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Peterhouse Boys



AMG Sevens Tournament
Cancelled - COVID

Paolo Marruchi-Chierro is ranked third in Zimbabwe, with an average of 289.3/300 points over the year.
Xuan Zehong is ranked fourth in Zimbabwe, with an average of 288.3/300 points over the year.
Both these boys have made the Zimbabwe National Team for Archery 2020 and are due to travel to Namibia in April 2021 for the Africa NASP Tournament being held there.

Prince Edward Sprint Challenge Peterhouse came 2nd to PE
Peterhouse Interschools Relays Peterhouse came 1st
Lomagundi Interschools Cancelled - COVID
St George’s Interschools Cancelled - COVID
Colours: Tariro Tapfuma, Andrew Rinomhota, Tinotenda Nyadundu, Taine Smith, Sean Mushowe

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Extra-Curricular Activities

We have a Director of Extra-Curricular Activities who coordinates a range of activities that are designed to use different parts of the body and the mind. It complements the sports program and enables boys to obtain an enriching experience in many different fields.

The Music program
Music exercises parts of the brain that help learning and concentration. Boys who play a musical instrument or sing in the school choir are highly respected and valued. We have several exceptional choirs with engage choruses with the Girls School and with keen members of Staff. Peripatetic teachers and members of staff are available to teach boys how to play a range of musical instruments.
Musicians from Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls combine to form the School Orchestra, Wind Band, Jazz Band and Strings Band which perform well each year in the annual Eisteddfod, and at other social functions by request.
Some annual musical highlights include the Eisteddfod; the Three Choirs Festival with Peterhouse Girls and Arundel; the Combined Schools' Concert at the Celebration Centre and the Marondera Schools' Carol Concert at the end of the year.

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Community Service


This is the junior arm of Rotary International. At Peterhouse it is only available to Sixth Form boys and girls.  Selection is by the previous year's members, and is based on letters submitted by hopeful Fifth Formers in the third term of the year.  The club has a committee with President, vice-President, Treasurer.  Committee Members are also selected by the previous year's Committee.

The club meets once a week for either a meeting or a visit to a local beneficiary to establish what their needs are, and how best the club can help. Ways of fund-raising and disbursement of funds are discussed.  This year's funds have been raised by selling roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, as well as from the sale of seats at the Interact Variety Show held in the second term.

Beneficiaries have been the Children’s Hospital, the Orphanage, and St Francis School for workers’ children.

To learn more about Interact and Rotary International - Click Here

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Infinity Programme

“Building character and creating lifelong learners who prepare, care and dare”

The Infinity Programme incorporates the following components:
i. Life Skills, Personal and Career Development
ii. Outdoor Education Programme
iii. Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
iv. Leadership Development Programme
v. Tutor Programme

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Learner Hunter Guides

The Peterhouse Group of Schools offers a course that readies senior pupils for their Learner Hunter/Guides’ exam set by National Parks. It is run by Mrs Penny Raynor, the schools’ Conservation Officer. 

For pupils who are interested in a career in wildlife, this is a unique opportunity to receive a good grounding in this field at school level.

Many field trips are organised each year to reinforce what they learn in the classroom to places such as Mana Pools (World Heritage Site), Rifa Conservation Education Camp in Chirundu, Save Valley, Nyakasanga camp (run by the Zimbabwe Hunters’ Association), Imire Game Park, the Snake Park and Bird Sanctuary.  

The nature of these visits allows boys to experience the biodiversity of the country and walking in the bush always produces surprises such as close encounters with elephants and prides of lions.  

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Peterhouse Girls

Peterhouse Girls is across the main road, and up to IGCSE Level follows, on the campus there, a parallel academic and non-academic programme tailored to meet the needs of younger girls.  However for drama, music and some sport there is interaction even for those groups.  After IGCSE, girls join the boys for lessons at Peterhouse Boys.  We believe this is an acceptable level of co-education, recognising as it does the differing needs and stages of development in boys and girls. 

Co-education at Vth and VIth Form has proved to be very successful – both schools maintain their traditional single-sexed approaches but combine for lessons in a way that helps establish lasting friendships and bonds.

Boys are able to visit Peterhouse Girls on a Sunday.

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The Peterhouse Boys chapel was built along the lines of Coventry Cathedral in England.   Peterhouse Boys was named after the Apostle, St Peter, and has the school motto carved in marble “Conditur in Petra” – “Founded on Rock” outside the chapel over the great west door, from our Lord’s words to Peter, “You are Peter and upon this rock will I build my Church”.  The Chapel’s Patronal Festival is “St Peter’s Chains” on August 1st.

The foundation stone was laid by the first Archbishop of Central Africa, and one of the school’s founders, Edward Francis Paget, in November 1956.  The Chapel was dedicated by the Bishop of Mashonaland in November 1958.

The Chapel seats over 600 and is fitted with an organ; the small pipes in the range were brought into the country by ox wagon in the late 1890s.  The full organ was installed in 1966. 

Four services are held each week on Wednesdays, Thursdays (voluntary Communion), Fridays and Sundays. The normal Sunday services are the Anglican Eucharist or Evensong.

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Peterhouse Boys enjoys a reputation far and wide for its prowess as a sporting institution. It offers its pupils an extra curricula timetable second to none, both sporting, cultural and service, every pupil from D Block (form one) through to the Sixth Form is expected to take part in a specific number of afternoon sessions in particular categories (sport, culture, or service).
The choice is a free one except for D Block (form one) and C Block (form two) where we believe that introducing a boy to everything we offer is beneficial to him. Our excellent facilities afford our pupils the opportunity to participate in sport regardless of their ability.

Sporting Activities on Offer
Athletics (Track and Field), Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Karate, Mountain Biking, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Triathlon, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Waterpolo and Strength and Conditioning.
Peterhouse Boys prides itself in producing quality coaching throughout the spectrum of what we offer. Thus not only is it common to find Zimbabwe representatives amongst the pupil body, but also to find national coaches, managers, and selectors from staff at all age group levels. In the last 12 months Peterhouse Boys has provided representatives for National teams in Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Motor Cross, Rowing, Rugby, Table Tennis, Tennis, Triathlon, Sailing, Swimming, Volleyball, and Waterpolo.

Peterhouse Boys has a tradition of encouraging international sporting tours. Regular tours that take place are as follows: The Rowing Team competes in the annual South African Rowing Championships; the basketball team, hockey team, soccer team and volleyball team travel to South Africa, Golf to Thailand, whilst the Rugby team has travelled to South Africa, England (2012), Argentina and Uruguay (2015) and most recently New Zealand (2016).

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