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Peterhouse Boys

Triathlon Junior African Cup 2019

Over the weekend of 23rd March, Triathlon Zimbabwe sent a small team to Durban, to take part in the King Price S.A. Triathlon Championships and Junior African Cup, on Saturday March 23rd. Two girls and three boys in the team were representatives of Peterhouse.

The sea swim was extremely rough, with strong currents, which was a new and unwelcome experience for our athletes! However, not one of them gave up, although many from other parts of S.A. did in fact resign. After the race, some athletes were selected to attend a training camp over 4 days, which helped them to identify weaknesses and improve on strengths. Altogether it was a valuable learning experience for the participants.

Results as follows:
14-15 boys
3rd Keith Elliott (bronze medal)
7th George Ascott

16-17 girls
4th Andie Kuipers
9th Erin Elliott

16-17 boys
15th Marcel Paulser
23rd Matthew Palmer

Age Groupers Standard
7th Gideon Benade (well done, coach!)

Mrs Sue Elliot