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Peterhouse Boys

Peterhouse Cricket Coaching Course 2021

During the past few weeks, the Peterhouse Cricket Centre of Excellence has conducted the Peterhouse Intermediate Cricket Coaching Course for the Group Coaches from Peterhouse Boys, Peterhouse Girls and Springvale House.

The course consisted of various aspects relating to cricket including:

-Role of the Coach
-Long Term Athlete Development – Nursery to National
-Mental Awareness – Control the Controllable and Accept and Adapt to the Uncontrollable
-Game and Lesson Planning

-Teaching Cricket Specific Skills
a) Batting
b) Bowling
c) Fielding incl. Wicket Keeping

The above were done in unison with re-creating ‘a positive and unique culture’ amongst the Group, and re-defining the ‘Values and Ethics’ of the Peterhouse Group for both coaches and players; both on and off the field.

Our aim is to teach the Peterhouse Players, at an early age, the importance of team work, fair play and sportsmanship. This will go a long way to forging a strong foundation for their future – be it in sport or life in general.