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Peterhouse Boys

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Peterhouse offers the International Award to all pupils from C Block upwards.
For general information please see

International Award - Declaration
The International Award is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people worldwide equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world.

To date over 6 million young people from over 120 countries have been motivated to undertake a variety of voluntary and challenging activities, so this is a highly respected and recognised programme.

The Award concept is one of individual challenge.  It presents to young people a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary activities which encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community. 

Who is it available to?
The award to available to anyone in C Block and above. 
We will begin running the Bronze award – available to all who have turned 14.  The Gold Award will be available to anyone who has turned 16.
We may offer the Silver award in the future, but do not recommend it as it will invariably conflict with the public examinations undertaken by the pupils.  The Silver A ward will be available to anyone who has turned 15.

What is required?
Participants have to fulfil the following requirements.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Policy

Purpose of the Award Policy

1. This Award Policy describes the parameters of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DoEIA) within the Peterhouse Group of Schools. It is intended to provide a framework and roadmap for the Award to be run Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls Schools. It has been written by the Peterhouse Award Team and was approved by the school/organisation’s administration.
2. Peterhouse was declared an Independent Award Center (IAC) in April 2010 by the Foundation through obtaining a Basic License.
3. The DoEIA is intended to further pupil development by enhancing pupil opportunities and not to act in competition with any other existing programs or opportunities at these schools.

Grounding of the Award Program into the Peterhouse Mission Statement

The specific aims of Peterhouse are as follows:
1. to provide an all-round and thorough education for pupils who meet the schools’ entrance criteria, and who are in sympathy with the aims/ethos of the Peterhouse Group, from Grade 1 to 6th form, subject to the availability of places;
2. to be a civilised and caring Christian community, based upon the traditions of the Anglican faith and upon reasonable behaviour, mutual respect, trust and courtesy;
3. to develop and promote an atmosphere in which learning and personal development can prosper unhindered and in which pupils are able to develop a sense of their own identity and worth;
4. to ensure the welfare of its pupils, particularly with regard to their health and happiness;
5. to ensure that pupils develop and understand the importance of a core set of values – loyalty, decency, honesty, humility, service, self-sacrifice and respect – so that they are able to work well both as individuals and as members of a team;
6. to ensure that pupils leave Peterhouse with the best possible academic qualifications;
7. to enable pupils to develop their potential not only in the classroom but in all other respects (sport, outdoor pursuits, music, drama, art and culture) depending on their aptitudes and interests;
8. to promote high standards of personal appearance, dress, good manners and self-discipline; and
9. to prepare pupils for life beyond school in such a way that they are able to make a positive and lasting difference.

The DoEIA can fulfil these aims by:
1. Providing a platform whereby pupils can develop their own identity, discover their own talents and passions and fully utilise the wide variety of activities that this school offers to them. Pupils are treated respectfully and are encouraged to strive to become better versions of themselves as well as improve the lives of others around them.
2. Training and regularly updating willing and interested members of staff on how to roll out this youth development program in a safe, inclusive and professional manner.
3. Valuing and upholding the school’s core values in how it engages pupils with this Award program when working with individuals and within teams.
4. To prepare pupils for life beyond school in such a way that they are able to make a positive and lasting difference to their communities around them and by building resilience and sticking to this program which requires tenacity. Pupils can then learn to face and overcome the world’s challenges one step at a time.

Sustainability of the Award Program at Peterhouse

1) Reliable Legal Basis
a) Internal and external helpers and participants are insured by the school.
b) For participants under the age of 18, parents grant written permission for participation as well as the publication of photographs of their children.
c) Participants over the age of 18 may grant their own written permission.
d) All parents grant written acknowledgement that they have been informed of the
? purpose and character of the Award,
? importance of teamwork,
? necessity of supervision from a distance,
? use of maps and tables.

2) Solid Organisational Foundation
a) The school/organisation management supports the DoEIA by being fully informed about the philosophy and implementation of the Award, making adequate budgetary and time commitments for the Award training and implementation of the:
? Training required to maintain a sufficient number of Award Team members
? Annual License Fee
? One session during the new teacher induction week,
? Placing of training and adventurous journey days into the school calendar,
b) The faculty supports the Award by,
? Participating in the new teacher induction sessions,
? Committing to sharing their knowledge, skills and network relevant to the Award,
? Actively promoting the Award within the school community,
c) The school is committed to having an Award Team with a minimum of 4 members comprising of
- a Management Team of 2
- 3 Award Leaders
- 3 Supervisors
- 3 Assessors
- 3 other helpers

3) Efficient Award Team
a) The team consists of a Management team, Award Leaders, Supervisors and Assessors and other helpers, such as parents, activity advisors, community organisations, etc.
b) One member of the leadership team is the Award Coordinator and is solely responsible for communication with the Foundation and Senior Management Team of the school/organisation.
c) Management Team members and Award Leaders serve not only as Award Leaders, but also in the roles of Supervisor, Assessor, School Liaison, Community Liaison, Parent Liaison, Publicity, each as to his/her preference and ability.
d) New Award Leaders will be solicited, chosen and trained as to maintain the minimum of 3 Award Leaders.

4) Wide Network of Support
a) School and Community-wide opportunities will be systematically built-up and documented, such that a comprehensive, easily-accessible list of ideas, contacts, opportunities and organisations is readily available for every award participant.
b) School-wide support and participation in the Award will be built and maintained to ensure that the DoEIA is an integral part of the school fabric.
c) Adventurous journeys will be planned in accordance with school policy and sensibilities with the long-term goal being to establish a local network to support local training sessions and ventures.
d) Relationships with community members will be regularly maintained through frequent communication, updates, and inclusion in DoEIA activities.

5) Transparency and Publicity
a) The DoEIA will be advertised on the Peterhouse website.
b) Solicitation of new participants will occur throughout the school year.
c) New teachers/staff will receive an overview of the Award, as well as an explanation of how they can participate, during new teacher/staff induction each year.
d) All Award recipients and ceremonies will be publicised extensively within the school
e) Regular meetings will take place within the Management Team, among the Award Leaders, and between the Award Coordinator and Senior Management Team.
f) DoEIA related documents will be kept in a shared folder on the School File Server
g) Annual feedback will be solicited from Award participants, parents, faculty members and community participants.

6) Fair Partnership
a) Participation in the DoEIA is open to any pupils at Peterhouse who meet the age requirements of the specific levels of the Award.
b) Participation as an Award Leader is open to any Peterhouse staff member, who professes and exemplifies the ideals of the Award, within the parameters of the team size and training requirements.