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Peterhouse Boys

Peterhouse Boys House Plays 2022

Drama! Drama! Drama!

The last Peterhouse Boys House Plays were staged in 2013 - that’s 9 years ago. It takes a lot of courage to face the beast that is a dramatic production, and these boys, did it from scratch.

The theme was “Alternative Realities” and boys were tasked with figuring out what that meant, wrestling with their very own, home-grown scripts, working out casts and attending rehearsal after rehearsal after rehearsal.

These dedicated young men memorised lines, grew in their ability to mime and use stage space, became better acquainted with entrances and exits, projection, articulation, upstage, downstage, blackout, cues and Mrs Allott’s “Ok, let’s try that again…”

In the midst of juggling all sorts of other cultural, sporting and academic commitments, the house plays’ experience has afforded these young men the opportunity to learn something different about their brothers-in-arms, to work through hard and sometimes uncomfortable moments, to be patient with others in their imperfection, to recognise encouragement as an important ingredient in any success story AND that communicating with Mrs Allott is a life-preserving essential.


Huge congratulations to the following boys who received awards for their performances:

Cameo Performance: Declan Hulbert (Founders)
Novice Performance: Akatendeka Marimbe (Founders)
Best Supporting Actor: Liam Kirkman (Founders)
Best Actor: Ngonidzashe Musowe (Paget)
Best Technical Production: Snell
Best House Play: Paget