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Peterhouse Boys

Careers’ Guidance Policy

The overarching aim of careers’ guidance within Peterhouse is to provide pupils with the opportunity and knowledge to assess their subject preferences and careers options to enable them to make informed choices for tertiary education.

i. D Block - There is no formal careers’ guidance at this level but pupils are encouraged to discover the advantages of a broad based academic curriculum

ii. C Block - Careers’ guidance at this level focuses on subject choices and their implications at IGCSE level. Pupils participate in an externally arranged and conducted Cognitive Ability Test to assist with their subject selection at IGCSE level.
In the Infinity Programme the pupils cover Subject Choices and are introduced to the DOE – IA and the value of this on any CV.

iii. B Block - Careers’ guidance at this level focuses on the pupils developing their ideas for their career aspirations beyond school. Pupils participate in the “Affinities Programme” where they discover a set to “strengths” – Learning, Thinking, Relationship and Activity Strengths.

iv. A Block - Careers guidance at this level continues on the theme of career aspirations beyond school; pupils are encouraged to think about their passions and therefor their purpose and from this discuss and review their career aspirations.
Pupils are all offered the Mindmill CareerMap psychometric test. This test is run by Talent Consulting. . The main outcome from the report is the Jobs and Occupations Inventory (JOIN), indicating preferable career options for the candidate. The report also highlights the candidates’ personality traits, biorhythms, and the candidate’s Capacity to Process Information (CPI) score. The CPI score is a “Trainability” score and is used to great effect to guide one to the most suitable career path. The cost of the test includes a report and a consultation with their representative.
Careers’ guidance at this level again focuses on subject choices and their implications at AS & A Level.
The Director of Studies organises talks by the Head of Departments to highlight requirements and outline of the AS & A Level courses.

v. V Form In life skills component of the Infinity Programme the pupils work through the process of a Job Application (using the Peterhouse Prefect application process as a live example). We specifically cover CV writing, Application Letters, Interview Technique and Personal Statements in the process.

vi. VI Form - Careers guidance at this level focuses on entry to tertiary education. Pupils have to attend Life Skills lessons where basic tertiary education terminology and deadlines are covered. All pupils all complete a tertiary education questionnaire (which is processed by they careers officer). This information is used to personalise their careers guidance and to ensure pupils attend relevant talks, presentations etc.
Pupils have to attend Tertiary Education talks/presentations which are held during the Life Skills lessons. They are encouraged to do personal research, have an action plan for university applications, and to make visits to universities/colleges etc. Much assistance is given to pupils when they make their applications to universities/colleges (i.e. the UCAS process to universities in the UK; SATS to universities in the USA etc.).

Although careers’ guidance at Peterhouse is focused on entrance to universities/colleges (the vast majority of VIth Form leavers do progress to Tertiary Education) guidance is also given to pupils for whom tertiary education is work based (apprenticeships etc.)

Careers’ guidance at Vth and VIth form level is co-ordinated by the Director of Leadership and Personal Development with the Head of Careers’ based at PHB.

Careers’ guidance below Vth form level is done with input of the Education for Living courses run by the Infinity Programme at PHB and by the Director of Studies and Senior Mistress through Life Skills at PHG.