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Peterhouse Boys

School Rules (Standing Orders)

1. Introduction
i. These Standing Orders apply at all times during a pupil’s career at Peterhouse i.e. behaviour which is prejudicial to the good reputation of Peterhouse and/or is likely to bring the school into disrepute, even during fixture free weekends or holidays, may be deemed to be a breach of these Standing Orders.
ii. No set of Standing Orders can possibly cover all eventualities. Every Peterhouse pupil is expected to show common sense and to behave at all times with proper consideration for other people. Pupils are therefore expected to observe the common courtesies of greeting other people appropriately and to behave in a considerate and civilised manner.
iii. The Rector reserves the right to amend these Standing Orders as necessary and to discipline pupils whose behaviour is contrary to the letter/spirit of these Standing Orders; this may involve the use of corporal punishment, or may lead to a decision "to expel, or to request the removal of, a pupil for any cause judged by him to be sufficient" (the Declaration signed by parents of a pupil on admission to Peterhouse).
iv. Serious cases of bullying, theft, or of a pupil being found in possession of alcohol, tobacco or drugs are always referred to the Rector. The likely outcome of breaches of this nature is permanent exclusion from Peterhouse.

2. Bounds/other regulations
The following are always out of bounds without permission:
i. the guard houses and telephone exchange
ii. the kitchens and the kitchen yard
iii. the Science department unless supervised by a member of staff
iv. the Fieldsend Hall stage, lighting box and backstage facilities
v. Mwamuka and Springvale villages
vi. Zama Zama bottle store
vii. the main road except for an authorised crossing to or from the PHG/SVH site or with the cycling club
viii. neighbouring farms
ix. Marondera.
x. No pupil is allowed out of his House after 19.00 without his Housemaster's permission, except for an official school activity. House signing out procedures must be strictly observed.
xi. Pupils are not allowed to visit other Houses without the permission of the relevant Housemaster.
xii. Any pupil leaving the school grounds except with a member of staff, an official school team or practice or with parents must have a gate pass. This must be handed to Peterhouse gate on return.
xiii. Hitch hiking is strictly forbidden.
xiv. Pupils who have a free period should either be working in their study or in the library.

The following may not be interfered with in any way:
i. electrical instalments, pump houses, school vehicles
ii. musical instruments, pianos, video or sound equipment
iii. flagpoles or flags
iv. ponds or gardens
v. aerials
vi. beehives

3. Clothing regulations
The following are the only dress combinations permitted:
i. Number Ones: school tie, white shirt, black trousers, black belt, black lace-up shoes, black socks, blazer, with or without a blue school pullover.
ii. Khakis: khaki shirt and shorts, stockings with House garter tabs, brown lace-up shoes, with or without a blue school pullover. (School Prefects may wear a white shirt/pullover; Heads of Houses have white garter tabs
iii. Sportswear: white T-shirt, white or dark blue shorts, with or without white socks/trainers.
iv. Casual wear: Saturday evenings and Sundays – no item of school uniform should be worn with casual wear.

Other clothing regulations:
i. Hats will be worn in the afternoon and at weekends. The only acceptable head gear is the Peterhouse hat or cap.
ii. Swimming costumes must be standard Peterhouse royal blue.
iii. Tracksuits must be plain regulation royal blue. They must carry the Peterhouse badge and not carry any other insignia without permission. Both parts of the track suit are worn. Other track suits, such as Zimbabwe or tour track suits, may be worn if approved by the Director of Sport.
iv. Number Ones school uniform is worn by pupils travelling to and from school. It must also be worn at all public functions outside the school during term time unless otherwise instructed (this applies to pupils who attend school functions whilst on a floating or fixture free weekend).
v. Both in school and on the games’ field, combinations of different sorts of uniforms are not permitted. In addition uniforms must be worn properly and such variations as pullovers with sleeves rolled up, or white T-shirts visible beneath khakis, are not permitted.
vi. A dark blue fleece may be worn by pupils with khakis and in the House.
vii. Pupils may not wear jewellery, rings, necklaces or any other such personal adornment. (Medic Alert bracelets and a cross are exceptions).
viii. Pupils may wear Zimbabwe representative colours (Zimbabwe blazer and tie on a Sunday.
ix. School pins - only the Honesty Pin or Duke of Edinburgh's Award Pin may be worn at any time on Number 1 blazers.  All other pins should not be worn unless it is a Sunday.
x. Pupils are expected to keep their hair reasonably short. Exotic hairstyles or the tinting of hair is strictly forbidden.

