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Peterhouse Boys

Adventurous Journey in the Nyanga National Park – March 2019

A Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award ‘Adventurous Journey’

Usually at this time of year we are grateful to have some sunshine to dry out soggy tents and let us at least cook one meal without having to crouch under a shelter of some sort. However, with this unusually dry weather spell, we had to deal with dehydration and sunburn instead.

Wow, it was hot! The Awarders had to be very careful about using up their water. They spent time carefully planning one water stop to the next on their maps, so that they did not run out. Even that was tricky, as they never knew if the river they planned to get to on the map had enough flowing water in it.

For March, the weather was really dry and hot – but we were so grateful for the beautiful clear skies and long views that went on for miles and miles and miles into the distance below us. And, it amazed us to see just where they could find fresh water when they needed it most and the joy when they found it!!

Twenty one pupils from the Peterhouse Group and Chisipite Senior School walked up the magnificent Nyangani Mountain very early on the Saturday morning. We had ‘Advance’, the National Parks Scout with us, making sure we all made it to the summit safely.
We explored the plateau at the top and swam in the tributaries of the source of the Gairezi river. We found a route off the mountain down the eastern shoulder between the Nyama and Gairezi Rivers. On Sunday, we all had a really hot, steep and grueling climb out of the valley to the Kwaraguza Road and back up to the Nyangani Mountain Car Park.
As always, young people never cease to amaze me (and themselves) on just how strong and capable they are. This Journey was tough, unbelievably hot and long and yet everyone managed to complete it. Sunburnt lips and cheeks framed happy smiles as they hiked from river to river, fulfilling their individual group purposes and encouraging one another to keep going. It was SO satisfying getting back into the bus at the base of Nyangani knowing what these Awarders had just achieved on their own. They did an excellent job!

Mrs Sarah Shoesmith
Director Extra Curricular Activities
March 2019