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Peterhouse Boys

Meet Mr Patrick Fantiso

Patrick joined Peterhouse Boys – for the first time - as a Biology and junior Science teacher in May 1993. He became Head of Biology in 1998 and Head of Science in 2003. He started off as a tutor in Ellis House from 1994 to 2002 and then moved to Grinham House in 2003.

Patrick graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Geology in 1991. He passed on opportunities in the mining sector in favour of the Ministry of Education and has never regretted it. He first worked at Girls High School in Harare (1991) later moving to Peterhouse.

He is a passionate basketball and soccer coach who not only coached First Team Soccer until 2007 but was also CHISZ School’s soccer coordinator.

2007 saw Patrick move to South Africa where he taught at Waverly Girls in Johannesburg from 2008- 2009. He was promoted to Head of Life Sciences and Science in 2009 and also became a Grade Head in charge of Grade 8. Fortunately for us, Patrick returned to Peterhouse at the beginning of 2010 where he was reappointed Head of Biology at the beginning of 2011 and Head of Science in 2013 and holds these positions currently.

Patrick is married to Gladys who is a teacher and Housemistress of Kathleen at Peterhouse Girls. They have two sons, Tafadzwa and Panashe. Tafadzwa is in college and Panashe is in C Block at Peterhouse.