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Peterhouse Boys




AMG Sevens Tournament
Cancelled - COVID

Paolo Marruchi-Chierro is ranked third in Zimbabwe, with an average of 289.3/300 points over the year.
Xuan Zehong is ranked fourth in Zimbabwe, with an average of 288.3/300 points over the year.
Both these boys have made the Zimbabwe National Team for Archery 2020 and are due to travel to Namibia in April 2021 for the Africa NASP Tournament being held there.

Prince Edward Sprint Challenge Peterhouse came 2nd to PE
Peterhouse Interschools Relays Peterhouse came 1st
Lomagundi Interschools Cancelled - COVID
St George’s Interschools Cancelled - COVID
Colours: Tariro Tapfuma, Andrew Rinomhota, Tinotenda Nyadundu, Taine Smith, Sean Mushowe

BASKETBALL Played Won Lost
7 4 3
Songore Tournament 3rd Place out of 19 Schools
CHISZ Top 8 Tournament 5th, Plate winners
Colours: Zvikomborero Vheriwa

Peterhouse Girls Peterhouse came 2nd
Watershed Peterhouse came 2nd
Arundel Peterhouse came 2nd
Lomagundi Peterhouse came 1st
Colours: Thabani Manjengwa

CRICKET Played Won Lost Drew
1st Team 22 17 5 0

Cancelled - COVID
Colours: Mudiwa Manikai, Nyasha Manjengwa, Dale Molife, Taine Smith

GOLF (Harare League)
Cancelled - COVID

Cancelled - COVID

Rowing Association of Zimbabwe National Championships Boys
Peterhouse Boys won the RAZ Boys School Shield at the National Championships as a well-deserved reward for their hard work and effort. Notable performances are as follows:
MA2x – 1st Place - James Weller and Percy Mombeyarara
MB1x – 1st Place - Reagan Evans
MB2x – 1st Place - Reagan Evans and Emmanuel Nyamupingidza
MC1x – 1st Place - Thomas Gray
MC2x – 1st Place - Thomas Gray and Noah Madziva
MC4x+ – 1st Place - Thomas Gray, Noah Madziva, Cullum Young, TJ Gwaziwa, Bryce Rorbye (Cox)

SA Championships Boys
11 boys were part of the tour that went to the SA School Championships in March. This is the biggest schools regatta in Southern Africa. Notable performances are as follows:
JM/19 1x – James Weller came 19th/73 scullers
JM/19 2x – James Weller and Percy Mombeyarara came 2nd in their heat
JM/16 1x – Reagan Evans came 19th/53 scullers
JM/16 2x - Reagan Evans and Emmanuel Nyamupingidza came 4th in the U16 Final

Cancelled - COVID
Colours: Charl Kotze, Crispen Mashingaidze, Sean Mushowe, Andrew Rinomhota

Cancelled - COVID
Colours: Anesuishe Chiwara, Marlone Mpofu, Zvikomborero Vheriwa

SQUASH Played Won Lost Drew
Peterhouse A 4 2 2 -
Peterhouse B 4 2 2 -
Peterhouse C 4 1 3 -
National Representation: Rukudzo Midzi and Nicholas Anderson won the Zimbabwe U16 and U14 boys’ open championships respectively, qualifying for national team selection.

Hellenic Gala Peterhouse came 4th out of 6
St John’s College Gala Peterhouse came 2nd out of 6
Prince Edward Gala Peterhouse came 3rd out of 6
National Representation: Brandon Rouse (Botswana)

TABLE TENNIS Played Won Lost Drew
First Team 7 3 2 1

TENNIS Played Won Lost
1st Team 11 8 3
National Representation: Mtandazo Nyashanu, Tafadzwa Madziva
Triangular Series (Peterhouse, Falcon, Watershed)-Peterhouse A won the inaugural triangular tennis series.

Cancelled - COVID

VOLLEYBALL Played Won Lost Drew
7 2 5 0
Colours: Anesuishe Chiwara
National Representation: Oliver Mushuma, Buttony Mberewere, Munotida Marimirofa, Ashleigh Mtongwiza, Anesuishe Chiwara

1st Team Played Won Lost Drew
9 3 6 0
Colours: Max Le Breton



Mr Fortune Mukucha fulfilled his role as the new master in charge of Bridge well in 2020.Tatenda Nyakonda (re-awarded) and Dylan Mawire received Full Colours for bridge. The club had matches against PHG, Arundel, Hellenic and Convent.

Mr Artwell Chibowora continued to do great work with his chess teams. Archibold Boka was captain of the Chess Club in 2020 and was Awarded Colours for his contribution to this game in competitions and for his assistance to teaching chess to the D Block boys. Matches against PHG, Hellenic, Gateway and Bernard Mzeki College kept the chess players on their toes.

