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Peterhouse Boys

Medical Allergies and Special Diet Policy

Medical Allergies and Special Diet policy (PH Group)

This policy is in place to ensure that:
i. the risk of any pupil who has a serious medical allergy (e.g. a nut allergy or an allergy related to an insect sting) suffering seriously is reduced to an absolute minimum;
ii. pupils who have routine dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarianism or requirements relating to their religion) are properly and satisfactorily met.

Expectation of parents

In advance of the arrival of a pupil to Peterhouse at any level, the parents of the pupil concerned are required to fill in the Peterhouse Medical Questionnaire form. It is essential that the parents of pupils with serious medical allergies make accurate entries of all information on the Peterhouse Medical Questionnaire form.

Parents also have an obligation to:
i. update any relevant medical information as and when necessary;
ii. provide any relevant medical records (e.g. a doctor’s letter) confirming any allergy that the pupil has; and
iii. make provision for the necessary medical equipment to be available to the pupil (e.g. an Epipen) to keep on his/her person for emergency/immediate action.

Expectation of Registrar PHB/PHG and HM Sec SVH

Whilst the completion of the Peterhouse Medical Questionnaire form, prior to the pupil’s entry, is the responsibility of the parents, the Registrar PHB/PHG or HM Sec SVH as relevant should ensure that, in advance of the entry of a pupil to the Peterhouse Group, the Peterhouse Medical Questionnaire form is completed and forwarded to:
i. the relevant san sister
ii. the relevant Housemaster/Housemistress

In the event that the parents concerned have not completed the Peterhouse Medical Questionnaire form prior to the arrival of their child the Registrar PHB/PHG or HM Sec SVH should ensure that the pupil does NOT enter PHB/PHG/SVH.

Expectation of the San Sister

The relevant San Sister, in liaison with Housemasters/Housemistresses, who are required to fill in an internal allergy/special diets list of pupils and return it to the San Sister, is required to ensure that at the start of each term an updated list of all pupils with an allergy is sent to:
i. the Catering Manager;
ii. all teaching, pastoral and coaching staff; and
iii. the GP.

The San Sister is also required to ensure that the san itself has the necessary medical equipment needed to make a rapid response to any situation involving a pupil with an allergy (i.e. adrenalin).
Expectation of Catering Manager/kitchens

The Catering Manager is expected to:
i. publish information concerning pupils who have an allergy/special dietary requirement to the kitchen staff (a list should be published in the kitchen area);
ii. identify pupils who have allergies/special diets, especially those with the most severe conditions for nuts and fish;
iii. meet with the San Sister at start of each term (or as and when necessary) together with the pupils concerned for identification purposes; and
iv. ensure that the Introwise Allergen Management Procedure is followed.

Expectation of pupils

Pupils who have a medical allergy are expected to:
i. have a self- awareness of their allergies and take reasonable precautions to protect themselves from those allergies; and
ii. ensure they keep their medical equipment on their person at all times (not SVH pupils).

School trips

When pupils are away from school on an overnight expedition, camping trip etc. the member of staff i/c should carry the following:
i. a detailed list of each child with allergies, medication, emergency medical procedures etc.;
ii. a medical bag with the basic medications required; and
iii. if necessary, adrenaline with instructions on how to administer it.

Food allergies can include an intolerance of:
i. Nuts
ii. Shellfish
iii. Fish
iv. Mushrooms
v. Dairy products
vi. Gluten intolerance
vii. Soya

Medical allergies can include:
i. Bee stings
ii. Asthma
iii. Penicillin or other drugs
iv. Diabetes

Special diets

In addition to the provision made for the dietary/medical allergies mentioned above provision is also made, on request, for pupils who have special dietary requirements for religious or other credible reasons.