way to the open age group, soccer has been central to my life here at Peterhouse and is the source of some great memories and friendships. Peterhouse is more than just a school but an opportunity for different cultures and individuals from diverse backgrounds to interact and learn from each other building lifelong relationships.

During this excruciating lockdown I’ve found myself indulging in finance and psychology oriented books; my top picks being: ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, ‘Richest Man In Babylon’, ‘Indistractable’, ‘The Compound Effect’ and ‘The Power of Habit’. All while still training for soccer and balancing time with family.

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Meet Johannes Makurumidze - Biology & Science Teacher 2021

Johannes Makurumidze joined the Peterhouse Boys Science Department in January 2021 to teach Biology and Science.

“Joe” has taught at a variety of schools in Zimbabwe and Zambia; most notably at Falcon and then more recently Trident College, Solwezi.

He is a Bsc graduate ((including Education) with 21 years’ experience teaching IGCSE, AS and AL Biology and Mathematics. He also teaches Checkpoint Science across all age groups.

Joe loves coaching rugby, cricket and golf. He is an avid angler and a chess fanatic who already feels at home among people with similar passions.

He is joined by his wife, Masline and his three children.

Introducing our 2021 Head of Malvern - Paolo Marucchi-Chierro

My name is Paolo Marucchi-Chierro and I am in Malvern House.

I am currently studying Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. I am not certain what to do after school but am interested in marine biology or genetics.

I live on a farm near Marondera and joined Peterhouse in D block. Before Peterhouse I went to Lomagundi Primary School up until Grade 5 and then to Lilfordia for my last two years of primary school.

At Peterhouse my favourite sports are archery and swimming, both of which I have achieved national and international medals in.

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Meet John Wheeler - Project and Maintenance Manager 2021

John Wheeler is the new Maintenance and Project Manager for the Peterhouse Group of Schools.

Prior to his appointment to Peterhouse, John worked for the NHS in North West London as a Technical Engineer from 2009 to 2020.John also owned an Engineering company in Kadoma for many years which specialised in agriculture, mining and transport engineering.

John received his Technical Engineering diploma from Harare Polytechnic in 1982 and prior to opening his Engineering Company, he worked for David Whitehead Textiles in both Kadoma and Chegutu.

John is married to Phyllis and they have two adult children; Michael who lives in France and Cassandra who lives in Marondera. John and Phyllis have six Grandchildren, three who live in France and three who attend Springvale House. John lives in Marondera and in between pottering in his “Granddad shed”, he is a passionate fisherman and avid supporter of both the Sharks and Wales’s national rugby side.