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Peterhouse Boys

Chayce Ross Receives Full Scholarship for 2019

Congratulations to Chayce Ross who has received a full scholarship to attend the University of British Columbia in Canada – the top University in Canada. Chayce will be studying a Bachelor of Applied Science with a concentration in Engineering Physics and will start in the Fall 2019 Term.

Chayce left Peterhouse after completing his CIE A Level Examinations at the end of 2018, he received three (3) A-stars (A*s) each for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Thanks must also go to the Peterhouse Careers Department for nominating Chayce through their new Full Scholarships Initiative. This scholarship includes full tuition, on-campus housing, meal plan, health & dental insurance, all books, annual roundtrip airfare to Canada, a once off allowance for starting up and a monthly personal expenses allowance.