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Peterhouse Boys

Drugs Policy

1. Introduction
i. This policy relates to the misuse of drugs and other substances and applies to all pupils at Peterhouse.
ii. This policy applies at all times to the school premises, school transport, school visits, trips, fieldwork, expeditions and camps etc. from the day a pupil joins Peterhouse to the day he/she leaves, including school holidays.
iii. This policy refers to the possession, use and supply of drugs and the paraphernalia of drugs or substances intended to resemble drugs, performance enhancing drugs, anabolic steroids, glue and other substances held or supplied in each case for purposes of misuse.
iv. This policy makes clear procedures for responding to and managing drug-related incidents including the sanction following any incident.

2. Procedures concerning the suspicion of drug or substance abuse
If any member of staff has suspicions of drug or substance abuse he/she should follow the procedure below.

3. Rumour/suspicion of drug or substance abuse
If a member of staff hears or suspects that a pupil or pupils are involved in drug or substance abuse he/she must immediately inform the Rector/HMPHG; unless the situation demands instant action by the member of staff, no investigation should be conducted. The Rector/HMPHG will initiate an investigation into the matter in consultation with the relevant Housemaster/Housemistress and/or other senior staff.

4. Drugs testing
When there are reasonable grounds to suggest that a pupil has taken drugs (which could be based on possession, behaviour, the finding of materials linked with the taking of drugs or other information) Peterhouse reserves the right, having first explained the procedure and gained the parent’s consent (for pupils under the age of 18), to conduct a drugs’ test.
i. If consent is not given by the parent (or pupil aged over 18), this fact will be taken into account with the other evidence.
ii. A drugs’ test will be administered by a member of staff from the Sanatorium in the presence of the relevant Housemaster/Housemistress or other senior member of staff if the Housemaster/Housemistress is not available. Such a test will be carried out as soon as possible after consent has been given
iii. In the event that the drugs’ test is positive the cost of the testing will be borne by the parents.
iv. Peterhouse will treat a positive test as evidence that the pupil has been using drugs.
v. In the event that the result is negative the cost will be borne by Peterhouse.
vi. Any circumstance which might result in a false positive test (such as legitimate medications, which will be checked by the Sanatorium staff) will render the positive test unreliable and therefore unsafe.

5. Searches for drugs, substances and related paraphernalia
When there are reasonable grounds to suppose that a pupil possesses or has stored drugs, substances or related paraphernalia Peterhouse reserves the right to carry out a personal search including the searching of outer clothing and inside pockets and/or a search of school property, e.g. a pupil’s locker or desk and/or a search of personal property (e.g. bag)
i. Searches will be conducted in such a manner as to minimise embarrassment or distress.
ii. A second adult witness will be present.

6. Subsequent Action and Sanctions
Supplying, selling, dealing, using or being in possession of drugs/substances are all offences which will, unless under exceptional circumstances, result in exclusion. An exceptional circumstance does not include a first time offence.

7. Life Skills lessons
Drugs’ education will be taught as part of the Life Skills programme:
i. To enable pupils to make healthy, informed and proper decisions concerning the misuse of drugs and substances
ii. To provide accurate and appropriate information about drugs and substances and their effects
iii. To prepare pupils to expect to be presented with the temptations of drug and substance abuse at any time and develop in them a readiness to resist these temptations themselves and persuade others to do likewise.