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Peterhouse Boys

Sex & Relationships Policy

Sex and Relationships policy (PH Group)

1. Introduction

This policy applies at all times to the school premises, school transport, school visits, trips, fieldwork, expeditions and camps etc. from the day a pupil joins Peterhouse to the day he/she leaves.

The guidelines below are in place to ensure that the behaviour of pupils with regard to their relationships with one another is both appropriate & discreet.

This policy makes clear the sanction which will be taken following an incident of serious sexual misconduct.

2. General behaviour

It is perfectly normal for there to be friendships/relationships between pupils however in the interests of all pupils and the Peterhouse Group as a whole such relationships should not be overbearing. Physical contact between pupils is forbidden.

The Peterhouse Group strongly discourages intimate relationships between older and younger pupils.

3. Sexual misconduct

Any pupil involved in serious sexual misconduct should expect to be excluded from Peterhouse.

Serious sexual misconduct includes (but is not limited to):
i. Sexual intercourse
ii. Oral sex
iii. Sexting (i.e. the creating, retention or sending of an indecent message/image/video via a cell phone etc.)

4. Life Skills lessons

Sex/relationships education will be taught as part of the Life Skills programme:
i. to enable pupils to make healthy, informed and proper decisions concerning relationships;
ii. to provide accurate and appropriate information concerning sex/relationships; and
iii. to prepare pupils to expect to be presented with the temptations of sexual activity at any time and to develop in them a readiness to resist these temptations themselves and persuade others to do likewise.