4. Games
Hats or caps are part of the games uniform. A pupil is not properly dressed if, whilst in games clothes, or full tracksuit, a hat or cap is not worn.
i. Tennis:
a. Whites must be worn on the tennis court except on Sundays.
b. The only footwear allowed is track shoes or bare foot.
ii. Squash:
a. No pupil may use the squash courts after supper except for designated League players and School Prefects and the VIth form, and then only with the Housemaster's permission.
b. White-soled, non-marking shoes must be worn.
c. Pupils may not play in bare feet.
iii. Cricket:
a. Only whites may be worn for cricket.
b. Shirts must have a collar
c. Cricket boots must be worn by senior players
d. Juniors may wear white tackies with long white socks.
iv. Swimming:
a. No pupil is allowed to use the pool for recreational purposes unless there is supervision by a member of staff, and then only if the pupil has passed the school’s swimming test.
b. The only wear permitted when swimming is a pair of blue swimming trunks.
c. No hard objects of any kind are allowed in the pool except on the instructions of the master in charge.
d. No pupil may be thrown or pushed into the pool
e. The use of coloured sun protection cream is not permitted on the games’ field or elsewhere.

5. In the bush
i. No pupil may go into the bush unless he is in a group of at least three pupils, and unless he has signed out from his House by his Housemaster or Duty member of Staff.
ii. No fire must ever be lit in the bush.
iii. Bilharzia awareness: no swimming in local dams or rivers is permitted.
iv. All litter must be brought back and disposed of at school.
v. Other people's property must be respected, and ruins must not be damaged or disturbed, nor paintings defaced. Gates must not be left open, nor fences damaged.
vi. Pupils may not go on neighbouring properties without permission.

6. Dining halls
i. In order to ensure that the dining halls are civilized places, the school will from time to time publish regulations regarding mealtimes and table manners etc. In general pupils are expected to behave in a polite, civilised and appropriate manner.
ii. No pupil may enter the kitchens at any time.
iii. Nothing may be removed from the dining halls.

7. Transport regulations
i. No pupil may return to school late or leave school early, other than in exceptional circumstances, without prior permission from the Rector. Such a request should be submitted in advance and in writing by the parents of the pupil concerned to the Rector’s Secretary.
ii. Hitch hiking to and from school is strictly forbidden.
iii. Only VIth form and members of clubs or sports that require a bicycle may have bicycles at school.
iv. Pupils may not have any motorised transport (i.e. a car or motorbike) in school except in accordance with the relevant policy which is available via Housemasters or the Rector’s Secretary.

8. Cell phones/electronic gadgets/valuable items
i. Peterhouse has clear guidance concerning the use of cell phones and electronic gadgets which is published in boarding houses and is also available from Housemasters or the Rector’s Secretary.
ii. Pupils must ensure that all personal items are marked with their name, and that serial numbers are registered with the Housemaster. The school cannot take responsibility for the safety of valuables, and items of real value should not be brought to school. All valuable items must be insured by the parents

9. Orders common to Peterhouse Boys & Peterhouse Girls
i. In mixed company, pupils and girls are expected to behave sensibly/appropriately at all times
ii. Physical contact is forbidden.
iii. Girls' residential quarters (i.e. girls’ boarding houses at PHG) are strictly out of bounds to pupils.
iv. Pupils’ residential quarters (i.e. pupils’ boarding houses at PHB) are strictly out of bounds to girls.
v. Pupils may visit Dame Molly Court at break-time by invitation only.
vi. Pupils visiting PHG: Permission (and a chit) must be obtained from the Duty Member of Staff in the Common Room before a pupil leaves PHB. On arrival at PHG, he must report to the Duty Member of Staff. Visiting may take place on Sundays either from 10.00 to 12.00 or from 15.00 to 17.00 Visitors must stick to the regulated visiting areas.

10. Calderwood Park – rules for pupils
i. All pupils to sign out after chapel and be back in the house by 1700 - the gates will be locked at 1800.
ii. Pupils MUST be in groups of 3 and must sign out of the House before entering Calderwood Park. Hats must be worn.
iii. Packed lunches may be ordered the day before and names must be given to the kitchen. They must be signed for and can be collected at 09.00. All litter must be placed in a bin or brought out of the park.
iv. All normal school rules apply.
v. You are in a game park so behave accordingly – no loud noise or music and no teasing of animals. Please leave rocks and trees intact and no fires to be lit.
vi. Fishing is strictly ‘catch and release’, no spear guns or netting.
vii. No swimming allowed and boating only under adult supervision.
viii. No pupils’ cars to be taken into the park – only bicycles.

11. Illicit behaviour by pupils:
i. Guards to secure/contain the pupil/s, without physically apprehending them, who are involved in any illicit incident.
ii. Radio the main gate to call in order if not answered:
a. PHB:
i. Deputy Head
ii. Senior Master (Pupils)
iii. Senior Housemaster
iv. Pupil’s Housemaster
v. Rector
iii. Staff member answering the call to go to the scene with the relevant Housemaster to collect the pupils and the evidence.
iv. Housemaster takes over and takes statements then and there, isolating the pupils if necessary.
v. Pupils sent to bed and the matter followed up the next day.