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Peterhouse Boys

Learner Guides to Imire 2018

Our Learner Guides spent a weekend at Imire Game Park (Rhino and Wildlife Conservation) getting details of animals and insects. A close look at the black rhino while feeding them in pens gave us details of their dentition, skin, footprints etc. while the white rhino and baby were observed from a vehicle.

In the evening we went frogging and caught four species which were identified and we also had a night drive to look for nocturnal animals.

Our early morning walk with the elephants was an amazing way to observe these magnificent pachyderms – their feet, dentition, feeding methods, social structure, intelligence etc led to plenty of discussion. 

The afternoon activity was mainly practical entomology. Pupils caught insects, identified them and learnt how to set them correctly. Time was also spent watching dung beetles which were out in force with the rainy weather. 

Fishing was not very successful but was a good relax time for the pupils. Various interesting birds were identified and bird lists recorded. Our game drives allowed us to get closer to some of the animals and observe them feeding and we spent time watching the giraffe ruminating.
Koppie climbing in the rain was not much fun but we did get to look at some tracks before we got wet. Pupils benefited by being able to get really close to the animals and observe their features and record their behaviour.

Thank you Imire!

Penny Raynor
Learner Guides and Conservation

Thanks to Kerry Orphanides for the photos.