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Peterhouse Boys

Travel and Tourism Tour to Dubai, 10 -16 August 2018

The tour to Dubai was a great success. The Vth Form TT class created a holiday package which they sold to B Block boys and girls and to Vth Form girls as part of their AS Level Coursework Module. At the time of departure, there were 20 B Block boys and girls on the waiting list still hoping to get a place on this tour because of the effective Marketing that had been done by the TT class. Unfortunately we could only take 51 and so they had to stay behind.

Dubai is a big case study destination in the Travel and Tourism textbooks and so it was exciting to see the pupils visit the many man-made and natural attractions that they had been reading about in class. They experienced excellent customer service at every monument that they visited, at every restaurant and especially on the Dubai Creek dinner cruise where they had a 7 course traditional Emirati meal. 

They also saw how a desert environment has been modified to suit tourism activities and earn valuable income for the country, how a desert has been turned into a big modern urban hub and how the Principles of Destination Management are clearly at work in the UAE.

The pupils also saw the positive and negative impacts of tourism in this desert city. Sand dunes have become big tourist attractions and provide numerous exhilarating activities for people of all ages while on the negative side this land has been modified to enhance tourist activities while displacing the original inhabitants.

A full day was spent on a guided city tour of Abu Dhabi, where all of the girls and female teachers had to completely cover their bodies in order to enter a mosque as part of our religious tourism excursion. The highlight of this trip as far as the girls are concerned was the shopping at the huge malls. There were summer sales on and so many hours were spent at the Dubai Mall as the malls only close at midnight.

Rutendo G Mudiwa
Head of Travel and Tourism