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Peterhouse Boys

Trout Stocking in Nyanga 2018

Four boys went up to Nyanga to assist National Parks rangers with the stocking of dams and rivers from their hatchery at Mare. While these fish are exotic, they have never bred very successfully in the waters, hence the need to restock.

Our morning started off pretty chilly with a frost on the lawn but the boys were up and ready to get busy. The fish going into the dams close by were moved in drums of water and then released while others had to be caught in nets and placed in bags with water and oxygen ready for transporting.

Releasing into the rivers takes a while as the water from the river needs to be slowly mixed into the water in the bag allowing the fish to acclimatise before they swim out. There is something special about watching them swim away – anticipating catching them again when they have grown a bit!

This was a good exercise teaching the boys about breeding trout, caring for them and then finally releasing them into the waters. Many Zimbabweans have enjoyed the experience of being in beautiful environments and trout fishing in Nyanga and we need to pass this on to the next generation.

Mrs Penny Raynor
i/c Conservation