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Peterhouse Boys

Floatings (weekend nights at home) Policy

Floatings (weekend nights at home) (PHB & PHG)

All pupils are allowed to spend Friday night and/or Saturday night and/or Sunday night at home with the permission of their Housemaster/Housemistress on the strict understanding that they have met ALL their school commitments before they go home i.e. after their afternoon sessions or sporting/cultural commitments on a Friday; or after prep or after their sporting/cultural commitments on a Saturday; or after chapel on a Sunday morning.

i. The number of floatings is unrestricted.
ii. Floatings start at 12.30 on a Friday or 09.00 on a Saturday or Sunday.
iii. Floatings finish at 17.30 on a Saturday or Sunday or at 07.00 on a Monday.
iv. Pupils should apply for a floating by filling in the floating application form and handing it in to their Housemaster/Housemistress. Applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday evening roll call.
v. Floatings also require parental consent. The parent of the pupil concerned must inform the relevant Housemaster/Housemistress of the intention to take a floating by email no later than Wednesday evening roll call giving the following specific information:

a. the method of transport (i.e. car or bus)
b. the name of the driver (not required if transport is via the bus)
c. the destination for the floating
d. the method of return to Peterhouse (i.e. car or bus).

The school reserves the right to deny a pupil a floating if the information required from the parent is late or not forthcoming.
vi. All pupils leaving or returning to school must be dressed in their Number Ones (except in the case of an away sport’s fixture, in which case the pupil must be in full tracksuit).
vii. A pupil who is gated will not be permitted to take a floating at any time over the weekend in question.
viii. A pupil who has been placed in Sunday detention will be expected to attend that detention but may take a Friday or a Saturday floating.
ix. Pupils are not permitted to take a floating at any time on a Closed Weekend without the express permission of the Rector/HMPHG.

Peterhouse Boys Signing In/Out:
i. On departure/return to/from a floating, boys must sign out/in their House.
ii. Boys leaving for a floating after an away sport’s fixture must get an after sports’ chit signed by their Housemaster/Housemistress and hand it to the team coach before they depart. No pupil may leave until all the teams have completed their matches.

Peterhouse Girls Signing In/Out:
i. On departure girls must be signed out by a parent/guardian on the visitors’ list at the front of school or in Elizabeth House.
ii. Girls may not sign themselves out.
iii. Girls may only sign out from PHG (i.e. not from PHB).
iv. In the case of a sixth former driving herself, she will be permitted to sign her keys and herself out with her Housemistress.
v. When returning to school, all girls must sign themselves in at the front of school.
vi. Girls leaving for a floating after an away sport’s fixture must get an after sports' chit signed by their Housemistress and hand it to the team coach when they are being signed out. Their name will be listed on a register in the coach’s possession and the parent/guardian of the pupil must sign against the pupil’s name when collecting her after the fixture.