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Peterhouse Boys

AS Level Travel and Tourism Exhibition 2021

The 5th Form Travel and Tourism class held a very successful exhibition earlier this term, in the Megahey Centre, with the aim of marketing three tourist destinations to their peers.

The class was divided into small groups and each group consisted of six pupils who were tasked with marketing different destinations. We chose to do research on the Maldives, Mukuvusi woodlands and the Seychelles because these are destinations that are not very familiar to us as a year group.

We started the day off by setting up our respective board rooms around 7:00am; giving us sufficient amount of time to start welcoming our customers as they were due to arrive at 8:00am. Our customers were split into four groups as a way of observing covid-19 social distancing protocols. These customers consisted of Form 4 Geography, Form 4 Travel & Tourism and Form 6 Travel & Tourism pupils. These groups were then accompanied to a board room as the presentations commenced.


Each presentation lasted about 30 minutes after which the customers were rotated and would move into the next room.

The customers were asked to fill out a questionnaire at the end of each presentation as a form of customer feedback. They also had an opportunity to ask questions and to sign up for a trip to the destination that had impressed them the most. Many thanks go to the Introwise catering team for the scrumptious eats that were served to our internal and external customers. Many thanks also to Mrs Janeen de Kock and her team of librarians for allowing us to use the beautiful Peterhouse digital library.

Keira Michell and Jessica Burton
Peterhouse Girls