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Peterhouse Boys

Interact Visit to Kukura Neshungu June 2018

When we set off from school, most of us were worried that this would be an uncomfortable visit where our ability to socialise with the physically and mentally disadvantaged members of the Marondera community would be found wanting.

The visit to Kukura Neshungu was a touching one; we were welcomed by the students who were very happy to see us. We learned about the individuals who learn at Kukura Neshungu and their different "disabilities" and what they are taught at their school. This was what touched most hearts I think. Shaking the hand of a girl who can't make out a greeting back but smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug was a significant life experience.

Having her caretaker explain to you what exactly it is that causes this speech defect, and then having this same girl show you how to make yourself a rug is another.

While we only saw 26 out of the possible 30 students who learn here, this particular visit to Kukura Neshungu reminded us Interact members of values we need to remember when interacting with other human beings: to be patient with each other, to show humility amongst other people and to appreciate that which we have been blessed with.

By Faith Tsuro