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Peterhouse Boys

Introducing our 2021 Tinokura Prefect - Ivan Rwodzi

My name is Ivan Rwodzi and I am in Malvern House.

I am currently studying Mathematics; Physics and Design and Technology, as I prepare for my future career as a civil engineer or architect. I am a strong Christian who is continuously striving to become the person he has always dreamt of becoming.

I was born in Harare and raised in Ruwa. I spent my first four years at Gateway Primary School, before moving to Midlands Christian School, in Gweru.

I joined Peterhouse in D block (Form 1), where I arrived without knowing anyone else but the six peers I had left Gweru with, as well as the four other friends I had learnt with at Gateway Primary School three years back. However, I found comfort in the making of new friends, as well as older brothers, as my Peterhouse career progressed.

Singing has always been something I have cherished through its unique way of expressing feelings and emotions and I have dedicated myself to the choir since D block. I also enjoy serving wherever I can, whether it be with the elderly, or running around Tinokura to ensure that it is always in its finest state. One of the warmest places I also enjoy being present in is Christian Fellowship.

I like to spend time meditating and working on my future. I take time to work on myself, as I strive to attain one of my life goals; ‘To live the most successful, but happiest life I am capable of living’.