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Peterhouse Boys

Extra-Curricular Activities

We have a Director of Extra-Curricular Activities who coordinates a range of activities that are designed to use different parts of the body and the mind. It complements the sports program and enables boys to obtain an enriching experience in many different fields.

The Music program
Music exercises parts of the brain that help learning and concentration. Boys who play a musical instrument or sing in the school choir are highly respected and valued. We have several exceptional choirs with engage choruses with the Girls School and with keen members of Staff. Peripatetic teachers and members of staff are available to teach boys how to play a range of musical instruments.
Musicians from Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls combine to form the School Orchestra, Wind Band, Jazz Band and Strings Band which perform well each year in the annual Eisteddfod, and at other social functions by request.
Some annual musical highlights include the Eisteddfod; the Three Choirs Festival with Peterhouse Girls and Arundel; the Combined Schools' Concert at the Celebration Centre and the Marondera Schools' Carol Concert at the end of the year.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is an internationally recognised youth achievement programme that aims to equip young people for life and work. To date, over 8 million young people from all across the world have joined the award.

Further information about the Award and how it is delivered globally can be found at

This is personal improvement process at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, with 4 main sections (Physical Activity, Skill, Social Service and Adventurous Journey). The Gold Award also requires the boys do a Residential Project. A certificate and a pin are awarded upon completion. Boys can participate once they get into C block.

The School Play
Peterhouse has a rich drama tradition that continues to grow and there have been several outstanding productions in recent years. A co-educational school play is produced annually, which is entered for the ‘Reps/Afdis Best School Production Competition’, and Peterhouse has won this on more than one occasion.
We have engaged in musical theatre, involving music and drama. 


Other Clubs and Societies that boys can take part in are a vital part of our Extra Curricula curriculum. Points can be awarded during Interhouse competitions, which all go towards the annual Interhouse Gallagher trophy.
These clubs can be divided into four main categories:

1. Active Clubs
These require grit and perserverance. We get dirty and explore that beautiful countryside around the school. Mountain Biking is so popular with the boys, mainly because they can cycle out of the school gates for a while. We compete in the annual Ironwill if we can, which is a gruelling multiday outdoor challenge, done in small teams, to raise money for charities around the country.
The school has its own Equestrian Centre and boys can ride their own horse during the week. We compete in several show-jumping and cross country events around the country.
Boys also have the opportunity to go sailing, learn how to take care of bees and take up archery

2. Creative Clubs
These clubs are designed to get the creative juices flowing.
They include engineering and woodwork, robotics and CAD. Boys can learn how to use Acrylic Paints and practice other mediums in Art Club. They can learn the art of Video and Editing, using video material they have collected on activities around the school. Boys can take part in collating material for their School Magazine. More traditional clubs include Bridge, Chess and Quiz.

All D Block boys learn bridge for half a term and it is hoped that they enjoy their introductory experience sufficiently to want to play again in C Block and beyond. We have a small but effective group, and can field a competitive team at both senior and junior level. There are only six schools in Mashonaland and Manicaland still offering bridge as an activity. Peterhouse Boys competes in the ‘Mashonaland Pairs’ competition annually and fairs well.

Chess is played by all age groups at Peterhouse Boys and to inculcate an interest in the game at an early stage, it is compulsory for all D Blockers (Form 1s) to attend chess sessions on a rotational basis in House order.
Peterhouse Boys plays chess in the Harare Schools Chess League, and competes for the Inter-House Trophy.

The boys learn to develop an enquiring mind by creating quiz questions for each other and practicing them in the Club. The club aims at enriching pupils with knowledge in the fields of Science, Geography, Nature, History and Current Affairs. The thrust is not an academic one but to produce pupils with a well-rounded knowledge of the world around them. Reasoning, research and recall are promoted by the club. Members are taught to do research using reliable sources. We compete with other schools around the country and have an exciting and intense Interhouse Quiz competition at the end of every year. The club is often invited to travel to South Africa to compete in an interschools competition in South Africa.


3. Collaborative Clubs

In these clubs, the art of discussion, listening and being able to articulate one’s mind clearly and precisely is practised. They include Debating, Drama, Model United Nations, World Scholars Cup and Toastmasters. We also do lots of Public Speaking, starting at D Block level all the way up the school.

Attendance is compulsory for second year boys, and during these sessions the boys are taught basic skills and have the opportunity to practise debating against other schools. The aim of the society is to promote eloquent and logical ideas by pupils, presented in good English. Sessions also encourage social interaction and effective communication from an informed point of view.
Debating has existed at Peterhouse Boys since the institution was founded and session format follows the World Debate structure. Inter-School debating sessions take place weekly and we often team up with Peterhouse Girls. Currently, we co-ordinate the Private Schools Debate Country Schools’ Pool and participate in the National Debate League.

Public Speaking
Two House competitions are held each year; one senior and one junior, as well as engagement in competition against other schools. The club helps boys to develop their public speaking skills and to increase their confidence. A large amount of general knowledge is gleaned along the way as boys may choose their own topics and, on occasion, have to do a considerable amount of research.

Model United Nations (MUN)
Peterhouse is new to this forum. We are learning lots from our colleagues in the town schools. The MUN engages boys in the art of researching topics that are interesting, controversial and some can be very contentious. They then have to present their perspectives, modelled around the United Nations forum to schools set with the same challenge. This requires collaboration, public speaking and debating skills and is an excellent forum to learn about how different places in the world deal with and discuss different topical issues.

World Scholars Cup (WSC)
Again, this Club is fairly new at Peterhouse. Boys have to use 4 mediums with which they can present their perspectives on topical, worldly issues. They have to use collaborative creative writing skills, public speaking, debating and be able to answer questions in a quiz format. These competitions are exciting and very engaging at all levels. They are international too and the boys get to travel to different places to compete in other countries.

The boys are only able to join this Club at 6th Form level. It is usually a small group of about 16 which allows for terrific and intense learning and discussion on very interesting topics. They meet in the Library every two weeks and follow the International Toastmasters Code of Conduct.


4. Service Clubs
These clubs are far reaching in terms of their generosity and care for those who living in different circumstances. We also care about our environment. They include Conservation, First Aid, Kukura Neshungu, Interact and Leo - more information under Community Service.  


This club is for boys who are interested in being outdoors. D Block attendance is compulsory for six weeks in their first year. A number of activities are done in Gosho Park and Calderwood Park, the schools’ two Conservation Areas, including bird watching, long walks, game tracking and fishing. Fishing competitions and several weekends with overnight camping have taken place.

First Aid

Together with our San Sisters, boys can learn basic First Aid techiques. They can qualify further if they are interested. They are very useful in the Trinity Term, when first aid is essential on the side of the hockey, soccer and rugby fields.