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Peterhouse Boys

Courtesy and Manners Policy

Courtesy and Manners Policy

Pupils at Peterhouse are expected to be courteous and well-mannered at all times.

General Greetings

Pupils should greet members of staff and adults of the school ground with “Good Morning, Sir” or “Good Morning Ma’am.”

All members of staff should be greeted at all times; this includes Admin. Staff, Maintenance Staff, Drivers, Cleaners, Kitchen workers etc. “Hi” and “Hello” might be suitable for greeting friends but it is not an acceptable greeting for adults.

Staff are expected to respond to the greeting.

Pupils should stand up straight when greeting an adult. Boys should remember to raise their caps/hats and should not greet adults with their hands in their pockets.

Pupils are expected, as a sign of respect, to stand up and greet when a member of staff enters the classroom.

Visitors to the school should also been greeted courteously in line with the instructions above.

Sports Field

When teams from other schools’ visit Peterhouse they should be met and greeted politely. Visiting members of staff should be welcomed and directed to our members of staff. Umpires and/or referees should be thanked at the end of sports matches visiting teams and their coaches should be offered a courteous farewell.

Other Common Courtesies

Pupils should use “Please” and “Thank You” in their dealings with other people, e.g. in the classroom, at the Tuck Shop, in the Office Block, in Reception etc.

Bad language is unacceptable at ALL times. Not only does it reflect badly on pupils themselves and their families/parents, but it also shows a lack of respect for the people in whose company the bad language is used.

When a pupil needs to interrupt an adult conversation, he/she should begin by saying, “excuse me for interrupting.”

It is discourteous to walk through a circle of people, or even just two people having a discussion. Always walk around the group of people.

Pupils should remember the rule ladies first when it comes to doors, gates, etc. Pupils at PHB should remember that schoolgirls are also ladies.

Pupils should have respect for other people’s property. It is not acceptable to rummage through school bags, pencil cases, kit bags or drawers etc. without permission. Pupils should remember that there is no such thing as “finder’s keepers.” Pupils have a responsibility to hand things which are found into Lost Property or Reception.

Peterhouse pupils are expected to behave in the manner mentioned above at all times i.e. in/out of school.

Greeting seniors (i.e. Vth and VIth form pupils)

All D Block Pupils are expected to greet senior pupils as follows:
i. School Prefects and the Seniors in their House – by name
ii. Other Vth and VIth pupils – general greeting

All C Block pupils are expected to greet senior pupils as follows:
i. Vth and VIth form pupils in their House – by name
ii. Other Vth and VIth form pupils – general greeting

All B Block pupils are expected to greet senior pupils as follows:
i. VIth form pupils in their House – by name
ii. Other VIth form pupils – general greeting

If a junior pupil meets a group of 3 or more senior pupils he/she should acknowledge them collectively by using the general greeting “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.”