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Peterhouse Boys

Peterhouse Girls

Peterhouse Girls is across the main road, and up to IGCSE Level follows, on the campus there, a parallel academic and non-academic programme tailored to meet the needs of younger girls.  However for drama, music and some sport there is interaction even for those groups.  After IGCSE, girls join the boys for lessons at Peterhouse Boys.  We believe this is an acceptable level of co-education, recognising as it does the differing needs and stages of development in boys and girls. 

Co-education at Vth and VIth Form has proved to be very successful – both schools maintain their traditional single-sexed approaches but combine for lessons in a way that helps establish lasting friendships and bonds.

Boys are able to visit Peterhouse Girls on a Sunday.

D Block boys have a beginning of year social with their contemporaries at the Girls’ school while C and B Block boys may be invited to the Peterhouse Girls C and B Block social. 

A Charity Dance, held by Peterhouse Girls close to St Valentine’s Day each year,  is for boys in A Block and above.