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Peterhouse Boys

Mission Week 2019

The 2019 Mission Week took place from the 12th – 19th of February, when nine Zambezi Holidays leaders devoted their time to building relationships, answering questions and promoting a deeper relationship-based Christian faith within the Peterhouse senior schools. The theme was ‘Therefore, Stand’, based on Ephesians 6:10-17 which speaks about putting on the various aspects of the armour of God. The focus for the week was to promote a deeper understanding for the necessity of reading the Bible and praying in order to build your faith and relationship with God, and to stand on the word of God in any trial or situation.

The mission team took classes daily and focused on the different components of the armour previously mentioned, as well as answering questions. The team made themselves available in the afternoons and went to dorms to get to know girls, as well as taking a few social afternoon sessions for team building exercises. Every evening, in second prep, a session was held for those who wanted to join, and we tried to create diversity and interest in these sessions so that we covered a range of preferences.

On the first and last evenings of the week were combined Christian Fellowship (CF) evenings held at PHB, with a full band and speakers from Harare. These were incredibly fruitful with the majority of the school attending. The other nights included an evening of testimonies shared by the team followed by a time of prayer, a normal Friday CF led by the head of the team, and a movie night for the juniors on Saturday with the seniors joining PHB for a relationships discussion.

We carried on our theme of emphasizing the importance of building biblical knowledge with a ‘How to read your bible’ study and discussion session on Monday evening led by Douglas Trewartha. Overall, the mission week created an energy in the school, and both the girls and team felt that it was a beneficial and genuine week of relationship building. We are so thankful to the school for allowing this opportunity to grow the spiritual side of the students, and we thank the Zambezi Holidays team for being efficient and willing to devote their time to make our vision a possibility.