Mr Tonderai Nzanga and his debate team have had a very, very exciting year in 2020. His captain, Tapiwanashe Masaya, organised many competitions in the Lent Term against Hellenic, St John’s, Convent and Watershed. After having done so successfully in South Africa in December 2019 at the African Debate Tournament, the team set up brilliant workshops at Peterhouse to prepare debaters for the next leg of their debate journey to Harvard, USA, in March 2020.

Five boys, accompanied by Mrs Rutendo Mudiwa and Mrs Patricia Changa, travelled to Harvard to compete in the World Schools International Debate Tournament, where this Peterhouse team reached 7 out of 10 rounds.

Not deterred by Covid 19, Mr Nzanga and his team organised the finals of the Interhouse Debate Competition using Google Classroom. This virtual competition resulted in Founders coming first in the Junior Debate and Paget coming first in the Senior Debate. They also held very exciting virtual debates against Hellenic and Arundel.

Gavel Club
As registered members of the Gavel Club, which is a school’s version of Toastmasters International, Mr. Edson Banda guided 16 boys through a carefully structured programme provided by this internationally affiliated club. The 2020 President, Dale Molife and Vice President, Nigel Chiwara ended their term in office by organising a virtual Gavel Meeting with a Gavel school from Vancouver in Canada. Debating, public speaking and interacting online has become the norm in these Covid times and it has created a window of opportunity to connect with pupils far wider than our immediate vicinity.

Horse Riding
Zack Jere has been awarded the Spur Trophy for Horsemanship in 2020.

History Society
Mr Scott Walraven led the Peterhouse History Society to the renowned San rock painting site known as Diana's Vow near Rusape in March 2020. The boys made some inspired interpretations of the paintings themselves and stumbled on some Late Iron Age stone structures which raised many more questions than could be answered! The Society remains dedicated to the exploration and understanding of the past around us and investigation into areas not covered in our syllabus.

Model United Nations (MUN)
Mrs Masaire, Nigel Chiwara and his Board for 2020, organised the first Model United Nations Conference of 2020 at Peterhouse. It was attended by 7 schools with over 100 participants. They addressed current global issues such as the Mali Security Crisis and the wildfires in Australia all of which centred around the main theme of the day which was “How Much Longer Can We Live Like This?”. Mrs Letty Chiwara, the UN Women Representative to Ethiopia, African Union Commission and Economic Commission for Africa, was their guest speaker.

Peterhouse Model United Nations also participated in the Westridge Conference that was held at Westridge High School. All other conferences were cancelled for 2020 and we hope to regain momentum in the new year.

Mr Shepherd Mazani and his team hosted a big Interschools Tournament during the Lent term with 14 other schools attending. Peterhouse Juniors came 7th, Peterhouse Seniors came 9th. Overall, Peterhouse was placed 5th out of 14 schools.

Service Clubs
The following clubs are routinely on offer and in action for any boy who wishes to serve the community: Conservation; First Aid; Hospital and Frail Care Visits at the Borrowdale Trust; Interact; Kukura Neshungu; Leo Club, library work in the Megahey Centre or work in our Nursery School. We have special Night School, where boys can volunteer to mentor other boys from Mwamuka Village once a week, teaching them Maths, the Sciences and English.

Special mention must be made of the work that the Interact Club did during Covid, donating food and electricity vouchers to Ida Wekwako. The Leo Board did specific community projects from their homes, helping people in need while in lockdown.

Ultimate Frizzbee
This has become such a popular club with a wide range of boys from all ages. It is a game that requires top fitness, accurate positional play and good teamwork. Mr. Shadreck Mpofu runs this club on a weekly basis. Harare has a thriving Ultimate Frizzbee Club and invited our team to play them again in 2021.

World Scholars’ Cup (WSC)
Mrs Masaire, Blessing Masawi and their team, hosted the fourth Zimbabwe Regional Round of the World Scholars’ Cup at Peterhouse in February 2020. The theme for 2020 is “A World Renewed”. They hosted Prince Edward, Peterhouse Girls and Eaglesvale. They experienced feisty debates, produced creative collaborative essays and endured the ever-challenging Scholar’s Quiz in both individual and team events.


Calderwood Park
Development in the park continues with some new roads and a rocky crossing bridge which connects to the northern side of the park and a new picnic/camping site which has been cleared by Dombo dam. Impala and blesbok have been introduced and also new animals for the zebra and eland populations. Basecamp for the D block boys and girls took place but we have had no other major events although staff and the boys continue to enjoy the facility.

Gosho Park
The Park continues to provide an excellent facility for conservation education and for people to get out for walks and picnics etc. The classroom area at bushcamp has been extended and plans for more accommodation are in the pipeline. Our animals have done well this year and we have had a good start to the rainy season.

Learner Guides
After a two year course our learner guides will leave school with a qualification which immediately enables them to go into the industry. Our practical field trips have been curtailed this year but we have had successful field trips to Imire, Mongwe and Rifa and have a field trip is planned to the Save Conservancy.

Fly Fishing
Several boys came on a fishing weekend to Nyanga during first term which was a great success – everyone caught fish and learnt how to tie flies – we hope to do more of this sort of trip next year.

World Environment Day – 5th June
The Peterhouse group celebrates this event each year – slightly different this June. The theme was ‘Biodiversity’ and we sent out a slide show of some of the biodiversity in our parks.

Mrs Chipo Mtakwa appointed Dylan Matsika as Head of Drama 2020, with his Deputies as Nigel Chiwara and Mudiwa Manikai. Sadly, the Junior Play, Senior Play and Interact Show were never performed in public this year due to Covid 19 lockdown measures.

However, the Drama Club excelled in the first ever virtual Speech and Drama Festival launched by the National Institute of Allied Arts (NIAA). Dylan Matsika and Nigel Chiwara made it into the Honours category for their drama pieces and their online performances went onto YouTube. Many other contestants from Peterhouse were recognised for their virtual performances in prose, poetry, monologues and sonnets.


This International Youth Award programme is being accessed by many pupils in this school. It is totally voluntary and enables any pupil, with any ability or aspiration, to engage and achieve something recognised and very worthwhile. We managed to use the Digi School platform to hold the Preparation and training Modules for the Awarders and many Practice Journeys took place, even with Covid regulations in place. Adventurous Journeys for Bronze and Silver levels happened in the Lent term and we took pupils sailing as their Gold Journey this year. The Residential projects done by our Gold Awarders were very special, with Sean Rogers volunteering at the La Rochelle Country Home, Hunter Greeff working at Silver Creation Jewellers and Kadin Eksteen helping build a new Sunday School Room at a church in Bulawayo.

Bronze Awards: Dylan Grant, Keith Mudzingwa, Harry Orphanides
Silver Awards: Tariro Tapfuma, Graeme Jackson, Sean Rogers, Seamus Ratcliffe, Charles Moscrop, Tapiwa Muranda


Basecamp (D Block)
This has been organised successfully every year by Andrew and Sarah Shoesmith. The goal of the D Block Basecamp is to help the boys work more together as teams, within their houses and within Tinokura, as a year group. A week of walking and exploring the wilderness helps to fulfil that objective.

Outback (C Block), Chimanimani Trip (B Block), Post IGCSE Expedition to Honde Valley (A Block)
The remaining expeditions in the Infinity Programme have all been rescheduled for the last few weeks of this year.


In February, Mr. Tinashe Jera and the Music Department hosted Zimbabwe’s Multi-Award winning singer and vocal coach, Tahle WeDzinza who worked with PHB and PHG vocal students in a master class. She helped with their Eisteddfod pieces and the evening proved to be a very lovely and enlightening one.

National Institute of Allied Arts Vocal and Instrumental Festival
Mr Jera and our Peterhouse Boys Choir won an Honours Award for their ensemble. Tragically, due to Covid, the remaining choirs could not compete in this event this year.

The choir performed in a coral evensong in March, and aired several beautiful virtual choir performances online during Covid. In July 2020, the senior mixed choir entered the World’s Virtual Choir Games, competing with 120 choirs from all over the world. Our choir was selected to sing in the final round of the competition.


Peterhouse and Outward Bound Zimbabwe Food Drop Initiative for Borrowdale Trust
Corralee Greeff (Peterhouse) and Andrew Shoesmith (Outward Bound Zimbabwe - OBZ) set up a food delivery service for the Pensioners in Borrowdale Trust during their hard and strict lockdown period of six months. Every week, twice a week, Benjamin Shoesmith drove the OBZ truck into Marondera, collected food ordered and organised by PnP and then delivered it to the Borrowdale Trust for these pensioners.


Danish Cultural Exchange Visit 2020.
Peterhouse hosted twenty two pupils from Odsherreds Efterskole in Denmark, in the Lent term, as part of a Cultural Exchange Programme. This was organised by Mr Patrick Fantiso. During these visits, a great deal of cultural and academic experiences are shared by pupils and teachers. It provides the opportunity for pupils to develop a greater understanding of diversity - both in Africa and worldwide. Sadly, the reciprocal visit for Peterhouse to Denmark never took place this year.